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  1. PCB, Thank you for the response. I appreciate your added information. Lab work on the 21st, 4 hour meeting with the clinic coordinator on the 31 st, and surgery on the 16th of next month. I have lost 7 pounds in a week just eating one meal a day and two liquid shakes as meal replacements. I'm trying to prepare myself for the liquid diet which starts on the first. Excited but nervous.
  2. Wendy, Wow,. Thanks for the huge amount of information. I appreciate the time it took to respond with such detailed information. The Northshore program sounds outstanding. I wish I lived closer to the north side to take advantage of the Northshore Clinic. My surgeon's reasoning for refusing bypass and sleeve was that he felt that if there were complications with those procedures down the road my age would indicate a less than optimal chance of recovery from those complications. In addition I have had abdominal surgery as a child which left a large external scar and he wasn't confident that there wasn't even more internal scarring. In my research on the Internet I found that Bariatric procedures are seldom done after age 70 and my surgeon's reviews, which are outstanding, indicate that he only operates on patients 18-70. Obviously he doesn't stick to those guidelines or he wouldn't have suggested any of the procedures for me. The Bariatric clinic is rated a "Center of Excellence" by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery and all my other doctors are in the same hospital location. Also it is a 20 minute drive to the location so convenience is a factor. I don't fit the BMI criterion of >40 but because of sleep apnea, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues I do qualify under Medicare. Perhaps the surgeon recognized that the banding might be a tool to loose 60-70 pounds. Again, thank you for your interest and information!
  3. PCB, Thank you for your reply. I was discouraged when I had my consultation with my Surgeon because I had my heart set on a Bypass procedure. I had done all my research and even talked at length with a bypass patient about her experiences with bypass. When the surgeon said the only procedure he would consider was banding because of my age my whole mindset had to change and I had to start my research all over again. I am concerned about the many negative experiences individuals share on this site and others about banding experiences. Many have had them removed and some have resorted to other procedures like bypass or sleeve. Banding is my only Bariatric option so I am putting all my cards on the table with this procedure. The surgeon said he puts in about 10 bands a month and has a very low slippage rate so that gives me some hope. Even though my surgery is a month away I'm trying to get my mind around the pre-op liquid diet and the post op period of all liquids. I've replace two of three meals with protein shakes 13 days ahead of my total liquid diet of another 14 days. I'm just trying to prepare my mind I guess for that difficult pre-op and post-op period. If there are others out there who have had positive experiences with banding at age 70+ I would like to hear from them as well.
  4. Is there a maximum age at which gastric surgery is no longer performed? I am 72 and scheduled for banding next month. The sleeve and bypass were not options for me according to my surgeon. Any advice for older patients going into banding surgery?
  5. Age 72 and scheduled for banding April 16, 2015. Wanted either bypass or sleeve but refused by surgeon. Would like to hear from older patients about their experiences with banding.