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  1. Kim you're a great writer thank you for sharing your personal story. I'm about 2.5 years post op and overly nervous about re-gain. Do you think your sleeve became less restrictive? I feel I can eat a lot more than i could six months ago. It's a daily struggle for me to eat properly. I appreciate your honesty and wish you the best of luck in continuing your weight loss.
  2. Thank you all for sharing. My biggest fear is re-gain. I'm 6' tall weigh sleeved 2.5 years ago weight 165 been at that weight for a year now. However I do see scale going up now. Clothes fitting tighter ugh...
  3. You're an inspiration to me! I've been reading your posts since I got sleeved April 2015. You're honest, always speak from your heart and very supportive. Please keep getting back on that wagon. Sincerely Stephen
  4. Thank you for your sharing and honhonesty. lightening and inspiring! Stephen
  5. Wow thank you! You look and sound . Thank you for sharing Stephen
  6. Absolutely awesome Five years! So impressive Sharing how you continue your success is what I appreciate Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. Thank you everyone, really appreciate your honesty Stephen
  8. Hello all are the scars noticeable after 8-12 months?
  9. Hello all i've been cleared the sleeve surgery I'm nervous beyond comprehension, removing 80% of stomach... I read about a lot of members posts about early weight loss. I've gained/lost 1,000 pounds, losing weight is doable, it's keeping it off that's impossible for me. Are there any members that have kept weight off for a couple years or more? Thank you for listening Stephen
  10. I over eat before I go to sleep every night. for some reason I sleep well when I'm full. I was wondering if I have the sleeve surgery, and eat less at night will I still feel full? I know eating at night is a terrible habit. Thank you