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  1. Hey I understand completely where you're coming from. Surgery doesn't correct our 'crazy' at all, it's just another tool in the arsenal. I had my VSG March '15 and am up 8kg- scary spot to be in. I blame the holidays, but really it had been my allowance of carbohydrates to re-enter my life. So I have reigned in carbs, started an exercise routine and am trying to get a handle on a very grim reality
  2. Hey Amber- welcome to TT!! Congrats on your decision to get healthy!! I too was hesitant to try new things, stalled out an extra week on soft foods etc. It's all good; go at your own pace and stick to your plan- you can't go wrong!!
  3. OMG that's so life! I am so sorry, but I must say you have my luck. I tell my dauhhter to prepare to have her period at camp, sleepovers, pool parties etc, as if it's fun, you can just bet you'll have it! Anything less is a gift.
  4. I personally draw the line at shoes- unless they're tennis shoes, no white footwear after LD
  5. Same same on your legs, Samma, were they painful?? Did your incisions go down your thigh?? Was it worthy??? Thanks
  6. Beautiful, gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  7. Spunky I am glad you are feeling better, although I am sure your stick sites will remind you for a week or so. 4 liters is an impressive rehydration volume, you must have been dry as toast. Thanks for the head's up- this summer has been brutal on both coasts, and trending hotter every year. Be well and heal
  8. NC63

    Hair loss

    My hair has started to fall out as well!! I am six months out, have been taking Biotin the whole time and meeting daily protein goals..it started at five months, so may be a little delayed. I have had this happen before, with a previous surgery, so am trying to focus on the money I am saving on hair care products, lol!!
  9. Our insurance was BCBS TN, and they did not cover bariatric procedures of any kind. I elected to have my surgery in Mexico
  10. Congrats, and how great to have your wife as such a support and partner!! I wish you both well, can't wait to see you on the bench!! It's all good
  11. Congrats on your decision to become a more healthy you!! I look forward to seeing you on the bench!!!
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