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  1. Hi Ladies I was wondering if any of you had problems in this area I have not had a normal period in 6 years they told me was because of my weight another doctor told me i am pre menopausal. I started 2 days ago and it seems to be normal I am a little worried I am almost a year post op I have lost almost 100lbs I appreciate any help I can get Jackie
  2. thank you cinwa I appreciate that. Anyone I talk to about wls i reccoment this site it has helped me a lot there is so much good information as well as everyone being so kind and supportive.
  3. Hi, I am so excited it has been 104 days and i am down to 245lbs. I am finding myself trying on clothes I never thought I would wear again and those clothes are now very loose on me. I feel so much better this was the best decision I have ever made. For anyone who is apprehensive or scared don't be I am finally starting to love myself. I hated the way I looked. Life is awesome grab on with both hands its one hell of a ride.
  4. 340 was my heaviest when I started this I was 300lbs the 40 I lost was before surgery just by cutting out junk food and pop and working hard that was misleading sorry
  5. Hello, I am 41 days post op I only seem to have 1 problem figuring out what I can and can't eat. I recently found out Black pepper makes me sick. On a good note I was wondering if I could get into these 2 pair of jeans I tried to put on before the surgery there was no way I could even begin to do them up I even laid on the bed and tried sucked in all the fat I could I still couldn't do it. I tried them on the 1 pair is still a little tight I can wear them the other pair is loose on me. I am so excited I couldn't believe it and I can see the tops of my thighs now but it looks like I am melting I have this lose skin. I feel so AWESOME
  6. Hi Welcome hi I had the Roux En Y gastric bypass I am now 21 days post op and its amazing I feel so good. A lady i was talking to when i was going through the 6 month assessment said something to me and stuck with me be true to yourself and you will be fine and I have been she was right the pre op diet will be the hardest part of the journey I wish you well god bless
  7. Well it has been a rough journey but worth every moment. I have learned a lot about myself my strengths and weaknesses and am learning from them.The surgery was awesome I have no pain at all 5 sites 15 staples the only thing that was painfull was the drain.that came out after a couple days. My problem happened the day after surgery I started getting pain in my chest and left arm the said i had a few cardiac episodes i was on meds for my heart.I had a Cath done today every thing is fine no blockages my heart is very strong. They dont know what caused it the think it may of been stress my weight before surgery 274lbs today my weight 263lbs I am so excited about this journery I have NO regrets at all. It was a long process but well worth it and to those about to have surgery take it from me I was terrified and it was all for nothing and as i was up walking i remember something i read and works sip sip sip walk walk walk it works
  8. Well tomorrow is my surgery I am anxious cant sit still. I am very worried I hope my liver has shrunk enough.I guess I will find out soon enough I am worried about everything. This is so life changing I want it to go well but I do have the best surgeon in the city. I cant see anything going wrong. I am trying to stay positive so I am going to pack my bag for tomorrow listen to music watch a couple movies I doubt I wil be able to sleep there will be a lot of time for that. soon to be loser
  9. Hi Well its Jan 22 I have surgery in 4 days and I am sooo nervous getting jittery I have been thinking about cancelling I have come so far its been soon long I dont know how to deal with these feelings I am terrified not only of the surgery but afterwards when I start to lose weight and how people are going to react towards me. This is the biggest decision I have ever made in my life I thought being kicked out of my moms house at 15 was difficult.the only support I have is my husband and my best friend who lives in Spain. He is so excited for me and he reminds me I am beautiful every day. I guess the truth is I am scared of change I have never been good at that. This journey we are all on is amazing I see it as a 2nd chance and I am gratefull for it but i am still aprehensive has anyone else felt this way? and how did you deal with it I need all the help I can get thanks Jackie
  10. Thank you. Well last night was a challenge i went over to my gf's we stopped at 7-11 first my fav place on earth (used to work there).She was buying all kinds of things huge bags of chips 4 2litre bottles of pop chips dip cakes struff like that I found myself thinking wow i used to eat like that if she keeps that up she will look like me it wasnt fun being me. I am proud of myself all i bought was a small bag of zesty doritos that sat in my purse till a few minutes ago I gave them to my husband he was telling me before i left how we dont have any snacks in the house like we used to i told him thats the last bag of anything in this house. Under my table there is a huge blue bin we used to keep all the chips in holds aprox 10 big bags of chips I going to ask him to take it to the basement out of site out of mind. From now on he wants to snacks it will be fruits and veggies the occasional bag of microwave popcorn this is a new beginning and i am going to do things a lot differently. I am so thankful for this oppurtunity.
  11. Hi Joe Thank you for the wonderful reply! I have been through a lot of surgeries and didn't have a problem I will treat this one like all the rest with a positive attitude and keeping my goal in site as my surgeron was telling me this is major surgery I said anytime someone cuts into you its major he laughed I have always been a fluffy (dont like the word fat to me its cruel) and thinking about everything i went through in my childhood it was very rough so i think that it cant get any worse I made it through that almost unscathed! with the power of positive thinking and I will be alone throught it my husband has to work he will be there when I wake up. I can do this I am a big girl and I have learned a lot about myself growing up and how strong I really am, This is 1 more journey i am going through to make myself better I am doing it for ME as i have to be a prioity in my own life I am also doing it for my husband I want to grow old with him. thanks again for your reply Jackie
  12. Today I went to my pre admission appointment and everything is good to go i am scheduled to be at the hospital Jan 26th 6:30am surgery scheduled for 8am everything was explained but I am still very nervous and excited this is such a huge change. Cant wait to start this new journey take care good luck
  13. Hi My name is Jackie I am new to the forum I am on week 1 of my 3 week pre op liquid diet I have read a lot of people talking about how bad the protein powders are I am using IsoFlex and it tastes AMAZING the choclate tastes like a real chocolate milkshake it isn't chalky at all they have different flavors I thought I would post a link if anyone is interested its relativly cheap and it is filling. I use 6 tablespoons of Isoflex to 5 cups of milk blend in a a blender put it in the fridge this will be 1 day worth I drink 1 1/4 cups 4 times a day among that i use chicken,beef veggie broth unsweetened jello and popsicles,tea with splenda and lemon. I find the lemon cuts the hunger a lot same with crystal lite It is very difficult for me as I work in a grocery store and it takes a lot of will power to not get fresh buns from the bakery or that ginger beef i used to love so much. I try and keep in mind why i am on this journey 17 days till surgery I am excited but hesitant. Good Luck http://www.allmaxnutrition.com/products-type/isoflex/ Enjoy!!!
  14. I am 01/26/15 starting pre op protein today very nervous tonight i have a sleep study at the hospital 1 night and the next day the 16th have pre op appt.
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