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  1. Update: 8 Months post-op Still 259. This month, it's a REAL 259 and not a no-carb/water-loss 259. I'm eating more carbs (60ishg usually, but I do sometimes find myself closer to 100g) and I occasionally will have something that's not healthy. For example, for dinner on Tuesday night I had a regular-sized hot dog from Sonic. Just a hot-dog. As in NOTHING ELSE. And I was totally fine with that. I've found that though the weight might not be falling off like a typical low-carb dieter might experience, I am no longer craving foods that don't belong in my system. Fast food? Yeah, not really my thing any more. Pasta? Sure I like it, but I'm not freaking out over it. Bread? Rarely do I eat bread, and even then it's just to add a little variety to my "sandwich." Even cookies and donuts that are brought into the work place no longer call my name. In fact, at this moment there is a donut on my desk that doesn't even slightly interest me. On top of the change in my attitude towards food, I've also finally started enjoying exercise. My husband and I walk 3 miles several times a week. I can't promise that this new-found peace with "a healthy lifestyle" will be permanent, but I definitely feel like I'm finally in control of my success and failures. If I want to be healthy, I must put in the effort; if I do not put in the effort, I will fail. It's all on me, and I finally understand that.
  2. I've had modest success with the Overstitch. At my final consult before surgery, I was 295. Today I weighed in at 259. What you need to keep in mind is that this surgery fixes mechanical problems that have led to weight gain (enlarged stoma or pouch). If everything is the way it should be, the surgery won't help much. I know that losing the thyroid was a major blow (my husband has Graves Disease). I'm assuming that you've finally ironed out the kinds in your medication dosage, so the big question would be if your endocrine system is causing the weight gain or if you're surgery has mechanically failed and you're eating too much. Either way, if you keep looking for the answer, you are eventually going to find it. Good luck!
  3. Update: 7 Months post-op Kinda lost track of my months last time...I was actually at 5 months. Now, I'm a couple of weeks past 7. Details, details... Today I'm 259. I've been eating under 50 grams of carbs (usually about 25) and 1000 calroies lately, and I'm up to three miles of walking (when I actually exercise). I've been doing a little jogging, but we're talking 60 seconds at a time at most. Still, it's progress. I do get full when I eat, but I've realized that I don't realize just how full I am until I stand up. That's when I realize I've actually overdone it. Doing the high-protein, low-carb thing has really cut out all of the cravings. I'm just not sure how sustainable this is because a) I'm getting awfully bored with meat, cheese, and salads and I'm so very tired and mentally fuzzy. And even though I have been walking quite a bit lately, it is still not in my nature to spend an hour doing something that makes me sweat. I really wish exercise would be something I crave, not something I loathe. Maybe it will finally become a habit... My husband had his sleeve surgery on June 24 and he's down 40lbs. My other sister just had her sleeve done last weekend. A friend of mine is headed to Mexico next weekend for surgery. I truly will be the lone fatty. I'm doing my best to overcome my feelings of inadequacy. Obviously, if I want to lose weight and be under 200lbs, I can. It's pretty much either put in the effort or shut up. What everyone else does will not be the same as me because I am at a different place in my journey than they are. Still, it weighs heavily on me (no pun intended). I did speak with the office at my sister's Mexico surgeon about possibly going ahead with a RNY to RNY revision because my mom said she'd pay for it. The office told me that 40% of their patients never have success with that type of revision so I'm leaving that alone entirely. Ultimately, I'm in a good place right now. This time last year, I was 301. At Christmas, I was 295. Slow progress is better than no progress, and I will always have something to look forward to...
