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  1. I can relate to what your saying! I'm 1 year out from surgery and I too still see the fat me. To date I have lost 92lbs. My highest weight was 220 and today I'm holding 128. My husband tells me every day how amazing and different I look but it just hasn't caught up with me yet. So your not alone and I'm sure many others are in the same boat. Rest assured from a strangers point of view, you do look fantastic and I can see the diffrence in your pics.
  2. 80 lbs gone for good. I havent felt this alive and healthy in years! #20moretillgoal.
  3. Is there a tj maxx near you? Pretty inexpensive there. I dont feel so bad about throwing them out instead of the $40-60 bras at VS.
  4. It was a couple of days ago so I don't recall what I ate but I know it was at least 2 hours after my last meal and at least a good 30-40 mins after my last sip of water. Even today I had another weird encounter, I was at Walmart walking by the produce and the smells where so strong within seconds I started getting a watery mouth again. I made a bee line for the restrooms but was able to contain the foamies this time! I know it couldn't of been what I ate. I ate a Greek yougart 3 hours earlier and nothing after that. It's crazy how this surgery effects everyone different.
  5. Okay this is so bazaar. The other day I was hanging out talking with my kids and I started to get hiccups. Shortly after the first 2 or so I got the watery mouth feeling... Yep 2 seconds later I had the foamies! What's up with that??? I didn't recently eat or drink anything. I wonder if I swallowed some air and my tummy just didn't like it?? Has anyone had that happen? Should I be concerned?
  6. I'm slightly across the MN border in wester WI. But do all my appointments in the cities. Welcome!!
  7. Hope everything went well Julie. Thinking of you.
  8. I was advised to swish them back with a little warm water to help break them down faster.
  9. Thank you. At what stage were you okay to try it?
  10. I'm currently in the soft food stage (RNY- 3 1/2 weeks) I haven't had any issues yet with anything I've been allowed to eat. Soft meats. Eggs, cheese....ect. I forgot to check with my program if jerky or beef sticks would be acceptable at this stage. We're heading out this weekend to go camping and I'm trying to plan for myself and was wondering if jerky with a cheese stick would be okay?
  11. Every surgeon is probably diffrent. I suggest giving them a call but here is what I was told to take: Right after surgery: Multi vitamin 2x a day - chewable w/iron Sublingual b-12 2x a day = 1000mcg 3 weeks post op Reintroduce calcium citrate D2 vitamin And I was also prescribed another pill just for 6 months to help control gallstones since I still have my gallbladder. And continue my multi vitamin and b12.
  12. Hi Shannon, I'm also a may 12th surgery. Everything is going great, no complaints. I'm focusing on my protein and liquids right now. Averaging about 70 grams of protein and still working on hitting an additional 64oz of fluids, I'm close.. I'm guessing your in puréed stage as well. I mainly stick with protein shakes, Greek Yougart, puréed hard boiled eggs and ricotta cheese. ( my fav;) !!) I can't get past the sight of puréed meats . Yuck!! I'm content on waiting till the next stage. Best of luck to you on your journey! Sounds like your doing great!
  13. I buy tablets and break them in half. I probably could swallow the smaller ones but to be safe I split them.
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