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  1. myagirl


    I was diagnosed with pcos a few years ago and I thought it went away after losing 114 pounds but a few months ago I had a cyst pop and it was a bad one. My fiancee and I are starting to try for a baby and I'm worried about it being an issue because of that even though I went to an OBGYN a month before I had my gastric bypass and they did an ultrasound and said everything was fine even though I was not having periods and I didn't have a build up of lining in my uterus, they prescribed me a medication (can't think of the name) to get my cycle started and after only taking it for a few days my cycle came back and for a year now it has been normal to the T. I am fertile this week and we have had sex but the side of my left breast towards my armpit is very tender and hurts to even touch it. Anyone have the same experiences? Any advice? Thanks in advance
  2. myagirl


    He wants kids he used to talk about it all time, we actually agreed to not necessarily try but to see what happens but ever since then it's just like he doesn't want to and always brings up if I'm going to get a tummy tuck and I want to but not until after I have kids.
  3. I have been an emotional mess, in March it will be my 1 year mark and I'm all over the place. I get angry or sad really fast for little things and I've also been getting hurt very easily physically. This last week not only have I stapled my fingers together, I smashed my toe so bad I'm gonna lose the nail, hit my arm on a water spicket and I have been having a Charlie horse like pain for like a week straight in my left leg in the calf area. If it's not that my leg falls asleep any advice would help!
  4. myagirl


    I am almost at the year mark and all I can think about everyday is sex and having a baby. My fiance is 7 years older than me and is not so on the idea. But even if it's just sex if I want it and ask him, seems like he always says no and then I just start crying. What is up with me????
  5. I had my period duringperson my gastric bypass surgery, the most embarrassing thing for me personally was having my nurses and cnas help me and clean me because I couldn't do it myself the first day. After walking a lot more than they expected not only on the day of surgery but until I was released they started letting Me use the bathroom after the Cathader was taken out I was able to use my tampons myself. It was a pride thing but my sister is a cna on a different floor and she just kept reminding me that it's their job and not to worry or stress out about it.
  6. I had the gastric bypass and the day of my surgery I was 288lbs. That was in March of this year! Today I weigh 184 lbs! The first picture was Christmas of last year, and the other is very recent. I have been told I look younger and look like a totally different person!
  7. TOMORROW IS THE DAY! I am so excited and nervous!
  8. I got it all taken care of! 13 days until my surgery!
  9. Im in North Dakota! I am having my surgery through sanford the hospital that i work at.
  10. thanks everyone! I know that it is important that i finish this journey! it just makes me so frustrted when they treat this as something like an elective surgery that is not needed, when in fact it is something that is going to help me live longer and be healthier.
  11. Im only 20! it would be amazing to have someone else to talk to also
  12. Hello all! My name is Mariah and i am 20 years old and live in NoDak, othewise known as North Dakota. I have been accepted for the gastric bypass surgery and believed i was going to be revieving it on the 17th of March. I work for the hospital that i am recieving the surgery at. They now told me a month before my surgery that i have to come up with not only my deductable before but 20%. so now its $4261 that i have to come up with. This is my second time going through the process of getting this surgery (the first time i gave up half way through) I know i have to be strong and know that even if i have to push back the surgery date 2 months that i WILL recieve the care that i need to be a better me. To be a healthier me. all i can do is hope that this will happen and keep a smile on my face.
  13. I am having my gastric bypass hopefully next month, after surgery I will most likely get a tattoo on my wrist that looks like a bracelet with info on it. My uncle did this because of his allergies, we are so alike with how we lose our jewelry or it brakes so much that it is good for us to do.
  14. I quit smoking on the 24th of January but slipped up on the 27th and had a cigarette... when would I pass a blood test to have my gastric bypass? I also live with a heavy smoker who will smoke in the car with me in there, will that effect anything?