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  1. The new me!

    Beautiful in both but your happiness shines through in the second. A feeling I know well! Great job! I went from 332 to 140 now and still slowly losing. It truly is a lifesaver.
  2. Great work! More importantly, how do you FEEL?!
  3. Two years makes all the difference!

    Thanks everyone. I'm still slowly losing but it's more along 5 pounds a month. I'm cool with that tho. I'm just sticking with it and continuing to workout and eat right. Eventually I so want to have skin removed. There's so much of it.
  4. I don't even recognize myself anymore. My old self looks like a stranger! The thing is is that I never saw myself looking that bad. I'm so glad I made this huge lifestyle change.
  5. Weight loss has stopped

    It's about 14 months out of my surgery now and I've lost 175 pounds approximately. Unfortunately, I wanted to lose about 20 more pounds, if not a little more. I've been exercising about 4 days a week, doing cardio and weights, and I've still been carefully watching my caloric intake (although I think there may be a few more carbs in there than I'd care to admit) but I'm averaging approximately 800-1000 calories per day. Any suggestions on how I can kick my body back into gear? I don't know if it's a stall since I've been sitting at the same weight for about 4 months now. I try different activities for exercising to see if that kicks it into shape but nothing. I see everyone here who's below their target weight and I'm stuck at well above mine, still. It's a little depressing. Ha.
  6. Before and After

    You're right. I was worried about the pannus. I could look worse. Lol. Thank you.
  7. Before and After

    I love the follow up care at WBI. I attend the support groups every month at the WBI location. Except last month I had my dates confused. Lol. Are you on the Facebook groups that Kristen created? Reno Bariactives? The other is like Reno Bariactives discussion and support or something to that effect. She posts about hikes and stuff. I haven't been able to make any yet but I'm determined to do a mount rose hike soon.
  8. Before and After

    Thank you. They are up to date. I updated everything the other night. When I see that amount that I've lost it makes the slow down a lot easier to swallow. Lol.
  9. Before and After

    I don't think it's tightening up very much at all. Lol. Things are so much looser and jigglier. But I can do things I couldn't before so I'm fine with the actual curves.
  10. Before and After

    Thank you. I feel great, too.
  11. Before and After

    I haven't been on here in many months but it's been about 14 months since I had my surgery. My weight loss has slowed down considerably (which sucks) but I'm still plugging along. Anyway, here's my before and after. The before was taken the night before my surgery.
  12. starting to get burnt out

    I've had cravings almost from the start but it's just going to be something I have to deal with. The holidays suck for me, too. The one thing that I'm not doing is caving to the sugar free sweets. Carbs and ice cream have always been my weakness so I steer clear of breads and ice cream. I don't care if the pudding pops are sugar free, I know if I eat one it'll be the end for me. Know your trigger foods and STEER CLEAR. At thanksgiving I had a few bites of sugar free cheesecake and I recognized that I was enjoying it way too much so I stay away from it. It's about smarter decisions, not just smart choices. As for needing to shake things up a bit, my husband and I have been having loads of fun finding new soups to make in the crockpot. It's winter, crockpot season! Anything with meat and quinoa are my friends. I can only eat about 1/2c of those. Lots of protein, fun spices, it's a dance on the tongue! I used to live to eat and I'm slowly learning the great lesson in eating to live instead. I've had sugar free dark chocolate bars in my cupboard since before my surgery. I'm telling my husband to take them to work with him cuz they need to go. I'm getting tempted and I don't want to be anymore. You got this!!
  13. Biotin Question

    I take 10,000mgs/day in one pill that I take each night and have done so since about 4 months pre-op. I've met all of my protein goals from the beginning and just before my 4th month started I started noticing an obscene amount of hair loss, much to my dismay (my hair is past my bum so I'm really, REALLY sad!) There's not much that I can do about it so I just keep on keepin' on. I'm at 4.5 mths now and my hair is SO thin. I really hope it stops or slows down soon!
  14. Back to old habits already!!!

    One of my biggest worries is falling back into my old habits, too. My surgery was July 21. I've been tempted a lot lately, especially with my busy schedule (studying for vet med program). Between being in class and studying it's very hard to get in all of my water AND remember to snack. I've found myself picking up the boxes of sugar free frozen yogurt in the store and as soon as I realize what I'm doing I put it down and walk away. They may be sugar free but ice cream was always one of my trigger foods and I don't want to start in on eating them because no sooner will I do that then I'll start eating more, and then cutting corners, then eating stuff I shouldn't. So my way around it is to just not go there. The younger kids in my classes are constantly eating crap and they offer it to me all the time. I just pull out a jalapeno cheddar cheese stick and eat it instead. I've found that those tuna creations are really tasty and make a great on the go lunch or making it as a spread with lowfat miracle whip and spread on whole wheat crackers. You can totally do this. You just need to dig inside yourself and find that willpower and just say no!
  15. I need buddies and mentors.. October 2015 surgery in nv

    How'd your surgery go? Welcome to the losers bench!