  4. Update: 4 months post-op The elephant in the room: What does the scale say? 267, though I saw 264 a few weeks ago. I have really been struggling with my addiction to food. I could use a therapist, but it's not in my budget. I've been working hard to recognize the feeling of fullness (turns out being full is NOT when the top of my stomach is stuffed which is how I typically define being full). I've also been re-tooling my eating patterns. That is, instead of eating my three meals and no snacks (which I ultimately end up with anyway), I'm taking my meals and separating out a snack-size portion to spread the calories out and hopefully eliminating the desire for an additional snack. I've been exercising pretty regularly, trying to work up to walk a 5k. I'm up to two miles when I walk outside, but on the treadmill I'm worn out after 30 minutes. I joined a gym, so I'm also adding a little bit of resistance training (very little, after about 3 sets of arms, I'm weak and ready to puke). My husband will be having the sleeve done in 2 weeks. Now that I'll FINALLY have his full support, I'm hoping this will be easier. I do tease him though, that on the second or third day of his clear liquids I'm brining home a pizza. Serves him right! Maybe he'll finally understand how difficult my struggle has been these past 11 years as I tried to succeed only to be served up temptation. I won't actually do that to him, but it's nice to think about. My sister is just 4 pounds from onederland, a place I never got before things went all wrong for me. She looks good and I'm coming to terms with her success. My mom recently had the sleeve done (revision from band) and is only 7 lbs from my lowest point. I'm glad she's doing well. At 64 years old, she has struggled since she was a toddler (and I've seen the pictures!). My other sister will be having the sleeve in August. I will probably wind up being the lone fatty in the family...until years later when I FINALLY reach the end of my journey. I'm thinking, though, that this is going to be a very long trip! I still don't regret the revision. The Overstitch has done what it's supposed to. My pouch is still (and was pre-revision) small, and my enlarged stoma is still the size of an m&m. Regardless of revision type, I would still struggle with addiction and that is something I need to work on. If I had one piece of advice for anyone seeking a revision, it would be to make sure you fix the head BEFORE you fix the mechanics (unless, of course, there are serious medical issues). There's no point in fixing something that's broken if you're just going to let it collect dust.
  5. 3/09/15 - Two Months Post-Op - 269

  6. Update: 2 months post-op (yesterday), 11 lbs down I am still making progress, even if it's not the spectacular progress of a virgin surgery. I feel that I have taken control of my eating habits, though I am still working on the exercise part of the equation. Sweets make me sick (like they did initially), grease turns my stomach, and all things turkey are my go-tos. Turkey sausage, ground turkey, turkey brats... In December I was 295. Today, I am 269. Slow, yes. Frustrating, sometimes. Emotionally tough, not so much any more. My sister had the sleeve 12/8/14, and she is losing fast. She's almost to my lowest point (she didn't start out as high though). I'm happy for her but mad at myself for being here again. Sure, I mechanicly broke, but still...I know what my sister does has no affect on my progress, so I continue to move forward and remain happy with my choice of revision.
  7. Bug, I do stay full and rarely go looking for a snack. I get physically hungry around meal times, but I won't deny that head hunger hits me in the evening. I still haven't completely recovered from my pet sorrow and now my husband has brought in a very large, very energetic puppy that stresses me out and makes me agitated with him (husband). This was NOT what I needed so early in my second chance, there's still so much head work I have to do...
  8. Update: 1 month post-op, down 6 lbs since the day of surgery. I would have loved to have lost 10 lbs the first month, but I am quite happy with the loss. The surgeon wants me to eat just 800 calories a day. I think he's nuts. That's not to say that I am not trying to stay within the 800 calories, but it is difficult. We had to put one of our dogs down last week, so being particularly mindful hasn't been easy. Learning to eat for maximum effectiveness has been trial and error. I find that dry, solid proteins (deli chicken, chicken breast) make me absolutely stuffed after 2 or 3 ounces, while 4 ounces of ground been or smoked turkey have me looking for something else to eat. I don't usually eat bread any more, but the other day, I did have a sandwich (not a big one, mind you) and I ended up throwing up. My calorie intake falls between 800 and 1200 most days, though there were a couple of days that I might have reached 1500. For exercise, I'm using a stationary bike but once the weather warms up, I will be walking outside. I know that I have a long road ahead of me, but as long as there is progress, I'm not going to beat myself up. I have the right tools to make this work, and it is completely up to me to take advantage of them.
