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  1. Pre-Op

    Don't do it! Your face will fall which ages you,,your hair will fall out and most likely you will still starve. Not to mention the flab hanging to your knees. The true crap is omitted. It's not worth it. Google some real weight loss nightmares and look at what you will become unless you have a lot of money for surgery which is not recommended because of the big chance you'll gain it back again. It's not a miracle, you'll still be dieting. NOT worth it. You'll look like a circus freak. All your weight will be around you thighs and rear end. What is up must come down, and lets not forget the saggy empty boob sacks. If you are in anyway attractive get ready to lose it. Believe it or not
  2. Why does surgery work?

    I had the sleeve and it never stopped the hunger,I think it actually got worse,And my doctor didn't do I right and when it relaxed It stretched. They told me the only way to get it fixed was to gain all my weight back. If I had to do it all again I wouldn't. My hair fell out,my face fell. I aged a lot. I would have preferred The Gastric Bypass if I had had a choice. I have no idea why it does anything. I think There is a valve or something they bypass. I'm sure all the other's can tell you exactly. My valve or whatever wasn't bypassed. I look like a flabby old lady now. I am always hungry. I eat and 10 Minutes later I could eat again. By sheer will I've lost but my will cannot last forever. I. I'm sure there are a lot of others that have had the same experience. Some people leave out all he negative things.The aging thing and the hair was and is horrible. My weight loss stopped at 8 months out. and January will be 2 years.I' not sure it was worth it as I'm having to diet the same way I did before I had The sleeve. My doctor said he had never had a sleeve stretch. Helloooo Welcome to my world. Good Luck to you.
  3. I was sleeved on Jan 13 2015. At 8 months out my Weight came to a dead stop.I was put on a new seizure med and I had both knees replaced in a 3 month time frame.I had the barium. Test and it showed my sleeve has stretched.Dr.said probably when it healed it relaxed a little more than usual so I m either having a sleeve redone or maybe the bypass.I,m down from a 26 to a 14.Still plus size.299 to 183 to 186.I,'ve lost this weight by sheer will power. I.'ve never had a cut off point and starve all the time since day 1 Doctor said he,d never seen a pouch stretch. Tada Only me.I really have only 22 pounds to hit my goal weight but the hunger is agony. I can,t get pass the 180 point.On the good side my knees are amazing,bad side My face has aged really bad and I,m still battling hair loss.Any comments on going from sleeve to gastric bypass?
  4. Breast Lift After Surgery

    My boobs look like 2 socks with a little sand in the toes and stretched. I was a 42 c And now a trainer bra a is too big.I wear tight sports bras.My mammogram nurse thought I had been sick. Haha My face fell literally.I have aged so bad.especially around my mouth and eyes.The skin just headed to the floor like my boobs I have considered implants but too expensive for me.I have a rare disease and live on disability.Botox may help but you can,t do it just once You are young so besides the boobs you should be ok your skin will probably snap back.they leave the aging and the hair loss out.Makes you think
  5. I was sleeved on Jan.13 2015 At 8 months out my weight loss came to a dead stop.I started at 299 and stopped at 183.I go back and forth between 183 and 186.I take seizure meds and have had both knees replaced 2 months apart.I have starved from the start.It never lets up I had the barium test and it showed my stomach has stretched.I was told when it healed it relaxed more than it should have so I have the option of getting re-sleeved or something called a mini bypass.It,s,something fairly new.I was thinking maybe the gastric bypass.I think the dumping would be helpful to me.My medications(alot) cause dry mouth and I keep mints in my mouth.Sugar free is still sugar alcohol and since I found out my sleeve has stretched I eat frozen fat free no sugar added frozen yogurt(bad).My doctor says he has never seen a pouch stretch. Ta daaa Only my crazy body.I,m torn Should I stick to the sleeve or go for the bypass.I just don,t want to starve anymore.I,'ve lost my weight through sheer will power and I,m running out I.m down from A 26 to a 14 still plus size. No bloobs all butt worse nightmare.I feel like a loser(not weight).On the plus size my knees are amazing.The weight loss has aged me something terrible in my face and still fighting hair loss.Sleeve allows sweets if you get stupid crazy and bypass doesn't. My profession was and maybe again A pastry chef.yea. Any helpful comments.For anyone needing help with the never-ending constipation I was prescribed linzess and if I take it with the stool softener with the laxative it works very well.I.m open for any advice.I,m just starting to walk without my cane and I.m walking in a cancer marathon.just 3 1/2 miles.We,'ll see I need botox for my fallen face and a boob job since I have none.literally.I think if I had known the damage it does to your body I may have not had the operation.But I do have 2 Amazing knees.I can do squats
  6. The sleeve does stretch. I,m a year out and my weight loss came to a screeching halt 8 months out. I have always starved from day 1. I was put on eggs the first week. I recently had the barium test and it showed my pouch has stretched. As of Why we donot know. I don't over eat,I don't drink soda. I do Have to take tons of medicine as I have a brain disease. If I (Graze) It's on nuts or peanut butter on a spoon and occasionally frozen yogurt. I do have a problem with the fluids before and after a meal. My doctor said he could have or maybe should have made it smaller. Anyway they do stretch after they relax and there is no way to shrink them by not eating. I have lost 129 pounds by sheer will. I have 20 pounds to go. I,m down from a 26 to a 14. Goal size 10. Since I,ve had 3 Operations in the last 4 months I can't at this time have anything done about it, But Dr says in 8 to 12 months he can make my pouch smaller and or revise to the gastric Bypass. Since technically I,m not classified as fat I don't think the bypass is for me. But long term is iffy for me because of the constant hunger.It,s still been the weight loss war we all fight all our lives. So in ending The pouch can and does stretch,does not shrink back and can be fixed without drastic measures.
  7. Anyone sorry they had surgery

