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  1. I had it yesterday for breakfast! my new favorite flavor.
  2. Just think of your goals. This part will be over soon. Good luck!
  3. Took 22 days but I finally dropped ONE pound. Four pounds away from the 100 mark. 

  4. Thanks, I needed to hear this.
  5. Just realized we had surgery on the same day
  6. So many glitches with the new update. Yesterday, if I clicked from topic to topic, Id get signed off. So after each topic, I'd have to log back in. I also cant seem to find what topics/subjects I've replied to (to see if others have chimed in) and I cant see who's responded to my topics. Everything was fine before! Why did it have to change?!
  7. rt21212

    Food I like

    My favorite thing right now is peanut butter whips (less calories and carbs) and sliced banana. I can do maybe 2 tbls of peanut butter and half a banana and I am stuffed.
  8. rt21212


    No regrets. I have more energy now than ever.
  9. rt21212

    Bumming today

    So sorry to hear that. I had to take mine off as well because it started to get too big. I hope you find it.
  10. Kind of mad at myself for setting high expectations.... Yesterday was day 1 of the 5 day pouch test. I woke up thinking that I prob lost a pound or two (big mistake having these ideas/expectations)... didn't lose a pound. Put me in such a sour mood and its not even 10AM. I need to learn to have MORE patience. This is all about learning and growing, right? Sometimes it gets emotionally overwhelming. I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day.
  11. Have you tried the 5 day pouch test? I thought it would be hard... I mean, day one isnt over yet but it wasnt as hard as I expected it to be. Looking at your numbers, you are doing amazing. Good job on all your hard work and success. And your one year anniversary is right around the corner!!
  12. I just joined in on this challenge. Today is day 1 of 5. I went to bed kind of dreading this... but I woke up with a more positive attitude. I thought to myself, how can I dread something that will HELP me?! Plus it's only 5 days! Work day is half over... already had a Syntrax Nectar protein shake, cup of homemade (made in the crock pot over night) split pea soup, and during lunch break, I am gonna run to the supermarket for some SF jello. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
  13. Good luck! I decided to do a reboot and try out the 5 day pouch test. I really hope this will help.
  14. put all the veggies in with the meat. all the flavors absorb and its just one big warm delicious comfort food meal!