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  1. First things first. Slice, I have been away from the forum for quite some time. I have missed much of your transformation...DAMN GIRL! You look AMAZING! Ok now on to your post.myou have shed so much unhealthy weight from your life to become your healthiest self. Based on what you've said about this is time to loose a little more dead weight. This toxic man is preventing you from soaring! Soar sweet lady! Not that you need a man to soar but you have so much to offer a partner who is committed to raising your spirit instead of bringing you down. Let go and let God Slice.
  2. I wear 3xl shirts now and refuse to shop at any large apparel shops. I'm in 38/40 bottoms do I can get those almost anywhere. There are enough regular places that carry regularly proportioned 3xl tops that I get by and I'm still shrinking although I remain broad in the chest and shoulders department. The last 3xl shirt my wife gifted me from casual male is cut way too generously for my new frame. It's really awesome! Chucking the King Sized Direct catalog brings a smile to my lips everytime.
  3. Hello there! Welcome to TT and good luck to you on this new chapter in your life. I had the sleeve and not the bypass, so my experience my not be completely comparable. However, I found that the pain was very tolerable post op. The one thing that my after care team did not prepare me for which I feel you need to know is that the breathing tube that goes down your throat can do a real number on that pathway. That was the most intense pain for me post op. Regular warm salt water gargles followed by ice chips were the only things that addressed that pain for me. Good luck to you lady. This is the best gift you could ever give yourself. Your life is about to change significantly for the better. My one regret is that I didn't do it sooner. See you around the boards.
  4. You look awesome! I'm gonna take a pic in my pre surgery pants too! That's a great idea! I was just about to send off the whole batch to Goodwill.
  5. Same stats and story as Rodzilla. Life is better now than it has been for as far back as I can remember. I feel stronger and more confident that I was in my 20's because of my eating habits and new lifestyle. It's been nothing but a good thing. Good journey little Bro! This is the best gift you will ever give yourself!
  6. From my personal experience....yep! And for men....less cushion means more....manliness.☺️
  7. So far nothing really bad in terms of sag. However the area between my upper arm and arm pit is starting to look weird around the stretch marks. Kind of like textured paper folding back up as I lift and lower my arm. And the area around my belly button is starting to look the same. Again, it's connected to the stretch marks with me. No moobs, nothing on the legs except that as my body ate itself in the beginning, my butt was particularly its meal of choice because I have lots of stretch marks there but not much "sagging" that I can tell. Overall I think keeping up with my protein intake and very regular workouts that include strength training has gone a long way in fighting the tendency for my body to look like a popped chewing gum bubble. But even if it did, I would take that in exchange for all the benefits of the surgery that I enjoy daily. I can see though how it would be more challenging if I were a woman. I never understood what it meant before when they would say they looked better in clothes than naked. That being said...I truly believe I would prefer a sexy, energetic, healthy, somewhat saggy woman over a morbidly obese, unhealthy one. If I had to choose purely on that criteria. But that's a topic for a different discussion thread. I was 440+ pounds. I am now 294. I am very close to my goal weight and I love the look and functionality of my new body. I doubt that I'll need plastics when I get there to correct for skin issues. But who knows what the next 30lbs of weightloss will do to my body? Good journey to all my WLS brothers and sisters!
  8. Wow! I leave for a little bit and when I return, the changes in people are amazing. You look FANTASTIC lady! Great work!
  9. Pray for me everyone. 7 lbs from now, I will be under 300lbs for the first time in forever!

    1. LouisianaLady


      That's awesome! I know you are anxious to make this mark.

    2. Magic_t98


      Thanks Lady! It's been a blur! I've kind of hit a point where I'm less awed by my weight loss and sometimes catch myself being critical of how much I have to go. It's usually not long after that that I realize how psychotic thoughts like that are and laugh at myself. It's a crazy trip though!

  10. I use the Nascobol nasal spray. Once a week, one spray. My labs are alway great. Insurance pays for it along with chewable high dose multi, iron, and calcium. I have a $25 copay each month.
  11. Not shallow at all lady. We have to redefine ourselves post op in every way. I have always been a man with broad chest and shoulders. I am a little afraid that I'll shrink to a point where that changes and I'm too narrow to be the "big guy" in the room. To that end, I try to tailor my workouts to maintain some of that shape for my own sanity. Ok...that is the only mature and rational contribution I can make to this discussion of breast size. There is a 16 year old male in my head screaming a pubescent happy song celebrating breasts as one of Gods greatest creations. I feel like such an uncivilized creature for having to admit that...but there you have it.
  12. Took bag of clothes out o basement storage this AM. Size 42 Levi's fit! YEAH BABY YEAH!

    1. Dani_Detroit
    2. ElizabethLynn


      Awesome! Keep up the great work. Your doing an amazing job

    3. LouisianaLady


      New free clothes. Whoo hooo! I loved it when I was able to pull my old wardrobe out and start wearing it again.