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  1. Hey y'all--been off the boards for a long time! But I just read this Consumer Reports article & thought it worthwhile to share. I especially think the idea about the better scores for vanilla ones makes sense. My fave is Optimum Nutrition Gold... Think when I use it up, I'll switch to one of their top 5. Cheers!
  2. Totally concur re: Bonaire (but we're snorkel fiends).. So re: Sanibel, etc. this bad algae thing has suddenly shown up on the Gulf side Fla beaches. Consider West Palm and South Beach instead.
  3. We like Barbados... Or the ABCs (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire). But if you're looking at short flights, there's always the Bahamas. And Puerto Rico should be a straight shot from Philly--love me some San Juan, a fabulous city, visit every chance we get--but their beaches are not really..."beachy." More energetic, for walking & hanging out, as opposed to the long white strip of sand & nothing to do but snooze under a palm tree. For THAT beach, go to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.
  4. Wow, excellent article. I know that folks who get the bypass make NO leptin--produced in the fundus part of the stomach--and folks who get the sleeve get that part of the stomach removed. So we're ahead of the game there! Best of luck to the researchers in figuring that out for the rest of the population. (Though wasn't there a leptin-suppressing drug discovered a few years ago?) Now all that needs to be fixed (for some of us, at least!) is that headology thang.
  5. Hey there-- Sometimes I'm computer challenged, but not seeing the link to the article... Thanks. :-)
  6. Well, I've been told that stress produces cortisol, which can keep you from LOSING weight... Maybe even the stress you had before leaving your job is residually causing cortisol... Just a thought.
  7. As much as you can, pretty much continuously. For you right now, that may be just a couple of tablespoons at a time, then another 2 T. 10 minutes later or as soon as you don't feel "full" anymore. Keep at it! Popsicles (sugar free) can be an excellent option too. Or make sugar-free slushies and take a bite at a time. But your protein shakes & soups also count as liquids. hang in there
  8. Aw hon, that is such a shame... But it's THEIR LOSS. (Plus that fact that they chose to do this right before you went on vacation speaks hugely to why you don't want anything more to do with this filthy place.) Do NOT let this experience define your worth. Look at all the successes you've had--at work and with your own health!! Get your butt outside (and away from food!) during this pretty weather--consider how you can go do fun stuff, at times you previously had to be at work.
  9. I once worked in s similar situation (OMG the horror stories). After 4 years of stellar reviews, I gave notice just before I left on my legally earned 2-week vacation, planning not to return to work. But when I came back in to pick up my final paycheck, give back keys, etc., they really, really tried to fire me & deny my paid leave. I threatened to get a lawyer & they backed off. But they still harassed me for months to give back the company stock I'd earned in bonuses. (Finally I did--and that company then folded, hah!) I did know someone--in my most recent job--who justifiably did just as you propose. We all cheered her! However, she already had her next job lined up before she gave her 2-week notice on the day she started her approved, earned leave. All to say, while everyone makes good points, don't trust them. I agree with ikantspel: take your vacay, give your notice upon return, work the next 2 weeks no matter how hellish--to ensure you get your paycheck for the vacation time. Plus, you may think now that you don't care about a bad reference, but that could bite you down the road--what if someday you HAVE to work? Even if legally they only are supposed to say 'yes, she worked here from __ to __,' people can actually be evil, even HR though theoretically supports us, maintains confidentiality, etc.. (Catbert is the evil HR director in Dilbert--it's part of the job description.) Finally, I'd say: document, document, document. JUST IN CASE. Save emails which approved your leave, screenshots of any automated employee pay system that shows it was owed to you and scheduled & anything related. Get witness statements if available too--admin assistants? Etc. Best of luck!
  10. SA, thanks SO MUCH for posting your discovery! I'd been keeping up with y'all offline, but 16 months post, a few pounds (okay, 10 is more than a few) have crept back on. I've been gradually incorporating more carbs than I should and eating slider foods. In other words, engaging in behaviors when I know better. So no big surprise there. But I MUST get back on track before my next 6-month checkup (and not just for that, of course). In fact, had tried the pouch test without noticeable results. (Yes, I have a sleeve, but still...) Re: the 30-minutes pre/post liquid intake before & understood it to mean that you don't want to interfere with stomach acids digesting the meal because we need every ounce of nutrition...and that since they are primarily triggered by saliva as we start to eat, some folks feet that pre-prandial liquids are okay. I'd always practiced that--but also began drinking liquids before AND after meals. (Including diet soda--gaah!) Reading your post re: the dry pouch: OMG! This makes so much sense. I still do occasionally get v. full within a few minutes of beginning a meal. As one of those folks who likes to know the WHY of everything, now I recognize the pattern of when that happens. This is enormously helpful, and I'm excited to plunge back with high hopes for success. Again, thank you!
  11. Ok, thanks--Miralax it is! I DO have bowel prep next month but trying to figure out how to cut down on the suffering as much as possible... The bright side: we TT folks already know all about that clear-liquid-diet stuff... Popsicles & jello for 24 hours? Hey, no big thang.
  12. You're amazing--and a role model on hanging in there despite EVERYTHING. Congrats!
  13. Y'all are right: I had the Colace vs Dulcolax backwards. Whew--you've saved me in bowel prep! They said bisacodyl or docusate sodium; I will definitely get the Colace. Now, tapping into your experience, they also said either Miralax or magnesium citrate... Thoughts?
  14. Excellent! A complete breakfast!! Thx