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  1. I have not had a drink in almost 1-year / pre surgery and my oldest son getting married / bachelor party invite etc. & I am worried about trying it any suggestions, I know that carbonation is out but I was always a whiskey/scotch kinda guy!
  2. Hello Pretty I had gastric bypass 2/13, sugar substitutes ... I have 2- coffees every day each has a splenda...no issues, however, I have had some sort of chocolate/sugar free and I didn't bother to read the label first and got sick 10 minutes after I consumed it, noticing the label had way too much sugar alcohol so I have not touched it since Now, as far as that cruise went....did you drink and is so, how did that go? what did you have? amount? interested because I have not had a drink in almost 1-year / pre surgery and my oldest son getting married / bachelor part invite etc. & I am worried about trying it? Thanks for your time Dave
  3. Anyone suffer thru this yet? Pros/Cons? Any issue hydrating? At least no constipation lol
  4. when can I stop crushing pills & breaking capsules? I take the ursodiol capsules twice a day and break up into yogurt or applesauce, (pain in the butt) is there a suggested time or waiting period before I can swallow pills/capsules? any and all help would be awesome!
  5. any issues with capsules? Ursodiol capsules twice a day seem large not sure if I can stop breaking apart and start swallowing I am currently 8-weeks post op from bypass...any suggestions?
  6. Thanks Jolls, no biggie but I had the Bypass not the sleeve lol but I will try this timer thing because breaking old habits is very hard to do thanks again
  7. status, I finally threw up some fluids, a few pieces of carrots, and felt instant relief, I have chosen to take a step back with my foods for a couple days and ease my way back. My issue is too fast, the carrots were too soon, and I ate them unconsciously while working at my desk on the phone etc... Live & Learn as they say. Hopefully this will work and get me thru this tuff week, any suggestions on eating slower, (tricks of the trade) and back to weighing my food so I don't go to far. Might have been the clearance to have a normal diet I couldn't wait for fresh veggies and other cravings. Thank you all in advance!
  8. I have had it happen to me twice this week after eating, not sure why, first time just had 1-egg scrambled, today 6-8 baby carrots (maybe too fast) not sure if there could be another problem or just me needing to have patience, Also does anything help get rid of fullness/gas that occurs with the dry heaves? help a Dawg out please & thank you!
  9. from Mass but we are all friendly
  10. Nice , thank you and congrats on breaking 100lbs in less then a year I have dropped 37lbs in 37 days
  11. Gastric bypass done at BMC 2/13/15 currently on soft moist foods and struggling with chicken, fish and eating slow, any suggestions for either or all, Really concerned because I am a week away from my next stage which is unlimited choices in a sense
  12. Any Mass or RI bypass buddies out there? I am 4 weeks post op and looking for some friendly positive people to answer any questions I might have... Thanks Dave
  13. Sorry to ask but this has now happened twice, four weeks post op. Very painful and pretty much takes an entire day to get through the fight, is it lack of water, too much of something? Any suggestions? Make it flow like it used to!
  14. Southeastern ma here four weeks out of surgery father of 2 , 47 years young but it's just my kids that are old, hope all is well
  15. I am a rookie looking for a place to ask questions regarding issues and being a big baby as my wife would say... If you would like to chat privately or thru forum please do! I Always have questions