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  1. 7 months out. Still a problem on and off. Latest treatment plan. 4 prunes in AM, 4 prunes PM.
  2. If i know I can't take it with me, I ask for a smaller portion to start out with. I don't throw away good food, and I don't take home what I don't need and/or want.
  3. Just the other day I was looking through the racks of clothes checking the depth or lack of pockets. I can't stand pants without pockets. Very inconvenient for teachers.
  4. Coffee is still a very good friend of mine. I like lots of milk in my coffee, so I am getting milk protein, but also milk sugers :0( I just looked into Starbucks Refreshers yesterday. I didn't realize how much Sugar it had. Yikes. Off the list for me! Back to iced tea and iced coffee. I don't worry about the caffeine. I stick to my "not after 5pm" rule and I am just fine.
  5. I have always wanted to try the fish oil tablets. But I remember having nasty, fishey tasting burps and farts, kindof like when I eat too much garlic. Does that go away? Does your tummy/colon get used to it??
  6. Funny thing is, I did some research on how dehydrating coffee is. My father insisted that his coffee added to his water intake. Surprise, surprise, the research has changed, and coffee is not the dehydrating devil it was once made out to be. Who knew??? So, despite our conviction that too much coffee is not good for hydration, I am happy to know that my coffee habit isn't adversely affecting my health as much as I previously thought. Coffee rules!
  7. I was supposed to stay 1 or 2. Ended up staying 3. Two reasons: burning when I swallowed, couldn't get in enough fluids. They (the hospital??) wasn't particularly happy, but my surgeon was supportive. Then the coordinator came and saw me. She said that my staying three nights throws off their numbers, in the sense that they want their patients to "easily" go home in 1 or 2 days. Then she was all worried that I would badmouth the process since I stayed the extra night. On the contrary, I was quite pleased that they cared enough to let me stay another night!
  8. So glad that you are feeling better, Sobol! It is so hard to change your relationship with food. I still have problems feeling like I have "missed out" on some things when it comes to food. I miss beer FAR MORE than I thought I would, same for wine. But it is a new eating plan for my new life. And, as I was reminded back when I was newly sleeved, you can't go back. Stomach is gone, we must adapt. It gets better every day. My biggest fear now? Maintenance. Losing weight has always been just a small part of the problem.
  9. Lol! There is a "cure" for constipation I haven't heard before! Reading on these boards gives you lots of poop remedies. My most recent successful one is Natural Calm Magnesium supplement. Yep, it is sure miserable when you are stopped up!
  10. I told my doctor that if coffee was off the table forever, then this wasn't the surgery for me. He said I could have it with my clear fluids. "But," I whined, "I can't drink coffee without milk!" He okayed "murky liquids" for me. It made me feel very special Honestly, right after the surgery I really wasn't into it. 3 - 4 weeks later the addiction kicked back in, and I am dragging myself to the coffee pot in the morning. I don't drink as much as I used to, that is for sure. Now, one big mug and I am set. Sometimes in the afternoon I will have an iced one. Sometimes 1/2 a cup of decaf in the evening. Yep. I am really quite an addict. As it is with everything else, check with your surgeon!
  11. Interesting, Jolls, regarding NSAIDS. One of the main reasons I chose the sleeve over the bypass, was so I was still able to use NSAIDS. This has become important recently as I have been diagnosed with a rare hip disease. I suppose this is one of those cases where different surgeons recommend different things???
  12. I have no pants to wear when I return to work in 2 weeks. I bought some at a thrift shop yesterday. I hope they are okay in two weeks. :0)
  13. Beware. The whipped Greak yogurt has less protein in it than the original. Maybe it is because they add air to fluff it??
  14. I feel your pain. Today I had a good trip to Goodwill. 2 pairs of jeans, and 4 shirts! Woo hoo! It is very frustrating, indeed. Especially when you have to give up clothes you really love. I only have 16 lbs to goal, so hopefully I will get to my "forever clothes."
  15. When I decided between the sleeve and the RNY, one of the deciding factor was NSAIDS. I was worried that one day I might develop arthritis, and would really like to have the option of NSAIDS. I was told that you cannot take them with RNY, but there was no restrictions on the sleeve. Lucky I did, last month I was diagnosed with a unique condition with both of my hips. There is no easy cure for the condition, but NSAIDS will help. Tylenol not so much. I reconfirmed with my surgeon when I was diagnosed with the condition.