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  1. Hi All, I am 6.5 years out from my gastric bypass. I suffer from transfer addiction and have become an alcoholic (now in recovery). I recently was arrested on a DUI charge and had a BAC of .27 after only having 2 drinks and a shot within a 3 hour period. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I now know alcohol has a different effect on our bodies but I didn't know it was that great. Please just share your stories with me and do not judge as I am already going thru a hard enough time. I am now 38 days sober and in a rehab program. Thank you in advance!
  2. I too am struggling with this- I passed out at my desk the other day at work and gave my co workers quite a scare...guess I need to go see an endocronologist!
  3. can't believe it has almost been 3 years since my surgery!!! I would do it over again every day of my life- i lost 174 lbs and am in the best shape of my life! Thank you Dr Callery for giving me my life back!

    1. Dante


      congrats! You look great :)

    2. Lori88
  4. I have had serious issues with this as I went from 297 and got all the way down to 115 at one point. Its the fear of seeing the scale get stable or should I even dare say go up again. I finally got to the point where I thought I looked disgusting and forced myself to stop weighing myself. I am 127 right now and happy and stable and have been for a year and a half. Its a high you get when you see all the pounds melting off. Be very mindful of this. I am glad you are talking to someone. Prozac helps. Don't ever feel ashamed to ask for help. This journey is extremely mentally draining as there are so many changes that you go thru with yourself, how others perceive you and how your relationships change not to mention how your body physically reacts. I recommend that anyone going thru this process talk to a counselor thru the whole process. Good luck and if you need anything please contact me.
  5. Wow two years!!! I can't believe it! We did it!!! I am playing soccer in two leagues and riding horses again consistently. I have settled out at 130 lbs down from 297 and plan to stay that way. I still get dumping syndrome on sugar and carbs and I hope it stays that way for the rest of my life. Life is an amazing journey and we have been thru a rough turn in our lives dealing and learning the new us. You all are beautiful and have done so well!!! Its good to see all of you again!
  6. Here is my first bathing suit pic- I had my surgery on June 22nd of 2009 I have lost 174 lbs and have had a tummy tuck!! I am extatic at the results and just had to share! I never thought I would wear a two piece let alone post a pic!
  7. Thank you all so much! I am a very happy girl! And yes I had skin removal/tummy tuck in august but that is the only surgery so far. The girls are gone think they need some help but after that I am done with the surgeries!!!
  8. Honestly I just stuck to what my nutritionist said and ate what I could drank as much water and stuck to working out! I was blessed with dumping syndrome with sugars carbs and fats so it keeps me on a super strict diet even 16 months out! good luck you look amazing yourself and keep me posted! Anything else you need let me know!!!

  9. Hey you look great!!! NICEE!!! You must feel amazing!! Any tips on how you lost all of it.. Did you eat nothing but protein? a lot of protein drinks? Im having a hard time knowing what to eat because I want to lose 100lbs in 6 months and I already lost 70 in almost 4 months but the scale is slowing down super much and Im getting frustrated :(

  10. Here are three pics the first I am the one on the right with the red hair this was 2008 the black and white dress was 2009 and was 6 mo after gastric bypass the third pic was Dec 10th this year I am now 126 pounds Every day I am so thankful I did this surgery and couldnt be happpier!!!!!! fat ash.3.pdf
  11. You look great...and you seem to live where I grew up. :)

  12. Thank you so much everyone!!! Mostly I have to thank dumping syndrome for not letting me eat anything bad lol but I have found the joy in excersize and moderation- Finally!!!!! I couldnt be happier with my results (except for if I could have kept my boobs) and if I can do it anyone can
  13. Just drink lots and lots of water- it helps keep the skin youthful-I was lucky though my arms and legs didnt suffer from my weight as much as my stomach did!! And thank you so much for the compliment!!

  14. Hey you look great! do you have any tips for success? I saw someone ask you about skin did you have anything done to tighten it up?

  15. Ok so I had RNY on June 22nd 2009 its been 16 months...I have lost 170 lbs and already had a tummy tuck...but what a difference a year makes in the before pics (first two) I am the one on the left andin the after pics I am he one on the right .... the before was taken oct 2009 and the after were taken October 29th 2010
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