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  1. I will look into syntrax nectar thanks for the suggestion!!
  2. Is there a way to like test taste them somehow?? Wonder in like a GNC has small packs for trial.
  3. Anyone experience this brand likes/dislikes? Pre-op and I found these RTD juice type drinks that seem like they would be perfect for me, they have 40g of protien and have zero carbs.
  4. Such inspiration to us in pre-op!! Thank you for sharing! Congrats!!!
  5. I am so excited when I had gone to see my doctor I think back in January, he said that with my insurance (Amerigroup/medicaid) would not cover the sleeve but the band (which is not what I wanted) and the requirements were 3 YEARS of weight loss history! Which is insane....but he said not to worry he had spoken to the head people in my insurance company and they were getting ready very soon to change it. Well out of curiosity I e-mailed their office to ask and got a call back saying not only does my insurance cover the sleeve but the requirements are only 6 months!! I was so excited my first appointment is scheduled for 2 weeks from now!! I just am so happy that there is still hope! I haven't been active on here for months since I was so discouraged but this good news inspired me to come back and talk to you all and get more info so I am prepared for this journey!
  6. I know my insurance will pay for my surgery but I was wondering if anyone has been through the process that has that insurance. I have Amerigroup/medicaid through the state of Nevada and I'm curious as to how long estimated does it take from consultation to surgery date. Any info will be helpful thank you!
  7. I am pre-op and looking into foods and shakes, I found one by carnation called : Breakfast Essentials and it tastes really good but it's 130 calories and has 19g of sugar. How will I know how much is okay? I wanna get into the habit before so I am used to it. Also I mix it with Vanilla Almond's about 90 calories per cup. Any help would be awesome thank you in advanced!
  8. Thank you, I guess I underestimated my family and should have thought it through before I told them. I don't wan't to spend my life wondering what if and if only I wasn't discouraged.
  9. I'm regretting even telling anyone about the possibility of me getting surgery, with the exception of my sister, husband and best friend. I've been made to feel guilty and have even been yelled at on more then one occasion by my husbands step mother, emotionally I am feeling very upset and lonely. My husband is worried but he fully supports me at first he hated the idea until I took him to the seminar with me. I now hate going to family functions because everyone pretty much knows now and it feels like everyone thinks I am stupid for risking the surgery but I am not affraid not at all. I have had 3 C-sections and my gall bladder removed I know well about the pain and the care required for recovery. If it means I'll be on the path to a happier me then I know it is worth any risk. I am doing this for my kids they are 6 1/2, 4 and 1 yrs old, I need to be able to keep up with them, be at my best emotionally and in every way. Why is it so hard for anyone to see what I see? I know I am not selfish and I know the risks I want to do what is best for me and I don't need any extra worries or anxiety put on me because people are scared of what might happen to me. Support is a big deal and I believe this experience will show me the truth about the people I care about, I am in this for the long haul and there is no going back....if I could do the surgery tomorrow I would, no doubts here.
  10. Anyone have medicaid or their state insurance? If so what was the waiting period for approval and what appointments do they require or ask for to be done before a surgery date is given? I hear alot of different things from people with private insurances, seems like the wait time is a bit longer. Consult next week hopefully I can get more answers then.
  11. I am dealing with regret of telling my parents and in-laws. Aside from my best friend and my husband I have had the worst experience dealing with all the "advice" horror stories and even anger thrown my way. My parents aren't against my decision per say but they aren't really supportive either. I just feel like I should have kept it to myself and I do not plan to tell anyone unless I have to about when I actually have the surgery.