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  1. hthe620110

    Pre Op Physical

    Hello, So, revisions are much longer? Why is that? The stomach stays the same, it is just that they need to do the bypass the intestines, right?
  2. hthe620110

    Pre Op Physical

    Hello, They didn't give me a timeline, they just said that was the last thing to do before surgery.
  3. hthe620110

    Pre Op Physical

    September 26th
  4. hthe620110

    Pre Op Physical

    Hello, They only thing that I am waiting on is my physical, I am an impatient man, I am wanting to get this done so I can start the road to recovery. Plus, I tore my left rotator cuff and they won't allow me to have surgery on it until I get below 400lbs. Thank you for the response, I appreciate it.
  5. hthe620110

    Pre Op Physical

    Hello All, After your pre op physical how long after is your surgery? Do they wait a month or less? Thanks
  6. hthe620110

    Pre Op

    Hello All, I have my last pre-op appointment on September 27, wow, can't believe the pain will be over shortly after that, thank God.
  7. hthe620110

    Pre Op

    Hello All, I just had my evaluation on Wednesday, I already tried calling the surgeon the same day to schedule my appointment, lol. Hopefully, it won't be to much longer for the wait as I am sick of vomiting and having heartburn and acid re-flux all the time.
  8. hthe620110


    They said I will need to do some classes before hand and have a pre-surgery visit, I am thinking sometime in the next month or so.
  9. Today, I received a call from my Doctor stating that my revision has been approved, it only took one day to approve. The insurance lady was surprised that they approved it so quick, now, I get to have my GERD fixed and I hope it allows me not to vomit anymore. Thanks
  10. hthe620110

    Very Severe GERD

    Thank you all for the well wishes, hopefully I find out soon about my test results so I can schedule my surgery. I am looking forward to not having GERD anymore. Thanks
  11. Hello All, I had my surgery in late March of 2015, I did real well for the first nine months or so, I went from 472 to 338, then all Hell broke loose.I started gaining weight slowly at first something along the lines of six pounds every three months or so, then after a good friend died my weight jumped up pretty quickly, I am now up to 442 but that is only a bit of my issue,for the past year or so I have had to take special medications just to digest my food, it has gotten so bad I vomit almost everything I eat. Now, I just had an Endoscopy last week and my Gastro found water in my stomach, so, now, my stomach isn't digesting fluids either and it is worrying me. I went to a new weight loss doctor back in February, he done some tests on my and i found out that the Doctor before made my stomach into a J shape which is causing me to vomit my foods up. He wants to do a Gastro-bypass with a REY to fix my issues. Better yet for the past couple of months I usually drink to take my nine stomach meds I need to take before bed and I will fall asleep and water will start coming through my nose and mouth, it almost feels like I am drowning. This is very taxing on my mind and wish it would end, now, it is a waiting game to see if my insurance will approve of the new surgery, I am at my wits end. Thanks
  12. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    Hi Wendy, I just had my A1C checked and it was 5.5. I have cut back on my water and I am not as bloated but I am still thirsty, imagine that. I do need to get my vitamin levels checked here soon, so I will have blood work done soon.
  13. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    I get dry mouth from my cpap mask. I have always drank like this though. I will talk to my doc about it and see if I can have blood work done. Did I mention I am a former diabetic. Maybe that might have something to do with it.
  14. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    I do get thirsty real easy, maybe I do have that. I will be seeing the doc early next month. I will try to lay off the water, it is excessive. But like I said I get thirsty real easy.
  15. hthe620110

    Weight Gain

    I do drink that much water, I am a very large man and I have always drank that much. I just go to the bathroom every 45 minutes.