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  1. I don't have many pics of before because I didn't allow many to be taken! I've lost 90 pounds to date and still going. Thank you to everyone who posts on this forum! You have helped me more than you can ever know. Before After
  2. Welcome! This is the best place for information and support. I found a lot of negativity towards my surgery as well. People have either preconceived ideas (inaccurate) or they are jealous. That's been my experience anyway. Family members can be the most critical, but usually out of concern. Anyway, over time most come around. It's not easy but it is so worth it!!
  3. Except for my thinning hair I am doing really well post surgery. I'm pleased with my progress though it was a rough start for sure. I hope the rest of you are doing well also.
  4. Jenz

    Hair loss

    That's a posititive for sure! I guess I won't need to spend money on highlights either anytime soon. My husband will be thrilled if I don't get my usual "$100.00 haircuts" every 6 weeks.
  5. Jenz

    Hair loss

    LOL YES! Why can't it be the hair on my legs! I can unhappily report that my leg hair is as thick as ever....hahaha
  6. Jenz

    Hair loss

    Even though I knew this could happen it's just horrifying...I'll give the biotin a try. Ughhh. Not good. Good thing I look good in a hat!
  7. So, how long does the hair loss last? I have definitely thinned quite a bit. My hair is normally very thick so I guess I am lucky in that regard....most don't realize I've lost some. Will it fall out in large patches? I'm getting worried..
  8. Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment!!
  9. Carbonated beverages were a major player in what led to my weight gain. I avoid them now and will continue to.
  10. So happy for you Vonnie that your wait finally came to an end. It can be rough at first after surgery but I can tell you it passes and you will be so glad you did this.
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