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  1. KatieSinclair

    Icky Pouch!

    Hello All! So I had my surgery on Thursday, came home Saturday and the pain is almost all gone! My surgeon didn't come see me at all while I was in the hospital and the nurses only knew so much. So I am just following the instructions in my binder provided. For my Liquid Diet, I was told 2-4 oz in a half hour. So at about 12:30 I made myself 4oz of Watkins Beef soup mix and had that. About a hour later I felt super sick! I didn't end up throwing up but part of me wished I did so I could get it to stop hurting. It wasn't cramping or anything, just extreme nausea. Did I possibly drink too much? it still hurts now and I am having a tough time getting my fluids in. Is this normal? I also haven't went to the bathroom yet (well I've peed but you know.) could that be it? I'm trying to not take anything yet but maybe I need to. I go back to see my surgeon next Monday.
  2. KatieSinclair

    Start of the new life!

    So sorry I haven't been on or updating everyone! I got home yesterday and slept most of the day away. I am feeling pretty good today! Just a little bit of gas and muscle pain. Getting to learn my new stomach is harder than I though. I'm not even sure if I'm drinking too much or too little. I'm not attempting my protein shake yet cause it was causing stomach cramps pre surgery. So I'm just sticking to fairlife milk 2%. NUT wants 20 grams of protein and never really gave me a liquid goal. So I'm trying as much as possible!
  3. KatieSinclair

    It's finally here!

    My surgery is tomorrow!!!!! I have to be at the hospital at 5:45 am and my surgery is at 8am!! I cannot wait! I did my pre-op body shot video and posted it on youtube it anyone wants to watch! i cannot wait to be on the losers bench! I will be in the hospital until saturday unless they release me early! Can't wait to update you all!!!!
  4. I cannot believe I am only 2 days away from my rebirth, my second chance at life, my new world, my surgery! I am attempting to get my house all in order and I've been working a *&^% ton of overtime at my job to make sure everything is squared away. I'm feeling very anxious but part of me still doesn't believe this is real. Part of me thinks that Wednesday night I will get a call and something will happen.. It's just how my luck has always ran. I am just so ready to start the rest of my life, To fully enjoy every waking moment!!!
  5. KatieSinclair

    Loving Life!

  6. KatieSinclair

    8 more days!

    Well the nerves have finally really hit me but I'm okay with that. Everyone says if i wasn't nerves I wouldn't be normal. I have all of my vitamins ready for after my post op appointment, have my protein mix ready and will be picking up my week 1 liquids for after surgery this weekend. After waiting what seems like forever.. i cannot believe it is really here.
  7. KatieSinclair

    Got my date! April 9th!

    Hey, Hope your surgery went well!!!
  8. KatieSinclair

    bad habits. ..

    Good luck! I quit using a Vape. I took my nicotine level down. My surgeon didn't test but did tell me to quit which i had already done. It can cause a issue with anesthesia too.
  9. KatieSinclair

    Catheter.... :(

    Thank you all soooo much! It's really reassuring! It's odd to me that this is what I have the most anxiety about, not getting my stomach cut apart. haha I think i'm just sooo worried cause I am a very prepared person (comes with being a Virgo) I have to know exactly what is going to happen and how to handle it.I'm the one who the day before my gall bladder surgery, i was on youtube watching a video of how it is performed! If i don't My nervous are shot.
  10. KatieSinclair

    Catheter.... :(

    so I'm Pretty positive I'm going to get my period right before surgery too... will that make a difference... I think i need to get over my own embarrassment and realize nurses and doctors have seen worse!
  11. KatieSinclair

    Catheter.... :(

    So I found out today that I will have to have a Catheter after surgery... I've never had some and don't know what to expect..Is it painful?will I be under when they put it in? can you feel it? Can you feel when you pee? UGGHH im worried. lol
  12. KatieSinclair

    All ready to go.

    There is no stopping us now! I went today and got my pre-op testing and my final surgeons appointment! I got stuck in traffic on the way there and was freaking out cause i didn't think i was going to make it in time. But I did! I had blood drawn, an EKG, check x-ray and a pee test. Everything went fine except the lady who took my blood wouldn't listen to me and kept moving the needle around in my right arm instead of just taking it from the other arm! A little bruised but nothing to fret about! I met with one of the nurses in my Bariatrics office first and we just went over what to except the day of surgery, what to expect in my stay at the hospital (2 nights unless they release me early) and what to expect once i go home. I also found out since my BMI is under 50, I will not have a pre-op diet, Just nothing to eat after lunch the day before surgery and nothing but clear liquids after that until mid night. I also found out i'll have to have a catheter put in during surgery... that freaks me out alot... But I am so prepared and sooo happy! I'm going to post a new youtube video soon showing everything i've picked up to this point soon. 14 days!!!
  13. KatieSinclair

    Final Surgeon's appointment

    Well Wednesday is my final surgeons appointment!!! Meaning the final countdown for my surgery!! I'm taking a half day at work wednesday and going to get all my final pre-op tests done. I believe i'll have an EKG, blood work and a few others. Then I'll meet with my surgeon and will be able to ask about my vitamins and such to make sure I'm getting the correct one! I'm also going to see if i'm going to be doing a pre-op diet cause when my cousin had her surgery done by my surgeon she didn't have a pre op diet at all except for 1 day.
  14. So I've been looking at the vitamins I'm going to need and cannot figure out an Iron and Calcium Citrate to get. There are sooo many different ones and know how important these are!!!! Are there other chewable Calcium Citrates that aren't expensive? Bariatric Advantage is just too much for my budget at this time. And I'm not sure what iron is the right one. Also my surgeon said no flintstones vitamins. I think for my multi vitamin, I'm just going to do Centrum chewables.
  15. KatieSinclair

    Heading to Disney...

    Hope you have an amazing time! I've yet to be there but i will get there one day!