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  1. I gained back 10 and just lost it, but it jumps up and down. Someone recommended gluten free dairy free anti inflammatory food diet. Works, but almost too tough to stay on it. I am not really allergic to anything anyway. Thinking of all of us in this long term process. Prayers and luck for us all!
  2. Dress last Sunday for church.
  3. At a family reunion, 3.5 yrs post. My sister on the left and me on the right. Striped tshirt dress Amazon $15.99.
  4. I think I lost about that much in 3-4 months. Down is always good!
  5. I stopped at 2 yrs then lost 7 more lbs with a bad cold (no sense of smell), but that came back on, and I waver 138-143 or so. I exercise every day though.
  6. Seared ahi and mock potato salad (cauliflower instead). Mint my cookie ice cream for dessert.
  7. Fun in Levi's. Happy summer everyone!
  8. Dress for a conference over the weekend. Sorry, weird hotel lighting.
  9. Size S grey flowered top Lauren Conrad and size 6 grey Sonoma crops from Kohl's
  10. Funeral dress, AB Studio, Size L. My friend's husband passed from cancer.
  11. At tulip festival. 29 Vintage America cropped jeans. Size M multicolored shirt from Younkers. Navy cardigan Liz Claiborne. So silver shoes. A very beautiful day!
  12. Chaps flowered skirt and lace blouse and pink sweater. M/L. Happy Sunday, everyone!
  13. I got another call back, so one more interview. :-)
  14. Job interview outfit. Wish me luck!
  15. Finally down to a normal BMI. I am in Hawaii, jean jacket over Hawaiian dress.