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  1. I have done the Atkins shakes from the beginning I love them
  2. lori4taz

    slow weight loss depressed

    Thank u everyone for ur words of encouragwment. I am doing fine. I guess depressed was strong...maybe bummed out was a,better fit. JOLLS I do not need psychiatric help as I am bipolar and have it well u dear control as is my understanding of my surgery but thanks for ur concern!!!!
  3. lori4taz

    slow weight loss depressed

    Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled with the loss and have much more energy just was afraid I was doing something wrong. I have such a problem with being patient...lol....
  4. I am 10 weeks post sleeve and have only lost 37 lbs. Another site I'm on people have ready lost 50 to 60 lbs. I am following the plan to the letter. Just thought weight would come off a,little quicker.
  5. On another site besides this one and they made me very nervous about a,leak becuz of the nauseous feeling thru the day. Sorry to be such a nervous Nelly... Thank u for us help and support
  6. Has anyone else gone thru this? Every morning I am so nauseous no matter if I eat or if I opt for a protein shake. I'm pretty good the rest of the day just tired lately. I'm 5 weeks post op this Thurs. I'm getting my protein in a d fluids in. Taking my vitamins. Just dont know why nauseous and tired.
  7. lori4taz

    how fast lose weight

    Sleevarilla I don't choose to be miserable...I just vented on this site! I am bipolar and this is a,very emotional ride for me!! But thank u for ur post!!!
  8. lori4taz

    how fast lose weight

    So depressed still...I'm 4 weeks out and stall is still there. It goes down 2lbs and then back up the 2lbs....following plan to a T and still not losing like I think I should!!!/ has me in tears!!!
  9. lori4taz

    sleeve and anxious

    I'm still having some spasming when I eat and he has been so helpful and supportive
  10. lori4taz

    sleeve and anxious

    My son has been very supportive since the surgery!!!
  11. lori4taz

    how fast lose weight

    Thank u papaG....I was so depressed...that makes me feel better. I was so depressed
  12. Hi guys..I'm doing good three weeks out and some pains here and there and stomach spasms. But all of a sudden I'm not losing weight..the scale is not going down. I have lost 23lbs but that's all
  13. lori4taz

    expected weight loss

    I'm getting depressed with the weight loss. At 2 weeks out I lost 23lbs and now have not lost another lb. And I'm 3 weeks out. I'm following Dr instructions completely. Is this normal
  14. lori4taz

    sleeve and anxious

    Peg I am 3 weeks post op and did awesome. The head hunger is a little tough at times but tried very hard to prepare myself for this. I'm having a little trouble with an angry pouch with pureed foods so have to take it very slow.
  15. So depressed..started pureed diet Tues and upper stomach spasms. Can only eat yogurt and a little but of cottage cheese. Thought I would be able to eat more stuff by now