    I was one of the unlucky ones who has never been not hungry since I started this. My Nut. is amazed I can eat a whole protein bar.I do have a lot of Physical problems That have slowed my weight loss to a halt for the past 7 or 8 months (Not sure about time anymore) My seizure meds side effect is weight gain. I just had a full knee replacement so I am chair bound at the moment so anything I eat is putting back on weight. Eating calories,no exercise = weight gain. I'm still 20 or 25 pounds away from my goal weight and I think I've gained about 10 pounds back already. I find myself looking at weight loss plans again which sucks. I'm really disappointed in myself and kind pissed off That I have always been hungry. It takes all my willpower to push away the food which I'd have no problem eating if I wanted too. I am going to have a conversation with my doctor when I can get an appointment. They only let you see the doctor 1 week after surgery. That's it. With the everlasting hunger I find it hard to believe I will be able to keep the weight off. The hanging skin is horrible and it has aged me about 10 years. My face just fell into mass of wrinkles.I have crepe skin. I am always anemic .Would I do it again? yes but I think I would do the bypass and not the sleeve.So I struggle on trying to use the tool which I find to be non-existing. I started out hopeful but now not so much. I'll always be on seizure meds and a lot more meds and I still have my other knee to go. They keep saying my stall will break but at this point I doubt it. I snack on dry 5 grain cheerios and 80 calories brownies. Just like a regular diet. I count calories and try to push myself away from the table which is getting harder and harder. Good luck to you. Maybe you'll get lucky and be one of the ones who doesn't have to deal with the hunger.
  8. New and nervious

    We were all scared but you'll be a pro by the time you leave the hospital. They had me set up so that when I got home I had no problems. They'll give you guide lines. Follow them. It's not easy by any means and like they said its a tool and you still have to make the right decisions Trust your doctor. They know what they are doing. Keep your eye on the future.Have Patience and work on healing and learning your new stomach. Don't be scared. You'll be fine and on The Loser's bench before you know it. If you need any questions answered come back here. A lot of really smart people on this forum. As is the usual you'll come across some not so nice but rarely. Hang in there and Good Luck to you
  9. New here just starting my way to a thinner life.

    Everybody has different ways they know they have eaten enough without pushing it. My stomach gurgles and whether I'm still hungry(which I always am) I quit. You are still healing. Listen to your body and you'll find your way. If you have any doubts or any serious pain Call your doctor. never hurts and it will give you Peace of mine. If they gave you guide lines follow it. Some foods you used to eat you won't be able to eat anymore and then opposite of that you will eat foods you've always hated maybe. I can't eat bread or eggs Yuck! My friend had the Bypass and in 9 months she's lost over 100 pounds size 26 to a size 10 and not it's not yet been a year. She was eating Steak the first week. I thought she was crazy but whatever she does works for her and no problems so Everyone is different. You'll find your way. Patience is our new friend. So listen to your new stomach follow your guidelines and let yourself heal and if it gets really bad call your doctor.
  10. 4 weeks in and feeling uncomfortable and full

