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  1. hthe620110


    They said I will need to do some classes before hand and have a pre-surgery visit, I am thinking sometime in the next month or so.
  2. Today, I received a call from my Doctor stating that my revision has been approved, it only took one day to approve. The insurance lady was surprised that they approved it so quick, now, I get to have my GERD fixed and I hope it allows me not to vomit anymore. Thanks
  3. hthe620110

    Very Severe GERD

    Thank you all for the well wishes, hopefully I find out soon about my test results so I can schedule my surgery. I am looking forward to not having GERD anymore. Thanks
  4. Hello All, I had my surgery in late March of 2015, I did real well for the first nine months or so, I went from 472 to 338, then all Hell broke loose.I started gaining weight slowly at first something along the lines of six pounds every three months or so, then after a good friend died my weight jumped up pretty quickly, I am now up to 442 but that is only a bit of my issue,for the past year or so I have had to take special medications just to digest my food, it has gotten so bad I vomit almost everything I eat. Now, I just had an Endoscopy last week and my Gastro found water in my stomach, so, now, my stomach isn't digesting fluids either and it is worrying me. I went to a new weight loss doctor back in February, he done some tests on my and i found out that the Doctor before made my stomach into a J shape which is causing me to vomit my foods up. He wants to do a Gastro-bypass with a REY to fix my issues. Better yet for the past couple of months I usually drink to take my nine stomach meds I need to take before bed and I will fall asleep and water will start coming through my nose and mouth, it almost feels like I am drowning. This is very taxing on my mind and wish it would end, now, it is a waiting game to see if my insurance will approve of the new surgery, I am at my wits end. Thanks
  5. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    Hi Wendy, I just had my A1C checked and it was 5.5. I have cut back on my water and I am not as bloated but I am still thirsty, imagine that. I do need to get my vitamin levels checked here soon, so I will have blood work done soon.
  6. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    I get dry mouth from my cpap mask. I have always drank like this though. I will talk to my doc about it and see if I can have blood work done. Did I mention I am a former diabetic. Maybe that might have something to do with it.
  7. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    I do get thirsty real easy, maybe I do have that. I will be seeing the doc early next month. I will try to lay off the water, it is excessive. But like I said I get thirsty real easy.
  8. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    I do drink that much water, I am a very large man and I have always drank that much. I just go to the bathroom every 45 minutes.
  9. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    That's all I do is drink water, every now and again i'll drink me a 16oz glass of orange drink or fruit punch but it usually takes me two days to drink that. Maybe if I cut back on my water consumption it might make it better. Also does anyone else have issues with having a lot of gas?
  10. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    Thanks, I will try something stronger. I need relieve soon.
  11. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    I took Mira lax, thanks I hope so also.
  12. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    Hi GAviv, I took some laxative but I still feel bloated. Wish I knew the answer, it's driving me crazy.
  13. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    Hi 3chillin, I also believe my weight gain is from my water intake as I will drink five 64oz glasses a day. Lately I have also felt bloated, I don't know if that is from my water intake or what.
  14. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    Hi Swinbikerun, There are only certain things that I can still eat. I eat no more or no less than what I have been doing the last 10 months. Maybe I am on a long stall and gaining a bit of weight isn't to concerning.
  15. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    Hi Wendy, Actually that photo is from seven years ago. I haven't taken a new one yet, but I will soon.