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  1. Thanks - I appreciate your insight. It's not an easy journey, but to this point it has been easy. I am pretty good about keeping the "crap" out of my house, we do not have cookies, cake, ice cream ect in the house. Eating out for me is a slippery slope that I have got to guard myself on and make a plan. Yesterday I did better. I cooked dinner last night- grilled chicken and zucchini - and it was delish. I also picked up some of my favorite summer fruit - melons and cut them up so I could have that when I wanted something sweet. Hubs is stressed to so I won't blame him for wh
  2. I was always an emotional eater / stress eater. Well for the last 3 months my stress has been through the roof. 1st Dad had pancreatitis which lead to Gallbladder surgery, 2nd one week after my dad's surgery my mom broke her back (I live 1.5 hours a way and drive up several times a week, while holding a 40+ hour a week job), 3rd work is hell!! My job and some things going on where I work are really weighing heavy one me and keeping me on edge and stressed. I have seen myself begin to crave and stress eat things I know I shouldn't. I try to validate eating those thing, but I can't.
  3. It take some of us a long while to finally see the difference. I was the same way. Now, after losing about 115 lbs I am just beginning to really feel and see the difference in my eyes - it was hard for me to get it in my head I was no longer fat.
  4. From what I have read seems like medically induced bulimia.
  5. The last month has been super stressful, the worst stress since surgery and weight loss. My father was hospitalized with pancreatitis caused by a severe gallbladder attack. He was put on a very strict diet for 3 weeks and then had surgery to remove the gallbladder. One week after his surgery my mom fell and broke her back. Both of my parents are super active people to be in their late 60's. They farm and work hard. Being down is not easy for them. Dad has now been released to go back to life as normal, but his strength hasn't bounced back, and of course mom will be down for some time.
  6. I am down now to 132 and am 1 and 1/2 years post op. Wear a size 2-6 depending on the cut.
  7. I had banding to begin with and ended up with severe reflux which caused the band to be removed and the bypass done. Once they released all the fluid from my band and my tummy swelling went down I didn't have reflux any more until now.
  8. How many of you still take some sort of acid reducer years post op? My doc only had me on Protonix for one year post op, so I came off in January. Over the last month my reflux has returned with vengeance. Strangely enough my Allergist/Pulmonologist is the one who caught it. I kept having a little cough while in his office, so he took a little scope and looked down my throat and said he did see signs of reflux. He has put me back on the Protonix and Pepcid AC to get it under control. Reflux can cause complications with asthma, which is flared up due to my allergies. Prior to G
  9. Kimelou

    New Camelbak

    I got one Jolls and love it!!!! It is great for summer, I cannot stand warm water to drink. I am adding fruit and ice to the bottle with my water and enjoying it!!
  10. You have already started. Start getting your head wrapped around things- You are about to hop on a roller coaster, but it will be a great ride. Welcome!
  11. Kimelou


    My insurance didn't require a 6 month diet. They only required proof that I had been obese for 5 or more years, which wasn't a problem. I pushed mine through- I made all my appointment myself, not waiting on the doctors office. I had all my test everything done in 3 weeks and then surgery. When I put my mind to something, I make it happen.
  12. Kimelou

    New Camelbak

    Geez thanks, just what I need to do, order another bottle. My husband I tend to be bottle junkies. We buy a new one everytime we find one we like. Been through the Bubbas got tired of those.
  13. Losing a pet is so hard, so much harder than I ever expect. When we had to put our Sweet Chloe girl down (Greyhound), two years ago, I though my heart would break in to. I still cry when I think about her.
  14. I went to my Immunologist yesterday, I had to get my first round of allergy injections. I had a slight reaction to one of the shots, but thankfully it wasn't severe. But, I do not have to carry and Epipen, just to be safe. I was fully checked out afterward and my doctor believes the issues I am having with yogurt is coming from silent reflux. I have heard of GERD, indigestion, ect, but never silent reflux. Apparently silent reflux can cause allergy like symptoms all the way down to asthmatic issues. He took a scope and looked down my throat and sure enough there is irritation. Many t
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