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  1. I've gained around 15 since my initial loss. This is due to me not working out or exercising AT ALL. I thought my calories were "OK" but I have been pretty sedentary. I worked out too hard and too quickly after my surgery and I was always weak. Now that I'm about 1 1/2 years since the surgery I'm finally starting to work out again and I feel a lot stronger. I'm not sweating the 15 pounds too much since I'm still down 125 pounds from my high weight. I think I'll be fine now that I'm working out again.
  2. Tang water enhancer

    Squirt a little bit of that stuff into plain greek yogurt..yum
  3. What do you take?

    Here is what my doctor has recommended This is what I take now This is what I was taking before moving to solid foods:
  4. 1st diabetes checkup post-surgery. My A1C is down to 5.2! That's a long way from the 11.2 I had last January

    1. KarensThin


      same thing happened to me, i have been off all meds for over 2 years now. FREEDOM

    2. duffman27


      Awsome....My last pre op a1c was at 11.2 as well. Feels great to be off insulin. Happy for you!

    3. azrngolfer


      Wow! Congrats! That is impressive :D

  5. Energy levels after getting sleeved?

    I felt pretty wiped out for about a month but I slowly started getting more energy...
  6. 9 Month F/U visit

    Nice job!
  7. The Big "My Fitness Pal" List

    I'm runespyder
  8. Finally under 250 this morning! 15 pounds to goal weight!

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    2. tmcgee
    3. KarensThin


      then you gotta change your screen name!!!!

    4. Julelol


      How wonderful! Congratulations!

  9. Blender....

    I just picked up a cheap Oster personal blender from Target to bring to work. It works great mixing up the protein shakes The blender bottles are great but if you want that real "milkshake" consistency you need to use a blender and some ice. Some protien powders just aren't thick enough to do it but the Quest stuff is. I use a Ninja blender at home with the single serving containers, works awesome.
  10. Blood sugar question

    Hey! Another person from the Seattle area! 104-110 isn't too horrible. A lot of people on here were in MUCH worse shape in regards to their blood sugar before surgery. I would have been happy with something in that range! I see your surgery is coming up soon. Good luck!
  11. Quest bars

    Yeah the Quest bars vary in texture depending on the flavor. They are all a little different. The cookies and cream is more crumbly than the others.
  12. before and 5 years after gastric bypass

  13. Blender....

    The Quest brand shakes (chocolate and vanilla shake) mix up really well in the blender with some ice and milk. The consistency is pretty thick so you might want to wait until you heal up some more. They come out really thick almost like a milkshake.
  14. Had my pre op today and received a surprise.

    This is exactly what happened to me. My A1C was 11.something when I started the process but I got it down to 6.something and they switched me to the sleeve. I think it was the right choice. Congrats!
  15. Getting ready for my 2nd surgery of the year. It's time to get my knee fixed. Recovery should be a lot easier after losing this weight.

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    2. tmcgee


      I got my TKR in March of this year. Finished up with PT last week. would do it again in a heartbeat!

    3. Zen_Steph


      It will definitely be an easier recovery. Sorry you have to have the surgery. I hope everything goes well.

    4. BigInSeattle


      Knee surgery was fine. I've done it 2x before 15 years ago. I just want to heal up so I can start going to the gym again