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  1. Hello, I've done extensive study on what excessive dieting, yo yo dieting, WLS, etc.., does to the body, AKA yours truly. From WLS surgeons to non ones, nutritionists and just scientists who study the brain for obestity. Collectively what I've read is this, after ANY major weight loss, be it WLS or just watching calories, our bodies go thru a traumatic change, (medical starvation if WLS), keep in mind that our metabolism is already damaged from all the years of dieting. After a while, could be 2 years or 6 years, the brain tries to repair the body from starving and it seems no matter what we do (unless you go back to starving), it starts holding on to every pound and actually re-gain some....and this is where it gets hard...according to study if we eat healthy, not necessarily keto, (80% of the time) for about a year, our brains will find a number (it may be a number you don't like) that it is happiest at and will begin trying to "repair" the damage that it THINKS we have done. Remember healthy is NOT a number, it's a condition, being married to a man for 39 years who has NEVER been obese, I will say that his advice does NOT work! LOL Work SLOWLY and STEADILY every day to make good decisions but don't STRESS over it if you eat "bad" sometimes. I'm not perfect by no means, I am 3 1/2 years post op and TRY to maintain a 5-10 regain, it's NOT easy and gets so frustrating, but, it's my life and how my body does. I will say this, it's getting harder to just gain a lot of weight so I think I'm doing something right, fingers crossed :-)
  2. @cinwa, yes she is my beautiful daughter who just got married on the 4th! It was a lovely wedding for sure, glad that's done!! Whew! Lots of work for sure!!
  3. Checking in after being off for a while. I am now 3.5 yrs post op!! What??? Time flies for sure. I had regain in my 2nd year of about 15 lbs, then I lost 10 of that out of nowhere, and I have maintained for the last year. My maintenance range is 5-8 lbs and I think my body has settled there. I'm ok with that, I do not do keto due to other stomach issues, I cannot digest fat well so that puts keto out. I eat a balanced diet with minimal cheat foods. Life goes on and I am so grateful for the surgery, I will NEVER be overweight like I was before, that part of my life is over, I do walk 3 times a week. Healthy is not a number, I have finally learned that.
  4. And boy are there slider foods!! A lot of us didn't see that coming LOL....but...once you recognize what they are and learn to control them you are good...and everyone is different when it comes to how many carbs/protein/sugar, etc., you can have. Some have successfully kept their weight down on a weight watchers style which is basically a "balanced" diet, others like the low carb, or keto style, I prefer paleo or rather more "clean" eating with a minimal amount of processed foods and lots of veggies and fruits. Although I derailed for the holidays but still maintaining with about a 5 lb gain from my lowest. I am coming up on my 3 yr post op on the 15th!! Yikes! I can't believe it!
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    Yep, look at your overall success. You just need to lose 60lbs to get where you were, that's not a lot, do it 5lbs at a time and TAKE your time, maybe take up a hobby or something else beside eating to help with your emotions, you can do it!!
  6. I always thought that meat was the only way for protein but that just is not the case. I will say that I love meat and have no problems but for some it is, there are so many protein options out there now that getting in your grams shouldn't be a problem. :-) research, research.....
  7. I may be wrong but I have noticed that the taller ones have this problem (losing too much) more than us short ones. I don't think I have ever seen a 5'-5'5 person have this issue unless you are just starving yourself to lose and I am on a ton of support sites. I am 2.5 yrs post op and play around with 5 pounds, I am 5'1, I will gain real quick if I just let myself go for a couple of weeks but to lose I would have to basically starve myself again and I am NOT going down that road again, I will just be happy and healthy where I'm at :-) I will clarify what I mean...some just lose too much and have to ADD calories to stop...that is NOT a problem that most of us shorter folks have.
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    Is anyone else's ticker not working right?

    Ok so now it's working without me doing the new code...
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    Is anyone else's ticker not working right?

    Still did not work
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    Is anyone else's ticker not working right?

    I tried that too, and it worked for a bit but now when I try it just says that I have exceeded my file limits?
  11. It gets better as time goes by, I felt the same way at first but now at 13 months post op, I am getting used to the "new" me. Some days are worse than others, why it is that way I just don't know, every now and then the girl in the mirror still weighs 250 lbs, (in my eyes) until my husband gently reminds me that I am a "skinny" girl now. Still hard to wrap my mind around that one....
  12. I am 13 months postop and find if I eat protein the restriction is the same as in the beginning, certain carbs are definitely sliders and you can get more in, that is why I have to limit carbs big time! I hardly ever have a starch with my meals, maybe a small serving of quinoa occasionally, I have been having the same feelings lately and I hate it.
  13. Whatever we had to do in the beginning BEFORE surgery to lose weight is what we will have to do to keep it off AFTER surgery, no liquid diets, just good HEALTHY eating. Our stomachs (or sleeves, I hate that term) will always help us, I am amazed at how after one year post op I still have so much restriction when eating protein. This lifelong journey for us "easy gainers" will always have to be "watered" and "pruned" as us gardeners would say. That in itself is sobering but a true fact of MY life. I have learned to be happy WITHOUT food, I will not be controlled by what goes in my mouth....
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