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  1. Hi all, I'm going really well. Not sure if my weight loss is 'normal' but I am happy, 23 kgs down. I'm not exercising like crazy, but I do take the dog for a walk most days. I just don't want to get to a point where I have to be at the gym every day to maintain my weight. So happy for the weight loss to maybe be a bit slower.
  2. Gosh you ladies are so well educated with your medical conditions. I know that my surgeon and immunologist had a plan in place for my pain relief which worked well but I couldn't tell you what it was. I also had this strange shivering/shaking episode which only involved my legs and teeth which they gave me something through my IV. It stopped and then I was on the the road to recovery, once again I don't know what it was. I congratulate you on being so well informed. K
  3. I also have fibromyalgia and polymyalgia rhuematica. I have had gastric bypass and contine to take, Lyrica, Cymbalta and Dothep. I was lucky my surgeon and immunologist work out of the same hospital and consulted with each other. Maybe that is something you can arrange. Hope this helps. K
  4. Hi Tracey Great to hear from you, congrats on the beginning of you journey. I can't lie to you I can't stand the protein powders. I have tried many, so I work hard at getting my protein through foods. I haven't given up on finding a p powder that I like, I just can't buy to many at once (my hubby will go nuts ). Yep those headaches are yuk but will ease as the days go by. Try drinking as much water as you can, I know it isn't easy. I would put a splash of lime juice cordial in to help, I still do it now. I have no regrets with the surgery and haven't missed the old me at all. Good luck and please keep in touch. K
  5. Hi Aimee, sorry I'm a Queenslander but at least from Aus. Yes there is a few of us but not a lot seem to post. I actually check this site most days but had given up on hearing from anyone. I am about nine weeks out and have had really excellent progress. No regrets at all and have actually found Easter really easy, I thought I would have missed chocolate. Just really happy that I'm losing rather than gaining all the time. Good luck with your surgery, I'll keep an eye out for your posts now I know you are around. K
  6. Hiya, oh my goodness you have just described what happened to me yesterday in the early hours (our Good Friday), I though have now realised that I haven't been eating and drinking enough water. Of course this doesn't really help with your question but yes I had the same experience. I was very scared as well as I have never had anything similar. I do think that even though for you, you may have been eating enough you have been pretty busy and maybe need to slow down and take some me time. Good luck I hope you get a chance to have a break. K
  7. Wow, stunning. Well done.
  8. Hi again, yes I only eat very small amounts of steak and only really good cuts with a good sauce. I must admit I have been very lucky and can eat most foods. I have to make sure I chew, chew, chew and if I do that I don't seem to have an issue. My surgeon basically said I could try most things and see how I go.
  9. Good news first, I have finally had decrease in my weight after a two week hiatus. I knew that a halt to my weight loss was due but none the less it was frustrating. So yay now a loss of 17 kg in total. Tears is because I am daily feeling light headed and weak. Once again I know it will be because my fluid and protein intake is to low. I seem to be going through a phase of any food I previously ate I am no longer interested in. I am going to cook steak and corn on the bbq tonight, that along with some yummy gravy hopefully will be agreeable. Thanks all, hope you are doing well. K
  10. Thanks I'll have a look and see what I can buy. K
  11. Go to a blog called the world according to egg face. It has some great food ideas, I use it most days. I have chose to tell only my husband and two children. It's just easier that way, I don't have to spend time explaining my choices to everyone. Maybe later I may change my mind, but for now I'm happy it being just for me.
  12. Laura where does your leg go to sleep? I have a trapped nerve in my left leg which is called meralgia Paresetica, it often happens in people carrying excess weight. It can become very painful as mine has. I take Lyrica, Cymbalta and Dothep for the pain, it is also for my Fibromyalgia. Anyway just something to mention to your doctor. What about dissolvable multivitamin. I take something called Supradyn, just pop it in some water and drink. I'm in Australia but surely you have something similar there
  13. I need some thoughts on protein powders, I cuurently have two, one way to sweet and the other (Raw) tastes like dirt. My son says what do I expect its a protein powder. Help what do you use and where do you buy it. Thanks K
  14. I had my first follow up to my surgeo today, have lost approx 15 kgs since I stared this journey. My doctor was very happy with my progress. On to soft foods now progressing to normal foods as I feel comfortable. Very happy can't wait for the following months. K