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  1. i woke up this morning feeling 5 pounds smaller. I've finally hit 160 pounds and it feels amazing! ! I just have to get use to all of this.

    1. Kimelou


      It a crazy feeling isn't it? Never thought I would slide my butt into a size 6.

    2. MissMeme


      Congrats! Every couple weeks i am changing out clothing snd fitting into smaller sizes that i vould never give up. It does feel good.

    3. BamaChick
  2. I think you should relax and just let yourself open up and give these men a chance. If they show any disrespect, block and delete them. Iwish you the best
  3. I finally broke the stall. Im down to 167 pounds :-)

  4. I can definitely relate. I feel like i stall for ever then randomly drop 4 pounds. I've learned to forget numbers and focus on other things that i can fix quickly. Like cleaning out my spare bedroom lol.
  5. I would love to share my experiences with you but im only 4 months, almost 5 post op. If you still want to hear my story feel free to message me.
  6. In my opinion your doing great. Your loseing faster than i did and i thought i lost fast the first few months. Remember it took years to get our selves to our highest weights, it won't fall off over night. You'll be successful if you stick to the plan and don't be so harsh with yourself. You can't expect your body to do so much after a major surgery. :-)
  7. Unfortunately I started out with thin hair. I had thick hair before i had kids. After 3 c sections in 3 years then a few months later gastric bypass surgery, my hair is falling out in handfuls. Every time i run my hands through my hair i lose some. When i shower i lose alot more. It's very upsetting and in horrified that I'll be bald before the 5 month mark. My doctor said it can last for 2 years maximum. :-(
  8. I love steak. I've never had a problem with it getting stuck or anything. Chicken use to get stuck but steak has always been great. I love the ny strip cooked to medium with a1 sauce. I eat this every week.
  9. I had my surgery at mercy suburban hospital. I live in Lansdale. Congrats on your surgeries everyone. Im glad there are others from philly area here.
  10. Carbs are one of my weaknesses. A good way to avoid drive thrus, don't take enough cash with you. Or dont take any at all. It does get easier, you just have to fight those urges and cravings. You've got this.
  11. I can relate. It's a heart breaking situation. We need support so much right now. I dont think people understand how fragile we really are at this time. Im here if you need to talk. Don't let anyone pressure you or make you uncomfortable. You do whats best for you. My mother regrets trying to talk me out of the surgery and im so proud of myself for doing what i wanted.
  12. I'm in the 170's. :-D

    1. Magic_t98


      Nice! Great job lady!

    2. Kimelou


      Yeah, I finally hit 167 this morning- we are moving on down!

    3. ElizabethLynn


      Thanks :-) It's exciting!

  13. This is my 4th surgery in 3 years. I might just invest in some wigs. If my hair is already really thin at 3 months post op it will probably get worse. Thanks for the information.
  14. I've heard good things about biotin. But my doctor said it wouldn't help with the hair loss. Im going to start taking it anyways, it wont hurt. Im getting a little nervous. So I'm willing to try anything that isnt harmful. Thanks.
  15. I'm not experiencing bald spots yet, and i pray i wont. My hair is just really thin now. Really thin. Im wondering if anyone has lost all of their hair or had to deal with bald spots? Im only 3 months post op and i feel like I'll be bald in a few more months. I know it's expected and the hair loss stops after your first year post op. Im just curious and trying to prepare myself just in case
  16. 179!! I must be dreaming!!!

  17. My scale is broken. :-( no weigh ins for me. :-/ I can't wait to get a new one.

  18. Thays exactly how i felt. Your surgery, your choice. Just be careful who you decide to confide in. Congrats and good luck. I wish yoi the best.
  19. 182! Today's not the day i'm suppose to weigh in, but i woke up feeling physically smaller.

  20. That's great! You got this! Were here to support you!
  21. I completely understand where your coming from. What worries me is the fact that he wants to do these surgeries separate. Its very concerning, ive done some research and couldn't find anything to back up his desicion. You could get a second oponion, or confront your surgeon. I would do both, you hired him. He's profiting big time from the Wls surgery alone. I just get a bad feeling about him after reading about your appointment. But i wasn't there and my opinion isnt what's important, Maybe im just a crazy lady lol, but listen to your instincts. Please, ask questions, stand strong and demand whats best for you. You deserve the best, dont settle. Keep me,us inforned. Im going to call my surgeons office to see if they'll be willing to give any advice. I know they wont give much but I'll still ask.
  22. ElizabethLynn

    Weigh in today

    Your doctor is an @*#. You're doing great and right on track with your loss. Honestly I'm comfortable saying your a pretty quick loser. Keep up the great work.
  23. ElizabethLynn

    50 pounds

    Your doing great. Im also at the 50 lb mark.
  24. Congratulations. Im glad your surgery was pain free.
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