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  1. Hello I was sleeved on 3/12/15. I did phenomenally, lost 100lbs in 8 months. At that point I became pregnant, I did very well during my pregnancy only gaining 12lbs with strict supervision of my OB/GYN. I had a successful birth baby was perfect I was fine. I actually left the hospital weighing less than I did when I found out I was pregnant. I am now 10 month post partum and have gained 20lbs. I don't know what to do I went back to my post op diet and I am always hungry I still don't eat much but a couple of bites and I'm full but then Im hungry again 1-2 hours later. I don't know what to d
  2. I was not allowed a VBAC after VSG I had had a previous C-section 13 years prior but Iw as only 1.5 year out of VSG so they would not allow me to even try a VBAC . Hope that helps!!
  3. It have haven't been on in a while. Been a very busy summer but I wanted to share that before my six month anniversary which was yesterday I made it to onederland. I have lost 3 more pounds since this picture. But I wanted to share ... Only a special group of people (Us) know how exciting it is!!!
  4. Thanks ladies i went and got me some nuts and berries it helped and the panic has now passed and I am doing ok!! I didn't die lol
  5. Ok so what in the world... I have always been an emotional eater during that time of the month...but omg it is 1948793743 times worst!! What do you guys do? do you give in and eat a bite of something sweet? Die inside waiting for it to pass? Help!! (please excuse me I am emotional lol)
  6. Has anyone ever just need a piece of toast or toasted bagel to kinda ease an upset tummy. I woke up feeling some kinda way today and just wanted toast... is this ok any thoughts??
  7. I am 9 weeks out and have lost 40lbs exactly its right on track and a little ahead... your doing great!!! keep up the great work!!
  8. Hey Good Luck today I am from the area .. i am 8 weeks out. Best of luck and quick recovery ... remember to walk!!
  9. Thanks guys i forced myself to eat soup last night (yuck) and this morning i drank a shake for protein but (double yuck lol) I hope it passes soon.
  10. Thanks everyone.. i guess at times i feel like i could be losing more but y'all are right 7 weeks 35lbs not to shabby lol. Thanks again everyone.
  11. So I know I don't feel real hunger pains, I have learned when my body is hungry and I try to keep a strict feeding schedule for myself so i don't get sick and get in what I need. Well the last 48 hours I have not been hungry at all the thought of putting food in my mouth makes me nauseous and even makes me gag. I try and eat because I know I have to but nothing is making me happy or really just having the want to eat food. any one else have this issue ever?
  12. Thank you everyone!!! and yes it really feels great to be abel to dance again!!
  13. So I am 7 weeks post op today, I am starting to get really excite about my loss. Its not much but I feel great. I took my first dance class in 12 years yesterday and it felt so good to be back in the studio. The before picture was taken in February!! after was on Sunday!
  14. Thank you all for your kind words.. I am just taking it one hour at a time.
  15. So, I know it is common to feel sad or even depressed after surgery. I personally had a huge loss a week before surgery, my father passed away. I probably should have postponed my surgery but I wanted it so bad that I did it anyway and I don't regret it. Knowing me it probably saved me a lifetime of problems by doing it right away. I have an addictive personality and just know I would have turned to alcohol or drugs after to deal. Knowing that I can't really do those things now with out probably really hurting myself has saved me. Now the issues is I am having the typical after wls blues mixed
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