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  1. MissMichelle

    Hello strangers!

    It has been quite a while since I have posted. But I feel like I need to get back into a support group setting. I've recently (in the past 3 months or so) have found myself falling into old habits and have subsequently gained 8-10 lbs. To some people, that's not much. But I started to worry that that 8-10 pounds (depending on the day) would be a slippery slope to gaining 50+ lbs. So last week, I completed the 5-day pouch test and started to re-incorporate protein shakes into my diet, cut the carbs back and really focused on protein. I lost about 3 pounds in 5 days. I didn't go through this surgery to be "skinnyish" for a year. I did this to change my life both short-term and long-term. At 19 months post op, I'm currently sitting at 186 pounds. (Last week I was 189) and wear a size 8 pants and large top. My goal for this summer is to get my butt in gear and really incorporate regular exercise into my daily/weekly routine; to utilize our new grill and enjoy lean grilled protein and some steamed veggies; and maybe, just maybe - come close to my goal weight. I'm ok if I don't hit the #, but I want to be healthier. I don't want to feel like a failure that I have this amazing tool and am not using it properly. I guess this is me saying, I'm back! I can't wait to catch up on what everyone has been doing and all the newbies.
  2. MissMichelle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Hey there everyone! It's been a while since I have posted, but I have been just enjoying life! I'm posting two photos, one from my brothers wedding a few weeks ago and one from today. Today's outfit size 8 skinny khakis and a medium too from zulily. For the wedding, size 12 dress from JCPenny and hubby is in a XLT shirt and size 40 pants (was 5x and 54/56)
  3. MissMichelle

    Didn't recognize myself

    Looking fabulous!
  4. MissMichelle

    This is life

    Top left- 3 years ago, middle-Christmas 2014; bottom-Christmas 2015 (3 & 1.5 mos post op) and finally last week camping. Not my most flattering shirt, but dang I'm so proud of us. Together we have lost approximately 275-280 lbs in 10.5 and 9 months. I love my new life. And- look at my handsome guy
  5. MissMichelle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I promise, I'm 5'7.5"
  6. MissMichelle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Now I'm blushing
  7. MissMichelle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    It was so great meeting you and your family. Your kids are so cute!! I hope we can meet up again someday.
  8. MissMichelle

    8.5 months later

    I seriously love you all! I'm feeling pretty good, most days. Working on my mind and working on being "on track" eating wise. I had a rough couple of weeks and made a few wrong choices for food. But one or two bad weekends will NOT mess up everything I have worked for. In the past that would be the beginning of the avalanche, now just a blip on the radar.
  9. MissMichelle

    8.5 months later

    Every now and then I see the new me, the majority of the time I see or at least feel like the old me. Taking pictures helps
  10. MissMichelle

    My first 5k!

    On Saturday, I completed my first 5k! I only ran probably 3-3.5 of the 5, but I can't even believe I did it! We finished in about 40-45 minutes. I never would have even participated in a 5k at 260 pounds. At 177, I hardly trained due to a back issue that flared up in April (Chiro said no running through mid-late mat)... But I did it and am looking into doing another one. Another NSV this weekend was trying on a long raincoat at LL Bean - tried the large first (all while thinking- won't fit, suck it in)... It was too big! The medium fit well, not even too snug. Happy Monday everyone!
  11. MissMichelle

    Saying goodbye to my 11 year old best friend

    They truly make life better just by being. Sorry for your loss today Tom.
  12. MissMichelle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I've got a cute hi-low tank on with shorts (that you can't see) from American Eagle. But my favorite accessory is the guy in the background. We've lost a combined total of 256 pounds in 8 months.
  13. MissMichelle


    I swear I still could be a linebacker. I've always had very broad shoulders and a thick build. Now I still am solid, much more lean, but I swear when hubby and I have babies... They will be baby Shrek. My shoulders are wide, his are at least 4-6" wider and he's 6'3" to my 5'8".
  14. MissMichelle

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I had a royal blue cardigan on, but it's a bit warm in the office today. Size 8 Gap straight fit capris (called something else, but really are just short pants), large white old navy tank and sandals from Payless. I think I could've even gone with a medium tank. Having a hard time seeing smaller me this week, feeling quite puffy. Still seeing 179/180 on the scale though.
  15. MissMichelle

    Made my appointment!!!

    Nothing yet, but I've been tracking my periods and potential ovulation. Hopefully soon I will have some good news to share!