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  1. I have chosen to go to mercy scripps hospital in san diego because a family friend got theirs done there and they loved it. That is if I get to have the surgery done.... The class instructor told me that the 10% weight lost is not an option, but a requirement. If I lose the weight I will be just over 36 bmi. So we shall see if I get to have the surgery done I am on vacation right now and have maintain the weight I have lost so far.
  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question. I will do what you suggest and try my best to lose the weight before the surgery. Thank you again.
  3. I am currently in the kaiser 20 week options class. I started out at 5' 8", 267 with a bmi of 40.68 and I know I am required to lose the 10% to show my commitment. I would be at 240 lbs with a bmi of 36.5. I asked kaiser at my class and they said it would be up to the surgeon if I would still qualify for the gastric bypass. I know that my ideal body weight according to standards is 155 to 165. I am worried that if I go through all of the classes and do my part that I would be rejected because I lost more than needed for the surgery, but would still need to idealy lose 80lbs. How do I find out if the surgon will still go through with the surgery if everything else is ok (blood tests, physh test). I plan to go with pacific bariatric in san diego.
  4. Well I called today and I am booked for my first class with kaiser sept 11 and will have a total of 20 classes. I will be done with all of them by january early february because of holidays. And then it is snip snip sew sew away the fat goes!!!!
  5. THank you so much. I don't know why way around forum setting very much. but from the question i know everyone already knows this. =)
  6. I am wondering where i put the information that shows up under the message like the weight loss ticker and break down of scheduled events. I think they are awesome and would like to do it myself but i don't know if it is a code somewhere i have to put so it will post everytime or i have to put it in everytime my self. Please instruct a newbie in your wise ways.
  7. When people sometimes encourge others about losing the weight they do it in thinking that is will not happen. When i was younger and thinner i always had people telling me that i needed to lose pounds and when i did they said i was to skinny and didnt like it.
  8. It is great to hear that you are starting the classes. I can't wait for mine to start.
  9. well gotta love it. I gain two pounds, but i still have this week and next i can lose those evil 5 lbs. =)
  10. Is anyone on their waiting list to for fridays. Trying to find someone that could be a wls buddy through everything.
  11. I am glad actually for the classes then i can better prepare myself for everything. The people that i have talked to that have the WLS done they dont really tell me much, other than it was worth it. I know how it feels about it feeling for ever. I am just glad i get to start things. I have had to wait 5 months for this to start to kick off in riverside ca. =)
  12. I am pre op and I would like to lose 5 lbs and start to walk 40 mins a day 4 days a week. I want to get back up to the 21 miles/ 2 hrs / 3 times a week i use to do.
  13. yes it is true. I asked my doc if you meet the 10% early if you get to go ahead of the class since you meet standards. nope it just means that now you have to keep the 10% off during the 20 to 26 weeks of classes and through everything up until the day of the surgery. Sorry to pop the bubble. it bummed me out to.
  14. I talked to the doc today and she said that i am at the bottom of the list for friday options classes. I will know in about 2 weeks if I will start my classes in september or if it will be later. I am so excited when I heard i wont have to wait a whole 3 months before i start classes.
  15. So if you meet the 10% before the classes are over you don't have to finish the classes? or you still have to finish but then you still have to keep the 10% off while you wait.