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  1. mburnsb1

    Adding carbs??

    LOVE WEGMANS! My brother used to work for them and actually helped open that one near Boston!!
  2. mburnsb1

    Almost 2 months out. BLESSED

    How much did you lose in just the 2 months??
  3. mburnsb1

    Adding carbs??

    This one line confuses me...you don't think that the carbs had anything to do with your weight gain that led you to need a WLS of some sort??
  4. mburnsb1

    18 Months Out! BLESSED AND HARDWORK!

    Thank you everyone! I know I haven't been on here for a while but in the beginning of this journey...the first year....this was my rock, my go to for everything! thank you!!!!
  5. mburnsb1

    Before and after pics Updated!!!

    I have no intention of having any additional surgery unless it becomes medically necessary. True I don't like seeing the extra skin or the sagging skin....but it really is not that much. When I compare it to what my body used to be....well I will take some sagging skin any day!! My bat wings are no where near what I thought they would be....I don't even mind wearing tank tops and I have never done that in my life! I have worked hard this last year and half....I am proud of myself and embrace this skin and body with open arms!
  6. mburnsb1

    Update and Running Pictures

    This is fantastic! I started running at the beginning of this year and the summer humidity in Florida really hurt me...it is getting cooler now so I am looking forward to running again!! I love the 5K's and occasional 10K's....however I have signed up for my first half in January. I start my "training" program on November 2nd.
  7. mburnsb1

    Before and after pics Updated!!!

    You look amazing...but how on earth did you get your tummy so flat without any skin?? AND how did you keep "the girls" looking so good??? Mine are like socks with golf balls at the ends. haha
  8. mburnsb1

    Almost 2 months out. BLESSED

    This is only 2 months out???????
  9. mburnsb1

    Gay/Bi Friendly People

    Not sure what you mean by "understand this life". What life is that? Being Bi? Gay/Lesbian is not Bi... Also one can be Bi but be monogamous in their marriage. Marriage is love...you can be attracted to other human beings but be faithful in your marriage. I am married to a woman...message me if you would like.
  10. mburnsb1

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I don't have a picture right now...maybe later but A MEDIUM SHIRT AND SIZE 8 (NON STRETCH) SKINNY PANTS!
  11. I take several pills each day but mostly they are vitamins and fiber etc.
  12. WOW! WOW! WOW! good for you and Mrs.!!!
  13. mburnsb1


    I get the hair thing all the time! hahahahaha and while I have grown it out, for goodness sake I have lost 160 pounds, it is not just the hair! haha