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  1. Wow, I hadn't realized it had been so long. Hope you are all well and happy.
  2. Haha! Wow! I seriously just researched your dr and hospital! Dr Ali! How cool is that!? And yes, metabolism speeds up, so does everything else, just be careful. Confidence boost from weight loss while great can lead to big mistakes if taken for granted. Congrats on your new lease on life and you decision to make a change for yourself whatever your reasons were. This is a great group, I'm sure you're gonna get plenty of good advice
  3. Well, here it is 2 yrs out and going strong. Down 116lbs. Can't believe it most days, then... well, I eat a little too much sugar, have a drink or soup that's too warm, a meat that's too coarse, or a few too many drinks... yeah, I had the surgery lol. It's been a hell of a ride. It's like learning to walk again for the first time, and I learn more about myself all the time. Surgery changes your body, and there's no story the same, no one can describe it to you. It's a positive, just takes a looong time to get used to! Lol. Keep your heads up, the fork down and enjoy your new life.
  4. Well, still on the losing side of surgery.... down 108 lbs. Still not an easy thing, still a massive struggle. But... totally worth it. If I died tomorrow I would have no regrets but it is tough. Stay the course and carry on my friends.
  5. Thank you Wendy! Had a great birthday! My wife surprised me with an amazing gift of Kyocera ceramic kitchen knives. She broke my last I find it funny that as I lost all this weight post surgery my love of cooking returned with a vengeance. At the age of 18 as a su chef I began to gain weight, now I cook and create to lose weight. Instead of finding satisfaction eating food, I gain it from the enjoyment of others savoring the pan seared, healthy dishes I now prepare. Ok soooo they aren't all
  6. Hey all! Been ages since I posted. Been a heck of a ride. Down to 208lbs now! I thought I had made the worst mistake of my life the month after my surgery. I didn't! It's been a wonderful thing looking back now. I feel like myself again and that is amazing. For all of you that are on the fence about surgery and those of you that have already had it done, hang in there it gets better. You will struggle and stall, hate every one and everything but it gets better. Once you see the results and begin to live again you change. Possibilities for a new life arise and hope blossoms. Stay strong, lean on the group, stay the course it's worth it! Just remember that every persons path is different and your results, successes and failures are unique. Don't get discouraged!
  7. Hey guys! Just wanna say thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I think my problem is the fact that I am the cook and I watch everyone eat the things I prepare. I was trained to cook in a true Italian kitchen and most of my foods have the potential to be fattening. My roots in cooking come from my grandfather and grandmother who taught me to cook in the style of the hills of Kentucky. Blend these two together and you get a range of fabulous and fattening platters. That being said I've had a little easier time over the last few days. I think I just need ed do to get through those evil holidays. Still managed to lose 6lbs over the now I'm down 75lbs. Gotta love that honeymoon phase right? I'm also realizing my cravings are mostly from boredom in my down time. I used to eat when I was bored. As long as I'm busy I don't even think about food. Kinda nice actually. Gonna try some of those sites for some fresh recipes too. Thanks again guys!
  8. Hey all! Been a few months since I've been on here. Hope everyone is doing well. So far I've lost 70lbs and feel like my old self again. Never thought I'd be this weight again! Lol. Lately though I'm getting a bit burnt out. This holiday season has been a rough one. I allowed myself to cheat a bit and have a few sweets and and few beers. Almost wish it had made me sick but it didn't... anyone else they get stuck in the same old food routines? I feel like I eat the same things over and over... I still get that full feeling after just a small amount of food, but I'm starting to get a few cravings back too. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  9. I did several times... she just acts cold. Like I'm somehow attacking her, or blaming her. I don't know what to do. She worked all week, So I took care of the house since I'm still off work for my recovery. Made dinner and set her up in the living room to do all her studying for her dialysis job. Left her alone every night to focus on that. This weekend comes and I just wanna hang out and she just can't seem to understand that I've missed her. Every time I try to reach out she just acts cold and then makes it out like I'm the one being ridiculous. Wish I could be the one who doesn't care sometimes. I guess the old saying, "the one who cares the most loses, " is true
  10. Thanks Wendy, It's been a rough ride over the years, but we always came out together. There have been a lot of changes this year alone. She gave up alcohol six months ago, got a job recently, during my surgical recovery time. It takes up almost all her time. Now because all our friends we used to hang out with drink, not to excess but enough, we don't really hang out with anyone anymore. Add on that I can't go out and eat it's like she's miserable. She's not a big girl with some huge appetite I don't understand. I think maybe we are just too different now. I love her and I am still very much in love with her but I don't think it's the same for her. I mean, I think she loves me, but isn't in love with me if you know what I am getting at.
  11. Well it has only been about three weeks and the surgery is starting to cause issues... my wife and I have been married nearly seven years now. It'll be seven years Oct 31. I'll need to give a little back story to make this make sense. My wife and I have had many struggles in our relationship, my second marriage, her third. Although her first was only a year when she was 18. We raise a blended family of 3 boys and 1 girl, so to say the least money has always been tight. We have gotten to do very little over the years. When we did get to do something it usually involved a dinner out somewhere while running around. Now that I have had this surgery obviously I can't go out to a restaurant yet, and it will probably be quite a while more. She's bored all the time... I can't help that I can't make all our snacks and chow down on the couch anymore. I love to cook so I've still been making things for her and the kids all the time so it isn't like things are so different. I guess I'll just add that to the list of things that separate us... I have to be honest I'm just getting fed up with some things and needed to vent.. seems everything we used to do was surrounded by food and alcohol and now that's gone. Food because of my surgery, alcohol because it made her do stupid things... I'm worried we aren't going to make it and I am tired of feeling this way all the time. I I have a room mate and not a wife...this sucks. I thought losing some of this weight would make things better by allowing me to do more, guess not. Sad thing is I adore my wife, we've been together for over 8 1/2 years, but things keep getting worse
  12. No problem. I totally sympathize with you. The shakes made me ill for weeks. The EAS is the only one I can drink. Hope it gets better for you
  13. I have had a terrible time with protein. I finally found some stuff that works. Apparently many people have a terrible time with whey isolate. I tried one called EAS. It is a milk protein isolate with less than 2% soy isolate. Chocolate fudge in the premix bottles. Very small and it's 20g of protein. Also if you have a Kroger near by they make a carb master chocolate milk that is 11g of protein per 8oz serving, and only 6g sugar. Tastes like the real thing. Very inexpensive. I am finally getting my protein now. There are ways around the nasty whey... stuff made me wanna chuck... hope this helps you. Eric (eek78)
  14. I have the carb master Kroger yogurts and they are actually quite good. I just didn't look and grabbed one of my wife's regular yogurts. They have like 30 some grams of sugar. That was my downfall... I have become very careful what I grab. No more dumping syndrome for me!