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  1. Hello, Thanks, everyone. I have started losing weight again, I haven't been exercising because I had double hernia surgery and I was told not to until July, but I am walking around more than I was before which is healthy. I am getting plenty of lean protein as I have found a good jerky that is low in sodium and fat, they say that it is good for the Kato Diet. I am drinking water like there is no tomorrow and I am really enjoying it. My biggest issue now is finding clothes that fit me, I still have clothes from eight months ago but I do not want to spend a bunch of money on clothes when I know that I am going to lose more weight. But I am doing great now, well, after that two months of having a hernia and then having surgery. I wish you all well and many weight loss successes.
  2. Hello All, I had surgery this past Tuesday, I ended up having a double hernia, fun. It is better now, still sore from the surgery which is normal. I do not have much of an appetite and I have not had a bowel movement in a couple of days, but that is normal too. I hope you all are doing wonderful and keep on making those losses.
  3. Well, I have a hernia, joy. I was wondering why I was having so much stomach pain so my surgeon scheduled a CT Scan. Next day, I was told that I had a hernia. I do not know what they are going to do with it but I have a feeling that another surgery is coming. Hopefully, this will alleviate the pain that I have been having. Thanks
  4. Hello All, Sorry, I have not been on much but I am in Graduate School and it takes up a lot of my time. Lately, I have been on a stall, I would lose some weight, gain some weight and sit at the same weight. It is starting to become annoying, I want to go back to the way it was when I first had surgery when I lost 47lbs in a month. I was really doing well then. I am still having issues with some foods that I eat, I still cannot eat certain foods as they cause me to vomit. On May 6th I go for my six months, I am afraid of what they will say because of the low amount of weight that I have been losing. There is definite change going on in my body as my body shape is changing, to be honest drastically, it feels great to notice that. I suppose that the weight loss will happen sooner than later, but I am an impatient man and I like to get things done as quickly as possible, but I know that is not reality. I am walking and exercising fine as I go to the gym three days a week until I start to gain my stamina back. I am able to bend, lean, and do things that a skinner person would be able to do, so, there is nothing wrong in that area. I am just trying to say that I am frustrated. Thanks for letting me vent for a paragraph.
  5. Hello All, I had my three-month appointment today, they said I am doing well and I am in the upper tier of weight loss, which surprised me. I was worried that I had not lost enough weight, there was a time for about two weeks or so that I did not lose a pound, I stayed at 410, it was frustrating, but I barreled through it. I am still vomiting up certain foods, the Doctor said that was normal as I am still healing but I am getting close to being over that. Blood work came back normal with everything the only issue I have is my Iron is a little low and my body is not absorbing iron the way it supposed to, they told me to go on 325 mg of Iron and to take 500 mg of Vitamin C, which is a vitamin that helps the body absorb Iron. The only real issue I have had is my glucose levels have been low, there have been times that it will be in the lower 50s, the lowest was last week when it hit 31, I was shaking like a leaf on a tree, but I made it through. Thank you all for all the support, I really appreciate it. I know I am not on here as much as I should, I will try a little harder in the future to give my support to those in need. Thank You.
  6. Hello All, My weight loss slowed down for a couple weeks, I even gained about eight pounds, I don't know how that happened. Now, I am back on losing, even more, I have lost about twelve pounds in the last ten days or so. I feel much better, I have energy again, I am ready to continue to kick this weight off of me. My only issue now is trying to find foods that actually sit well with my stomach as the Doctor put me on regular foods on December 1. I have tried chicken, turkey, pork and other foods but they don't sit well with my stomach, the Doctor said that this is normal and the taste for those types of foods will come back but it will most likely take a year for that to happen. Thanks for all the support, I appreciate it.
  7. Hello All, Happy Thanksgiving! Has anyone else noticed that nothing taste good anymore, all of my favorite things to eat on Thanksgiving taste awful? I don't know if it is just me or if it is everyone. Thanks
  8. Hello, Protein is getting better, I found out that I can eat and keep down Wendy's Chili, which helps out on the protein. There are good and bad days with the fluid intake, I should drink more, but it is hard when you aren't thirsty.
  9. Hello, Thank you all for the encouragement, it has been a difficult couple of weeks. I am thankful that this will end eventually. Thanks.
  10. Hello All, Since my surgery on October 31, 2018 I have lost a total of 34lbs. Don't get me wrong as I am happy with the weight loss I just feel weak. The only thing I want to do is to sleep and stay in bed, I seriously hope that this ends soon as I get further along. Has anyone had any issues like this? Thanks
  11. Hello, It is weird how my Doctor starts you in soft foods after one week, I really don't think I am ready for something like that yet. I have been having issues with not getting enough protein and water, I am only doing about 50oz of water a day, I try to get more but I am never thirsty. I had another issue today, I was able to eat five red grapes, after about an hour I to a drink of some water, let me tell you the pain after drinking water was very bad, it was sharp, the only way that I could relieve the pain was to vomit, which was mostly foam. Vitamin-wise, I haven't had any issues, the vitamins go down great and they taste good, which is something I was worried about after surgery. I checked my weight today and I have lost 29lbs in the last 10 days, I feel a little weak, that might be because I am losing weight really quick and plus I am not getting enough protein. Thanks for all the support.
  12. Hello, Things are progressing well, but I have had some setbacks with some foods I have tried. Hopefully, as my stomach heals some more I will be able to hold down some meat. I am having a hard time drinking as in I am never thirsty, which I know I need to drink my 64oz so I don't dehydrate, it will get better. GERD is a lot better, I haven't had an episode since the surgery and it is AWESOME. My major issue right now is that I am always freezing, no matter how many blankets, how high the heat is on, I am always cold. I remember it being like this when I had my sleeve, but not to this extent. Thanks
  13. Hello, I tried some meats today and it didn't sit well with my stomach as I vomited it up within 10 minutes of eating. I think I will go back to the liquid diet again as it might have been to soon for me. I will eventually need to find a meat that sits well with my stomach, I didn't like vomiting at all, but I know it is all a part of the process. Thanks
  14. Hello All, I went into the Doctor and did my one-week check-up to take out my JP Drain and staples out, everything is going great, I have lost 18lbs since last Wednesday. They put me on a Soft-Diet, I came home and made some scrambled eggs with some olive oil, I vomited that up, hopefully, that doesn't continue. I need to try some other foods but I might hold back on doing that for another week as it might be best to heal a little bit more. Thanks for all the encouragement, I really appreciate it. Thanks
  15. Hello, I am doing a little better, still sore though, but that is to be expected. Had an issue with sleep last night, couldn't get the right spot and I surely paid for that as I feel like a truck hit me. Thanks