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  1. SaidieBlue

    Stupid question about cheating...

    Thats awesome! You did great!
  2. SaidieBlue

    Stupid question about cheating...

    Just out of curiosity is the goal of the liquid protein shakes to lose weight or to shrink the liver? Every doctor has a different goal pre-op in mind, however lobster, isn't that pure protein? Before my pre op diet I didn't have to do liquid but I pretty much had to do all protein and my doctor said my liver looks great. But again, each doctor varies. You may even put a call into your doctor and just ask them if it would be ok. But honestly, I would enjoy your lobster and very low low carb. To continue to shrink the liver if that is the goal. Just out of curiosity anyone who sees this what is the definition of cheating in your terms? I'm just wondering? I know what my definition of cheating is I'm just wondering what everyone else's opinion of cheating is because I want to make sure I'm always on point.
  3. SaidieBlue

    8 days post-op and failing

    I know this might sound really green however something I started this week because I noticed I was eating more because I was feeling more hungry is that I slow down with my eating and wait I.2 in between bites. It makes me feel full a lot quicker. I know it might seem like it wouldn't help that much but it is helping me. Good luck!!!!
  4. SaidieBlue

    Low carb diet?

    Hi, my doctor wants me to avoid carbs as much as possible that are processed. They want me to avoid doey sticky breads, granola, rice, and high fatty foods.I do eat fruit and I do eat minimal dairy, but it's very minimal. I also eat frys brand spaghetti sauce because it's so thick and I know it has a lot of potassium in it. My main staple is chicken and then I'll either add fage yogurt on top, marinara sauce on top, and then a little bit of fruit on the side. Next week I will start adding in an ounce or two of frozen peas or asparagus or broccoli. Hope that helps!!!
  5. How is it going? I got my vertical sleeve December 4th at Arizona weight loss Institute. I've lost 43 pounds so far have 77 more to go!!! The only real problem I'm having is acid reflux really bad. I do great with my water, around 120 ounces a day and my protein is doing well also. I usually do about 4 ounces of food 3 times per day. How are you things with you? Im in Gilbert and im 40 with 3 kids, 6,7, and 8 :-)
  6. Looking to form a local support group, maybe on Facebook and or in person.
  7. SaidieBlue

    10 Most Common WLS Mistakes Patients Make

    Congratulations on being cancer free
  8. Congratulations! You have done an amayzing job!!!
  9. SaidieBlue

    Carbs? :-)

    Thanks both of you. Looking at my plan its at least 70 of protein, no less then 64 ounces of water. 3 small meals 3 times a day and 2 protein shakes as needed for additional protein. I dont see a carb limit. Ill call them......huh!!! ;-)
  10. SaidieBlue

    Carbs? :-)

    Whats our daily aim for carbs, esp if we are "insulin" challenged? I have hashi, pocs, pre diabetes, so Im challenged to say the least! I know my aim for protein, not carb. Thank you in advance
  11. Thanks Everybody, Paul, id say up to 6 ounces. Maybe thats not a chug, lol...... :-)