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  1. KittyGurl

    PCOS after surgery

  2. KittyGurl

    Head Hunger?

    Makes sense
  3. KittyGurl

    Head Hunger?

    Did u experience this in the beginning? Is calorie counting important during this stage? I'm only getting in 200-300 a day. I seem to get better advice from this forum than my actual dr since u guys have all gone through it already or is dealing with it.
  4. KittyGurl

    Head Hunger?

    My dr said this exact same thing to me. I've been using this app on my phone to keep track of all my foods I eat as far as protein, calories, fat, & so forthe. Looking back at my calorie intake daily is between 200-300 at most. I can't get anything more than that in. But as Jolls stated.. eat slower & smaller which has tremendously helped as far as the stuck/pain feeling. So now I'm eating exact baby spoon size at a time. I shoudl space out 3-5x a day like someone else mentioned? Another expample: Today I had Poached Egg & a piece of sausage & I've been full for about 2hrs then hungry again.
  5. KittyGurl

    Head Hunger?

    Love this idea...I just started this today
  6. KittyGurl

    Head Hunger?

    I'm currently taking prevacid every morning. And protein intake has been low around 35-45grams a day. I was told to get in 64grams a day. Ive called my dr and all they say is to take small bite. My bites are small. Did u guys still chew your foods to a puree consistency? I chew until its sort of shredded. I've an appmnt next Thursday. But until then hoping yany advice would help. Thank you guys
  7. I'm almost 6wks out and currently on soft foods. Ever since I've started my soft foods stage...I seem hungry almost every 2hrs. I can only eat about 2-2.5oz depending on what it is. It's been so hard to add new foods out of fear. I can barely keep things down and when I's so painful for a good 1-2min. It feels like something is stuck. I take proteins too but I'm hungry again about an hour later. I literally open my fridge a good 15-20x snooping around and Close it back immediately so I wouldn't snack lol. Is this what head hunger feels like? Or am I really hungry? Anyone experience this? Please afraid I may fall back into my old habits of snacking throughout the day.
  8. KittyGurl


    I have pcos and this was one of main questions. Never got a thorough response from anyone in the past. I'm almost 6wks out today. Facial hair is still the same, So far menstrual cycle is on the norm side compared to before. but I've broken out all over my jawline with painful cystic acne while menstruating. Hoping it'll clear up soon. Insulin seems under control but then again that's me controlling my sugar intake. My skin darkening faded away. I started at 315lbs day of my surgery....and 325lbs post op. Today I'm 277. Slow but steady and steady but the scale is heading the right direction. But also I'm not taking in my full 64grams of protein daily or liquids, so I'm sure that has lots to do with it. I look at it this way...I didn't gain all this weight over night so I'm not expecting to lose it all over night. I'm on my feet again, I walk more than a mile today, and my body pains from pcos and ovary pains are gone. So far so good. Only time will tell.
  9. After browsing many forums on many sites for ways I Can take my Ursodiol/Actigall (for gallbladder) capsules without gagging on the bitter taste..since I was not able to swallow these capsules yet. I've to open them & take the powder directly. 3x a day was just not happening for me with the taste. I finally was able to keep it down without the bitterness or the aftertaste in my mouth. I simply cut one end of the capsule, pour half of the capsule on a spoon, add a few drops of Trop50 no pulp/calcium+Vitamin D orange juice...and eat away.
  10. Sorry for the wrong info...weighed in on the the 15th again and I was down only 2lbs. But it's still good. I hit quite a stall. Today I'm officially 279 lbs )
  11. KittyGurl

    That time of the month and I want to eat EVERYTHING!

    I will be 5wks out on Thursday. I had a stall for 10 days while menstruating. From April 5th-15th. I increased my protein, didnt workout for 3 days..on the 15th the scale moved down 2lbs. Today I weighed in at my Dr's clinic & lost another 4lbs. Dr said it was normal to lose 4lbs in 5 days especially after a stall & menstrual cycle. Everytime I craved for anything not on my list, especially chocolate (omg yum) I just had my chocolate calcium chew, or had a small bite of a sugar free chocolate. Of course I balanced out my Carbs from other foods. I had major mood swings...I had my husband be extremely supportive, & we just watched a movie or got out of the house every time I felt one a mood swing Lol. My cramps were horrible...but I was told my by mom (old school) to lay of of dairy while menstruating & it helped so much for me.
  12. Took out the batteries and let it sit out for about an hour. Worked with the digital one. Tossed the other two out and just invested in a new one. Also weighed in at my gym as well. Thanks guys. I'm at 278lbs. still heading the right direction.
  13. KittyGurl

    I look... old...

    I've been using bio oil. People have sworn by it & I gave it a try after I saw actual results with a friend in her 50s post op. Her skin looked amazing. But she used bio oil and dermaroller. Bio oil has helped my stretch marks fade. Clarisonic was not working for me much. After 1 yr & spending $500 on one with a few other products from my dermatologist...I gave up. I began using the charcoal konjac sponge. It's truly amazing and my acne has cleared. I've pcos too so that actually was difficult struggling with.
  14. KittyGurl


    This makes so much more sense. I'm sure that's what it may have been with me. Pain is thankfully gone.