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  1. No, I did not have a lower body lift (FDL) - just a tummy tuck, and not even an extended. The lines on my back side are the markings of where he did the liposculpture.
  2. So today is 6 months PO! I almost feel like I need another TT! Because of how much more active I’ve been post op and how much more I do now - it’s amazing! I only weigh 11 lbs less than I did prior to surgery, but muscle changes EVERYTHING! I’ve been doing hot flow yoga 4-6 times a week, I’m rebuilding my core strength big time! Loving it, too! I’ll post pictures tonight!
  3. Did you find and complete this? And how far south?
  4. @Aussie H I always said I would never do it - but I couldn’t take the skin flap anymore; especially with exercise! The major way I actually picked my doctor when I was researching online - as I was narrowing - DRAIN FREE ... I was not going to anyone that used drains! Ish! I got over the naked thing!
  5. I’ll post photos this week! Tuesday is 21 weeks! ALREADY!
  6. I can’t wait to hear from her tomorrow!! It’s only bad on day 2 - then the sun rises on day 3 ... and everything is tolerable! It’s weird! I was totally off pain meds by day 5!
  7. kisten1210


    Diane - there were like 8 Diane’s with name! If you want to find me - Kisten Kirsch (I’m The one) I actually have a private FB group for my plastics journey down to Mexico! It was amazing! I went through A Lighter Me. Dr Rodolfo Castillo. He’s an amazing guy and surgeon! Huge price difference! I paid $9800 for a full TT with muscle repair, liposculpture & Breast with 2 week stay with care! Amazing! I loved it! I’m just over 20 weeks PO! Great place!
  8. kisten1210


    Lol! Huge price difference! Wish I was able to get in a suit while I was there!! I pause $9800 for a full TT with muscle repair, liposculpture & Breast with 2 week stay with care! Amazing! I loved it! I’m just over 20 weeks PO! i went through A Lighter Me! Great place!
  9. @Losinit67 - it’s an amazing experience! I have a great friend there RIGHT now having a fleur de lis (FDL) & Belt Lapectompy in the am tomorrow am!!! She’s so excited!!
  10. @gtalan thanks! It's been a fun journey! @Carina, I always said that I would never do it, I would never care. I couldn't handle the constant skin slapping when I was simply walking up/down stairs. I couldn't get my compression shirts tight enough anymore. I cant believe how much better my hips feel!
  11. @CurvyMermaid - there are a couple things to remember for plastics! The better physical shape you're in (fitness wise) the faster you're going to bounce back! Also, the lower your BMI! I was in top physical shape for me! I was dodging cars to cross the road for Starbucks by day 3 ... some women didn't even leave the hotel at all until they kicked them out for their flights! I was also off pain meds completely by day 4. Back to work when you get home depends on your work! Desk job ... sure! I teach swimming, gymnastics and kickboxing. I was just able to take a bath at week 8 (last week) even though the entire wound was closed. Also, cannot chance getting kicked in the abdominal muscles. Other thing to remember - energy is JUST NOW returning to normal!! Just lifted weights for the first time yesterday! It is a long process! I had my Primary Care Doctor do all of my pre op physicals and post op stuff - I wanted to have someone in my side JUST IN CASE - this isn't required. They do it all down there! It was all for me and my husbands sanity! Here is a picture of day 3, I ran across the street, my surgery buddies who were having surgery the next day wouldn't even run across! lol!
  12. @Smashlee83 you're funny! I've had to be so open about my experience-especially with my inlaws, that I'm okay with it! I've enjoyed the entire experience- excluding day 2 Post op!
  13. @NerdyLady that's awesome! I had a great dental experience there as well! My dentist here was perfectly okay with the work! Either way, I got it done!
  14. I think that I put before pictures in, but I can't be very sure! Here are some of my post op before pictures! I think that they were collaged! Here they are separated if you want to see a bigger picture of how much skin there actually was! I did not get a breast lift, I only got implants.
  15. @Jen581791 worth it! And the tacos!! OMG, the tacos!