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  1. Thanks to everyone for the kindness and support. WorkInProcess: I think you're kind of quick to make assumptions. I was not lead astray, and I did do all my research and prep but I just was not expecting to be so sick of this so early. If this is your idea of helping, thanks but no thanks. I read through some other posts and saw where someone mentioned thinned out chili, and another where someone suggested ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese, so I combined the two for a fabulous savory option! I tried a very small portion and super slowly to see how it would sit and I am happy to say it worked well & was very satisfying! I am committed to making a stronger effort to get the fluids in & will try some of these suggestions. As I find little improvements, it changes my overall attitude and I am sure that in time I will be better. Thanks again for your help & kind words.
  2. Hi, Total newbie here, but I heard about this as a good forum & resource. I am about 2.5 weeks post surgery (full bypass) and I think I've done well with recovery so far: have been getting up & around. But I am SO SICK of the liquid diet! I just want real food! Not a lot, just something that's not baby food (I figured that was closer to real food). I had a SF pudding last week and had my first experience with dumping. Which quite frankly, ticked me off! I could understand having that punishment if I ate something "bad" but that was on the list of 'safe' foods. I just want a piece of sushi!!! Am I the only one feeling this way? Veterans: any advice? My other challenges: not getting enough liquids: am reaching maybe 24 oz/day, not counting the 16 oz gf protein smoothies which I am sick of already.