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  1. Thank you everyone. @Rick, I have done extensive research and am aware of the risks of slipage, erosion and also the 'productive burps' however in the UK, even when paying privately gastric balloon and band ere the only options. I am at 33.5 BMI and although considered obese would not be considered suitable for sleeve, plication or bypass. I have lost (and regained) large amounts of weight again and again. I seem to need strict boundaries and rules. I am not very good with moderation. I think that the way that you need to work with a band is the tool that I need. According to my research a lot of the issues are a result of not eating properly/over eating, eating too quickly, ignoring symptoms and having too much added to the band in any one fill. The company that I am using offer unlimited band fills for 2 years. They explained that this is to enable very slow fills in order to try and prevent issues with blockages etc.. I hope that this works for me. I really want to gain control over my weight now rather than having to wait until I am at a heavier weight with mobility issues, hypertension and/or diabetes. Ironically, one of my friends had the sleeve and regained a lot of the lost weight by gradually stretching the stomach out. She found that when she was able to over eat without much discomfort. The only guarantee is a bypass as a result of the malabsorbsion, This is obviously not an option for me. I guess there is no one-size fits all solution. Thansk again for everyone's support. I am glad to have found this forum.
  2. I am going fora lap band in Birmingham on the 10 February. I start my preoperative diet on Monday. Excited anda bit nervous. How much pain should I expect afterwards?