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  1. I haven't been on for a few weeks maybe even a couple of months. Everything has changed since then. I've missed y'all. Y'all know my 12-yr-old, special needs grandson came into my care and still is. Well, his mom, my daughter has also moved in. After an 11 year relationship ended - domestic violence, cheating with her good friend for years - she says she fell into a deep depression and couldn't get out. When she chucked him out he snatched their 10-yr-old daughter and took off. She wrecked her car chasing after him when he came back and snatched her phone and took off. All that drama BS - who can stand that??? Now, she has moved in with me and come to find out, she's pregnant. She was devastated. Even talked about adoption! She is very far along, didn't know due to irregularity. She's due next month. It is a boy - Gabriel Alexander. I am so happy that my family is growing but I know that she will need a great deal of help to get her up on her feet and to the point of self supporting. It took a very long time but I finally found a place big enough for us but the rent is very high. Never, ever, ever try moving at the holidays...it has been a nightmare. My stress levels have been through the roof and I have learned a great deal about stress eating. It totally threw off my focus and has really slowed my weight loss. Please lift us in prayer, we need as many as we can get! I hope all of you are doing well. I think of you guys often!
  2. Totally transformed! Wow! That is an amazing difference!
  3. I agree with Cinwa, it is great to see your smile! And clearly you have much to smile about! You have made excellent progress!
  4. You look like a new person and now you get to enjoy a new life! Wow!
  5. Hang in there, this part passes pretty fast but it does take some time and some practice. Stay the course and drink what you can. I liked the Isopure diluted and over ice.
  6. I've read over and over that your body finds its new normal and stays there. I hope that is the case for you and that you feel comfortable at your new normal weight.
  7. Hooray! You made it!!! Welcome to the Loser's Bench Opie! You persevered!!! Hoorayyy for you!!!
  8. I am so sorry you and your family are having such a tough time of it. I will lift y'all in prayer!
  9. Okay, so keep us posted and let us know you made it to the Loser's Bench so we can officially welcome you!!!
  10. HOORAY!!! TODAY IS YOUR DAY!!! Congratulations on winning through! Now on to great success!! Way to Go Opie!!
  11. And he's probably still bragging to all his friends about the cute girl on the plane who was coming on to him!