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  1. Pic with my daughter was 4 months prior to VSG. Pic at wedding is current! #lifechanging
  2. Same issue! I am 5 foot 9.75 inches and got to 118. I added in full fats, smoothies, and finally had to start drinking juice. i am a little over 2 years out and have stabilized at 135 to 140. I actaullay consume 2200 calories a day to keep at this weight...
  3. I still troll just don't post as much! A little over 2 years out!
  4. I'm so jealous of those that didn't have to! I had to do a 2 week liquid diet before my surgery. Hardest most emotionally charged thing I have ever done!
  5. I only shared with a small handful of people. I will be 2 years post in Decemeber and a lot of family members have out right asked me if I had cancer or was sick!?! Im happy with my decision to keep it quiet, but that is my personality. I tend to not share things.
  6. Mrsdave


    Funny enough I just logged in today to see how some folks who helped me through were doing! Sad that PapaG hasn't been on! Glad to still see Jolls - I'm still loving the straws!!! I too am struggling to keep my weight up and PapaG was always such a great resource for ideas to keep those calories up!
  7. I had 4 children (my youngest was just 4 months old) when I went it. I was terrified to the point of panic attacks I was going to die! This was to the point of the nurse telling me as I was rolling into the OR it's not to late to turn back! The anesthesiologist gave me something in my IV to calm me down! Best decision I ever made!
  8. I have it and had the sleeve 12-29-14. Did very well, actually too well. Lost too much. It was definitely not slower and my thyroid meds have been drastically reduced this past year! You will do great!
  9. I definitely feel hunger. It's no where what it was prior to surgery and I stay on track. I guess hunger might not be the right word but after about 4-6 hours I feel hollow and know I need to eat...
  10. I finally leveled off after adding in smoothies like suggested by Paul!
  11. Mrsdave

    Deep thoughts...

    Yay!!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  12. Mrsdave

    1 year Mark

    Thanks! I'm so elated at how far I have come! You guys have been such inspiration!
  13. Mrsdave

    1 year Mark

    Hello! So excited that today marks my 1 year since my VSG! Thanks to the smoothie advice Inhave maintained my weight for 2 weeks now with no loss! Thanks everyone for all your support, help, and amazing comments/questions!