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  1. I had 4 years with banding before having it removed and going back in for a sleeve. I was supposed to have a bypass but my organs were too damaged from the banding so i was sleeved. Banding was horrible much like you described vomiting etc. Sleeve is amazing. You still feel like a person!!! Good luck xx
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  3. Thank you all so much!!! So happy with progress so far, Been getting a tattoo as presents to myself as of late... WednesdaysChild.. I now have 13 tattoos Almost half a sleeve around the wolf... Goals worth working towards So happy
  4. Hey Guys Just wanting to share some of my joy!! I am 2.5months in from getting sleeved and 19kgs gone! I am so happy it is radiating left right and centre. For anyone contemplating or wanting to see some results the proof is in the pudding. the pics attached... white shirt and tattoo was November last year.. Glassed with partner is December... white shirt last week!!! So happy. Sleeving has changed my life!! ... for the better
  5. Yeah i haven't updated my profile. I forgot i was getting the bypass but when they went in my intestines were too damaged from having banding. I have kept myself very active today and haven't even remembered about my stomach. I think it must have been habbit and head hunger it again is a weird thing to try and get used too. Sadley my partner is the size of a twig and does not gain weight so he is a mopper haha. So i cant not eat around him. I just need a new game plan. Thank you all so so so much for your responses!!!!
  6. Yeah i see him next week. I of course am going to 'stick it out' just wanted to know for other people who have gone through all this if its normal. Which from all you comments YES its normal haha. I did actually walk past a pizza shop yday and i never thought pizza smelt so good. Then i got a paing of heart burn and the moment was over. I didnt decide to have this thinking it would be easy. But frigg its hard. Anyone who trys to say we took the easy way out. Im giong to tell them to try this 6 week regeime and eating our portion sizes for a year. Then they can tell me how easy it is to see everyone around you mopping their plates with that extra slice of bread. Pfft to them!
  7. I am on some reflux medication for the next month. It works for majority of the day but when i am moving the pain is chest clenching painful. I must look like i am having a heart attack to people.
  8. Thank you so much for your responses. I dont feel like i am going around the bend now. I had a 1/4 of a pot of yoghurt which i think are 200ml container over half an hour. The hunger pain i am feeling is that i could vomit feeling. It is also being accompanied by pretty painful heart burn. esp. when i am moving. I.e. light walking My diet plan post surgury is Week 1 & 2: liquids (does list i can have yoghurt) Week 3 & 4: puree foods Week 4 & 5: introduction to soft foods back to 'normal' diet.
  9. Help!! I had my operation (Sleeve) 6 daya ago and im starving. I have been keeping up my liquids and i still have another week to go and im so hungry. I had a yoghurt tonight and ate half and had a lovely full sensation but it only lasted an hour or two and i was ravishing again. Have i broken it?? Is this normal?? HELP!!
  10. Wow you look amazing!!! Great inspiration right here. Good work!!
  11. so surgery done. 3 nights in hospital and im recovering great. Sadley i couldnt get the bypass done as i had to many scars on my intestine from the banding so sleeved i am. Looking forward to being able to share my journey. Love having my liquids finally!!! Keep you all posted and will post some pictures soon xx
  12. So Wednesday is THE day!! I am so excited to be able to start this process and finally have a tool that will help with weight loss not fight against it. Any pre/ post op tips??
  13. Thank you all so much for your warm welcomes and feedback. I am looking forward to my operation in Feb. I am getting the bypass and look forward to sharing my journey will everyone.
  14. That is my concern is no meat or veg. I had banding done in 2010 and had it removed in October because I could not tolerate food groups and barley touched Meat or Veggies for 4 years. I am leaning towards getting the Bypass (have been given the option between Bypass and Sleeve) but wanting to have the most information from people who have it as when I got the banding I just trusted my surgeon.. never again!