  9. 2/09/15 - One Month Post-Op - 274

  10. 01/19/15 - One Week Post-Op - 278

  11. Update: 1 week post-op, down exactly 2 lbs since the day of surgery. The swelling in my stoma seems to be gone now as the liquids aren't sticking around for long anymore. Thankfully, I'm on full liquids now which includes pudding and yogurt. 1 container of Greek Yogurt was plenty, didn't leave me stuffed but I wasn't hungry. I slipped up and ate a few bites of soft food (chicken salad), but I'm committed to sticking with the liquids because I don't want to disrupt the sutures. I am hopeful that once I'm done with soups (one more week, can't wait!), the scale will cooperate a little better. My body is a sponge, holds onto excess water like crazy. It's not unusual to see an 8 pound drop when I cut back on salt, and soups are LOADED with sodium, so I believe that eventually I will be rewarded with a bigger loss at some point. i am encouraged because these two pounds means that my 11 from pre-op are not coming back. Moving forward....
  12. Update: The anesthesia finally wore off yesterday afternoon. I recommend taking at least 48 hours off of work for this surgery, though I did go back after 24. My throat stopped hurting this morning, but now I'm 3 days "backed up," if you catch my drift. There has been no shift on the scale since surgery, but I'm not concerned. I'm only taking in MAYBE 300 calories a day and half of that is an Isopure protein water (which is chalky but doesn't taste too horrible). As far as liquids go, they are going in a little at a time. Nowhere near the 64oz I'm supposed to get in. I know the liquids are going down because they aren't coming back up, but I'm in a perpetual state of fullness and it can be uncomfortable. Sometimes I do feel hunger twangs (after all, my stomach still works), but one or two sips and I'm full again. With jello, I've discovered that 2 oz is all I can handle. Of course, I'm realistic and I know that eventually I'll be able to take in my actual pouch allowance. But for now, I'll take advantage of that 2 oz limit. I admit that I have licked the seasoning off of exactly two Doritos and one cracker. I have also had maybe a 1/2 tsp of peanut butter and 1/2 tsp of cream cheese, thoroughly melted down to nothing before I swallowed. I've been really careful about not having anything solid head through my stoma, though I was told if my meds were smaller than an m&m I could take them without crushing. I know it's a lot of detail, but I like to be thorough because that's what I was looking for. I hate to leave any stone unturned...
  13. Update: Surgery went well. Surgeon says my stoma is now less than 10mm with only two sutures needed. General anesthesia is awful, definitely not the same stuff they use for simple procedures like a regular endoscopy. Woke up puking and was groggy all night. I was able to tolerate liquids, though I only had about 2 oz last night. Today (first day out), I returned to work. I'm kind of weak and shaky, like a newborn colt, but I have a desk job, so it's not been a big issue. I've only taken in about 10 oz of liquid (it's now noon). I'm nervous about overdoing it, and it seems like very sip I take fills me up more and more to the point where I feel like I've eaten a whole pizza. So obviously, I haven't been hungry. Surgeon said that it might be a few days for the swelling to go down enough for me to get in all the liquids. Throat still hurts and I keep coughing up "stuff." This had SOOOO better work because I do NOT want to go through general anesthesia again unless it's an emergency! I think I will just keep updating this thread periodically in case there is ever anyone who is looking at the same procedure. It's such a new and uncommon procedure that there's not a whole lot out there just yet.
  14. 01/12/15 - Day of Revision - 280

  15. Update: Surgery tomorrow. Survived the clear liquid diet, though I admit not being 100% compliant. I did NOT eat any junk food or carbs, but with a stoma my size I was hungry all the time and started craving protein. On the upside, I have lost 8lbs, have more energy, feel more alert, and haven't had any headaches (been getting them a lot lately). I may never return to solids again! Okay, not really...