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  1. Thanks.. to most of you anyhow.. I just needed to get that out and hear some thoughts from those who have been in similar situations. as I said, I know its not right but I am human as are most of us, things happen and none of us are perfect.. Again thanks to those that understood and said the words I needed to hear..
  2. ok were done. some of you are just plain special. I didn't do anything but ask for thoughts and im being condemned by the most holy and pure people to walk the earth. thank you to those who were honest enough to say they have been there and those who gave real advice. Im sorry I thought this was a support site.
  3. are you putting plain protein powder in your cream of wheat? that will satisfy you a bit more. as for being hungry.. that for most is a mind thing. when my tummy rumbles ive learned that its full or ive had enough. not the old type hunger rumble.. you have got to get the old out and learn your new pouch. its totally different.
  4. I had my gallbladder out yesterday and had to have a tooth with an abscess pulled today. I am so much pain I don't know which way is up. its certainly getting better. the pain from the gallbladder is more than I expected. Lots of people say they are good in a couple of days. did it take anyone longer than that or should I expect to feel much better soon?
  5. Keep your snacks around. Sf puddings,applesauce, fruit cups yogurts ect. Keep them plentiful and a good variety to satisfy any craving. I did toss alot of yogurts but I had them when I needed aND that was worth the waste to me.
  6. Thanks guys! I am a bit nervous but that's with any surgery..
  7. I have to get my gallbladder out and am nervous.. any thoughts or insight as to whats going to happen?
  8. im at 13 weeks and i still cant do meats to tough. I dont do steaks, beef unless its ground, ckn is a hit or miss. Breast are usually not an option unless they are cut really small and not dry. i even had an issue with reheated tiliapia today. Tuna, ckn in a can,spam and ham steaks are my go tos for meat. Chilli is great as well as scrambled eggs and shrimp. I love bbq ribs but the 2 times i tried them were not good experiences. stick with the soft stuff that you know you can handle and as time goes on try small portions of other stuff (off someone elses plate) to see how it works.
  9. It's hard but it will happen. My family noticed before I did. I thought they were just being supportive. as the numbers kept falling on the scale I decided to put on smaller clothes. Man did I and others notice!! My old clothes that I still wear are so baggy and loose and I have worn belts at the tightest notch. It will come. Not as fast as I like but I'm down 60 on 3 months. Good luck and congrats!!
  10. oh wow! Sorry you are going through so much! Have you tried the reset thing I hear per talk about. It's when you go back to the liquid phase for a week. Have you also tried Sf chocolate? I have Sf turtles and resee peanut butter cups but they are kinda high in calories. What about chic protien shakes? I hope you find some to help with the craving because you've been through a lot to go backwards. Take it a day or an hour at a time. Best of luck!
  11. I'm just over 2 months post op and am noticing hair loss. I'm African American and am scared to put to many chemicals in so I have in a flexi rod/ tight curls style. I'm hoping that not putting alot of heat on it and little manipulation will help.. any thoughts? ?
  12. Keep on smiling! I'm 2 months post op and was putting on clothes 2Sizes smaller and smiling from ear to ear! Remember to sip and eat ice and walk as much as possible! We are on the way to healthy!!!