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    Cats! And food... I love cooking and I do enjoy reading good books.


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    Vertical Sleeve
  1. I like the use of my mobile to help me keep on track with protein, water, vitamin intake, etc. However, apps only work if you're an avid smartphone user so I'd recommend apps such as bariatric iq, my fitness pal, etc. Abdominal pain should be mentioned to your surgeon. Does he do follow-ups?
  2. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations!! You look fabulous
  3. Oh gosh, I know that feeling. stay focused on your goal, it should drive you forward. In case you need some sort of motivation of lots of useful information, just take a look around this place is a heaven for anyone considering any type of gastric surgery If you'd like to have everything at the tip of your fingers you can try various apps which help a lot when you can't decide whether some sort of food is good for you or not. I use bariatric iq, which does the trick for me. To conclude, worrying only makes you a magnet for bad stuff. As long as you trust your surgeon, the team and are aware of everything that will happen to you during/after the surgery, and are ready for those changes... Well, then you are ready We will wait for you on the losers' bench!
  4. It's funny to see this question pop up occassionally. Now that I think about it, I'd agree with people saying that this feeling of realization whether it is time to do it or not comes very individually. For me, it was the 'Wish I had done it earlier' regret. I missed out on a lot of fun, but now I also understand I shouldn't dwell on the past and stay focused on the moment, and the future. For me, now is good, and I'm more capable of doing things that used to cause me a headache. I'm happy I got this tool, it only helped me achieve a much better version of myself. I'm still working on my goals, but I trully agree with everyone else who have no regrets.
  5. Always glad to help out others who are on their way to their very own journey
  6. Hey Shasta13 The liquid diet is something worth preparing for mentally! During that time you sometimes just want to chew on something; i just kept reminding myself that i just need to go through with it, and that it's kind of like a training session before the life-long marathon after the surgery. And I made it - lost the needed amount of weight, had surgery, and can now enjoy food, only now i savour it, in smaller portions, which is alright with me
  7. I actually wish I had an app to help me lose weight right before my surgery, as I was told to lose around 8 lbs. Only recently i found a neat app that has diet info and recommendations pre- and post-op. even though I would have liked it last year when I had my VSG, now I turn to bariatric IQ which does the thinking for me lol. I still have my written notes from the surgery and the meeting with my NUT, but in case I forget something, I always have my iphone nearby with everything I need to know about nutrition, nutrients, vitamins, water..
  8. You look amazing congratulations!! Shopping to me has also become a lot more pleasant, but I still have to brave bikini shopping But back to you - incredible and inspiring progress. Cheers!
  9. You look truly amazing! I wish I could get the courage to actually step into a store and start looking at bikinis.. A way to go, still but I digress. You look fabulous!!