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  1. Hi there lovely, your profile pic is amazing. You are looking terrific. I haven't posted in ages but I have lost about 43 kgs. So feeling great as well.

    i hope everything else in your life is going as well as you look. K

  2. So not looking forward to tonight's present hunt and marathon wrapping session. One day my husband and I won't wait so long to start wrapping... Or so I say every year. 

  3. No weight loss this week but I'm trying to stay positive. Fibro is acting up today too--I'm sore and emotional. It should be an interesting day for my office mate...

  4. I have many days when I feel all of the old weight still there and I see the Michelin Man in the mirror. I don't know if this ever goes away.
  5. I actually work in the same building as my surgeon and I ran into his NP. I talked with her about it and we've decided (since the pain has not come back) that I'll avoid all acidic foods/drinks, increase my water intake, and take my prilosec twice a day instead of once. If the pain returns then I'll make an appointment with the big guy who is most likely going to send me for imaging. Thank you guys for your concern and comments! Hopefully this issue will resolve on its own.
  6. So... I think I might have an ulcer. I haven't been very strict with my diet in the last month or so (and my weight shows it), mostly more artificial sweeteners and more carbs. I'm concerned that this might have put me in a position to get an ulcer--less fiber and vitamin C to protect me? I decided last monday to stop being naughty and try getting back to the basics. I stopped coffee, tea, splenda, and really cut back on the carbs (down to 45 g per day). I've felt okay since then--until this afternoon when I was crashing and needed a boost of energy. I drunk 6 oz of regular coffee with 2 tsp powdered creamer and 3 packs of sweet and low. Twenty minutes later my gut turned into a burning ring of fire. That was at 4 pm and I'm still having pain. I've taken kaopectate, an extra prilosec 20 mg, and chewed 5 TUMS which seemed to help--until I got the bright idea to drink some vitamin water zero. And then Mount Vesuvius exploded inside me. For roughly 15 minutes I had the most intense, burning pain I have ever had in my life. Anyone out there had an ulcer since surgery? Does this sound remotely similar to your experience? I don't want to cry wolf and call the surgeon based on one occurrence but this pain really sucks and I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks in advance!
  7. Our mind is mean like that. I still see bigger me too and I know a lot of other people here have the same problem. Rest assured, you will never be that person again. All your hard work shows!
  8. SMILE!! You've accomplished so much and you should be so proud of yourself!
  9. Holy cannoli! Your face changed completely! I'm sure a lot of people don't even recognize you now. You look FANTASTIC!
  10. I don't know if I would necessarily count them as stalls but I have had 2 separate periods of no weight loss for 2-3 weeks at a time. The first I am positive was directly related to my rediscovery of chunky peanut butter and the second happened around the time I started trying to up my physical activity.
  11. You look so comfortable in your skin! Keep up the hard work!
  12. I hope you realize how amazing you are for taking on this journey! Congratulations!
  13. I AM NO LONGER OBESE!!!! I know this is kind of a scale victory but I was so amazed to see the BMI on my food and weight tracker say 29.7. I've never been this small in my adult life. SOOOO EXCITED!!
  14. All this weather and barometric changes are making my fibromyalgia go nuts! Wrapped up in my heated blanket and watching Kendra on Top marathon! Definitely my guilty pleasure.

  15. Wow! You're a brand new man! All of your hard work shows