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  1. Soooo it has been a long time since I’ve been on here. But I’ve had no issues, no updates/changes, nothing new really... until now! i have been approved for skin removal and it is scheduled for this coming Monday! Ive been through SEVERAL surgeries before but this one is especially nerve racking. I’m excited yet nervous. I’ve been told I’m getting an “anchor cut” because of how much there is. Does anyone have progression pictures after having this done? I know the scars are going to be vertical and horizontal but if it gets rid of the skin, I am a-ok with it. thanks in advance!!!! i will post before and progression pics after it’s done !!
  2. July 25th I had my 2nd daughter. I was exactly 1 year post-op when i got pregnant and gained right at 20lbs throughout the pregnancy. Before getting pregnant I was at 195 and after delivery was at 205. Now 6 weeks later still at 205. When I saw my Surgeon he said i should continue to lose but nothing so far. What is the best way to get back on track?
  3. So I'm close to 34 weeks prego. I've gained about 15-18lbs. According to my OB in the last 10 weeks Ive only gained 4lbs but baby is right on track size wise. i haven't done anything differently than before. Honestly I'm eating pretty much whatever I want but my cravings are healthy. My OB did suggest to continue protein shakes last week. She said the lack of weight gain is expected but it couldn't hurt for the extra helping of protein. (I stopped protein drinks at exactly 1 yr post op, which was about three days before I conceived LOL!) as long as you don't go crazy, like some pregnant women, you will be fine. I even drink Starbucks on a regular basis and enjoy the occasional snickers bar. I'd be more than happy to keep you updated on our progress.
  4. So I'm having a little issue going to the restroom and with gas. Being 1 yr post-op I have expanded my diet to include more thing and most don't cause a problem but going 3-5 days without "using the bathroom" just gets on my nerves. Has anyone tried activia? Does it work? My main concern is that with the "re-routing" of intestines (I had bypass) that it might work too well or cause issues! Can anyone give me their personal experience for reference?? I am pregnant also but the constipation was there pre-pregnancy so I don't think it's related, just a little worse. thanks in advance!
  5. Good luck to both of you! You should both be ready for the holidays. The pain mostly subsides by 3 days! Trish you're on the better side than I was. Mine was outpatient surgery then a 3hour drive home... Oh the bumpy road was not pleasant)...
  6. i have one child...she is 3...and am pregnant now. It is so much different than the first time around and j can't figure out if the differences are from the surgery or just something that happens during normal pregnancy but I was lucky the first time around. If anyone here has gotten pregnant after bypass please let me know if the following are normal or if it's something relating to surgery. 1. Abdominal pains (cramp like) but go away when lying down. 2. Can not vomit. Sometimes I feel nauseous after eating, like 5 mins after, but NOTHING will come up. 3. Im wondering how soon until I show. Im slot smaller now but there is so much skin leftover I'm hoping it will hide it for a while. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!! #1&2 are main concern.
  7. So November 12, 2014 I had gastric bypass and am now lost over 120lbs!!
  8. Hey everyone I am 24 and 8 mo this post op! Not an expert but have been through the first 8 months so I'm here for advice or just chatting!!!
  9. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I will definitely try to wait until December and then order and get fitted from there! I should want to be a couple sizes further down anyway right?? lol
  10. I forget the smaller you are the more weight makes a difference. I was a size 26 at my highest and after losing over 100lbs I'm still an 18/20... But if I lose 40lbs from here I will probably be closer to 10/12. Which is a big difference when they can only take a dress in at most of 2 sizes!!
  11. Thank you all soo much!! I am wanting to get everything ready (just in case something happens) ... my friends won't let me pick their dresses until I choose mine ... I dont want us all to have to wait... what if financially my friends can not afford their dresses because we waited too long... I will figure something out and I agree I should wait atleast until December then have fittings closer to the day!! On a side note: It looks like my weight has already slowed to only about 10-15lbs a month and it should slow even more I would think. Is that the norm at 7-8 months post op to slow to 10-15lbs a month??? or should I be worried and change some things up again? Thanks In Advance -
  12. Well does anyone know about the average of weight lost from 7-15 months. I think I have already lost the mass amount but I would think only another 40lbs or so?
  13. SOOOO!! I'm getting married (YAY) next April and I'm looking at dresses!! I want to be sure I have the opportunity and time to pay for what ever I want. The only problem I am coming across is I am not sure how much weight I will lose between now and April. I have currently lost about 100 pounds total and do not want to get a dress that fits now but cannot be taken in enough. I'm currently a dress size 18 but I'm not sure if I should order an 18 and have them try to take it in (however much I lose) or if I should order a 14 and if need be have them take it out. I'm just super concerned if I order two small I won't be able to fit but if I order my current size and drop 3 sizes or so they won't be able to take it in enough. PLEASE Help!!!!
  14. Ok... so i have read many different articles and have seen the same thing about not getting pregnant before 12-18mths. I am only 7.5 mths out and could possibly be pregnant. I had my bloodwork done around 6 months and all of my levels were fine except that my "bad" cholesterol was a little lower than it should be... Other than not losing all the weight possible from the surgery is there issues that pregnancy could cause before your one year mark? Will it bring issues for the baby. I am not for sure that I'm pregnant but if I am or do become so, then I would like to know the risks involved.
  15. Jolls - thats awesome! I think because I want mine so detailed Im worried it will shrink up and you wont be able to recognize what it was. So thanks for your experience!! Coldest - That's awesome about the sleeve, sounds like a good deal! I appreciate you telling me your experience with the others also!!