    Enjoy it, I haven't been full since I started this journey. I've never had a cut off point. I just weigh or eye everything and quit. It's getting harder and harder. I've lost as of yesterday( I was weighed in the hospital) 125 pounds. I think I'd rather have had the Gastric Bypass. I still have 20 pounds to go and Have been stuck for the past 8 months but I had to start a seizure med that causes weight gain. I think the constipation thing does cause you to feel to full. I take Mirolax everyday per my doctor.It's the worst part.I would check with my doctor too. Never hurts. You'll lose really fast to start with and then slow. I,m kinda disappointed because I'm on a diet yet again so ignore me. I'm considering asking for a bypass. I don't think I will be able to keep the weight off this way. I starve all the time.I need a banana lift Hope you get to feeling better. When in doubt ask your doctor. Good luck to you
  11. Gastric sleeve in a week

    My first 24 hours was rough because I wasn't allowed any fluids just the IV fluids. I talked the nurse into letting me keep a glass and a bowl to wash my mouth out with. She was tough but after threatening me with a smile to behave she allowed it. It helped a lot. I don't know if that's the way it is for all sleevers. I had very little pain and the nausea was only the first day and they allowed me meds everytime I felt sick. Don't waste your money on Gas X .It's not that type of gas. They blow up your belly to be able to reach your insides safely. I found that keeping my arms above my head helped the most and walking. I kept my little pillow against my stomach when I got up and down. It was kinda like being in the last month of pregnancy when you're too big to get up and down only with staples. The gas was the hardest part for me.If they give you pain meds use them. Your nurses will have you ready to go. They know their job and I left the hospital feeling like I was a pro. You'll be fine. Read all the info on this forum. There's a lot of smart people on here and a lot of the same questions you have are answered already. Good Luck!
  12. Almost two weeks post sleeve

    I've never not been hungry. The first time I saw the 2 ounces I wanted to cry. I actually started laughing. It's a daily struggle. I guess some get lucky and have no hunger and then there's me who has been starving the entire time. I'm still doing the diet thing only with a smaller stomach. At this point I'm not sure I have a cut off point. I have a little bowl and a measuring cup and I just kinda eye it. I keep 8 grain cheerios with Sweet & low in a bag to much on 1 cheerio at a time. If you don't buy it you can't eat it. I'm unable to walk but I work out with weights from the waist up. I have no bat wings.I try to keep my calories under 1000 although my nut said don't worry about anything but, sugar, protein and fluids.I do have a special K 80 calorie brownie every now and then. Low sugar,low fat it's tiny but satisfies the sweet tooth I have at times. Hang in there,follow all the rules and stay away from bad habits You'll do fine.
  13. Saying hello

    I found that keeping my arms above my head helped a lot. Gas x doesn't work. Phayzyme helped me a lot. I also used a pillow when I walked or sat down. It will ease. Generally I think it was 3 days for e. but even in the hospital I kept my arms up and the pain would quit. The staples were a little tight but not painful. if they gave you pain meds take them
  14. My name is Susan-2 days post-op

    I drink Unsweetened Tea and have had no problems with acid Reflux. I got tired of drink mixes. I still drink my water .I feel hungry all the time but I've never not been hungry. I've started eating Special K fiber cereal as a snack mixed with 7 grain cheerios and Sweet and low and I've found that it takes care of the bathroom issues and it does kill the hunger. So water and Fiber is the key for me. I was getting to much protein and it stalled me. So I backed off some of the protein and started losing again. But that is further on down the road.Sounds like you have it together. Listen to your doctor. Everybody is different. Welcome to the losers bench and Good Luck
  15. 2 weeks post op *newbie* not feeling great

    I've never followed the rules. Alot of people go into weight loss operations thinking it's easy and it's magical. It's hard and you're still on that diet. Sounds like you are pushing too much in. To me anyway.I can't tolerate a lot of foods but I've always liked the shakes and protein bars. I never sipped. I've never lost the hunger. I don't weigh food. I,ve lost 124 pounds. My year was up 1/13/2016. I still have about 20 pounds to go. I went from a 26 to a 12 going into a 10. I don't eat sweets,bread,eggs. I do love cornbread, hushpuppies, rice I just eat very little and push it away. My biggest problem is not drinking while eating and fitting everything into a day. Most of my nutrition comes in the morning. My Nut knows exactly what I eat and has no problems with it. She's amazed I can eat a protein bar.You'll find your way. It will get easier.Just listen to your new stomach,it will tell you if you put to much in it. .Hang in there