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  1. Pre op diet... Need encouragement

    OK, I'm SOOO glad that I have an excellent suggestion to all of you who are frustrated with yucky protein shakes! I endured the protein shakes that were on my list for my pre-op diet to the point that I ended up cheating and only lost 7 pounds. When I got in the hospital they gave me my first shake and I was astounded!!! Unjury protein shakes are made specifically for lap band, sleeve, bypass patients! Moses Cone hospital, the largest hospital in North Carolina uses those shakes problem was that since I had to either order it or go to the pharmacy to buy it (no prescription needed) I just didn't bother. Boy was that a mistake because I could have done the pre-op diet perfectly had I had Unjury! Go to the website see for yourself. They have chicken soup shake which tastes exactly like chicken soup which offers a break from the sweet stuff. Other flavors are strawberry sorbet, chocolate splendor, chocolate classic, vanilla, and unflavored. I have not found one that is bad or has ANY after taste and if you knew me personally you would know that I am extremely finicky about husband calls me a food snob
  2. Why not flavored yogurt?

    HAWK7775, you are correct. Although some members state that they like the fruit pieces, they are also an apposite amount of time post-op; therefore the fruit pieces does not cause physiological problems. I am only two weeks post op and I was told vanilla only due to the fruit pieces getting stuck in the connection, having difficulty passing through the connection, or causing problems with the staples because the fruit pieces are basically solid food. However, my physician did say that if I have a good enough food chopper that can actually get those pieces pureed then I could have it! My biggest problem is that I have never liked artificial sweetener and am having trouble finding anything I like!
  3. Hello Dr. Callery, I have been taking 220mg of Methadone for almost five years and have done so well since then I cannot imagine what to do if would stop working. I have been able to take the reigns in my life and graduated from graduate school with a 4.0 since my I have been sober. My life is now structured and I feel great. Although I do have an eating disorder, I got to where my weight got out of control with the addition of Methadone and hypothyroidism (I'm taking 300mg of synthroid; I have had a TSH of 50 which is why I'm on 300). Anyone who has had an addiction knows that when you begin to life a consistent, normal, and sober do not want to lose it! My problem is that I am terrified of the methadone not working anymore due to problems with absorption post-op bypass. I get mixed answers...some say probably will and some say no. Do you have any advice on this topic? I'm so frightened and although I'm in recovery I'm still afraid to ask just any professional about this due to the inexhaustible stigma placed on this disease and moreover, methadone patients. Can you help?
  4. Dramamine/Sea Sickness

    Hi! I seem to be replying to many posts because I had an unbelievably long list of questions for my bypass dietician and surgeon. I just asked both of them two days ago if dramamine is ok for nausea because I actually used to take it often pre-op for nausea because I have many gastric issues. They both said it was ok but PLEASE PLEASE wait for an answer of someone who has actually taken it post-op because I have not yet. I needed it two days ago but they said dramamine was ok they wanted to call in zofran because I'm 10 days post-op and having complications so they needed to use something stronger to prevent my stomach from actually vomiting. Ask your doc and hopefully someone will answer who has taken it! I'm looking forward to this answer from someone who has actually taken it as well!
  5. A week post-op and side hurts

    Ok, I see. Sorry, I just assumed that you meant it was not laproscopic due to staples. I had the MG super glue. I'm so glad you feel better's not fun to hurt. I'm hurting tonight with feeling very full even after two teaspoons of water, shake, or cream soup but it will pass I'm sure!
  6. Why not flavored yogurt?

    OK, I'm almost two weeks post op bypass so I'm still on the 64-100 ounces of both full and clear liquids. I'm going to reply on a few posts...the deal with fruit yogurt vs vanilla yogurt (I'm talking greek or lite and fit of course) is because the earlier post op people cannot handle the fruit pieces. However, if I put it in my chopper and puree it then it's fine. There is NO extra sugar in fruit greek yogurt vs vanilla greek yogurt. I don't like guessing...if I'm going to comment you can bet I've looked at it personally. Therefore, my facts are based on the greek yogurt I bought today. Good luck!
  7. A week post-op and side hurts

    Hello losingside! I also live in NC and had gastric bypass 10 days ago (1/13/15). I still hurt and tend to have my arms crossing my stomach without realizing it. I'm surprised that you are not seeing your physician til next month because I see mine two weeks after which is now next week. I have been told that a little soreness is normal but if you have a great amount of pain, I would call. Unfortunately, I am a surgery expert because this was my 9th surgery so I'm pretty well trained on post-op progress. You said you had staples out though which makes me think you did not have laproscopic?? I had laproscopic RNY which is easier to recover. However, I am having a little pain due to extra swelling inside at the connection of stomach to intestine (I know that's not a very clinical explanation). Anyway, I hurt after drinking water or shakes because it trickles through very slowly. Have you talked to your doc?