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  1. Hi Julie, hoping you are well.  I have been well except that I am on a long, long, long term frozen, non budging plateau.  I stopped losing in January.  So weird.  I lost 40 pounds and in January I weighed 167 and gained up to 170 and am constantly fighting to not gain any more.  I do not know what to do! I have not been on Thinner Times much either because I am embarrassed that I stopped losing.  I knew it would be me.  I weighed 208 and froze after only 40 pounds.  Its crazy.  I hope you and your family are doing well. I see you haven't been on in a while, just know I think of you often. 

  2. Hi Julie, This is Lindy.  How are you doing.  I have come to a long term stand still.  I started at 208 and by December 12, my granddaughter's wedding, I had lost to 169 and in January to 167. These last two months I have been fluctuating between 171 and 168.  Talked to my surgeon, went in for my 6 month checkup and he was pleased.  He told me you are so close to our goal of 160.  I told him my goal was 135-140 but I just had not lost anymore.  I must saying I am not moving as much as before with the weird weather.  Recovering from the holidays is always a drag. Everybody leaves and I get stuck with putting everything up and it takes a while to get it out of here.  I hope you are doing well.  Losing enough, looks like you are.  There are days when I wish I had gone ahead with the bypass instead of the sleeve.  I am just not losing right now.  Take care and talk soon.

  3. You can also shop used clothing at Poshmark. I'm like Sprocket in that I am prepared to buy used until I hit my bottom on weight loss. Unbelievably, it was only last year that I decided I was only fooling myself about losing weight and that I would never be able to achieve any real loss. I had clothes in my closet from size 14 all the way up to my current size of 26/28. I cleaned out my closet and gave my daughter and friends the best of it and only kept a size or so down. Sheesh! Now here I am, on month post-op RNY. Oh well, I guess it will keep life interesting for a
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