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  1. Thanks so much that is a great read! I have an appt next week with my PCP to see what he recommends as far as Gen or Bariatric Surgeon. The gen surgeon he did recommend all he does is hernia repairs. He wanted me to try a med for two weeks to see if it helped before sending me over.
  2. Just curious if anyone else had a hiatal hernia after bypass? I am heading to see a general surgeon next month to fix it since I moved to another state. I have been having issues since about 3 weeks ago. I saw a ENT who did a flex scope and saw how inflamed my esophagus was. He diagnosed me with LPR. Just curious if anyone else has been through this. I have been dealing with a non stop lump in my throat for over a year and a half. I see my PCP next week who is going to send me to a general surgeon . Not sure if this something where I should find a bariatric surgeon or let the general surgeon fix it. I had a upper gi about 8 months ago and they did see the hernia.
  3. Thanks so much! It sucked I almost gave up hope. But I am still glad I had the surgery. I just wish I had the bypass instead of the sleeve the first time.
  4. Hello Everyone! I have not been on in a long time. Just wanted to give everyone an update. I had my original surgery back in oct 2014 and I ended up with a leak in my sleeve. I was stinted and put in tpn for 7 weeks. I was sick for over a year and a half with constant issues. I had my revision done in June 2016 and everything went fine except for I had this bad pressure in my thoat like a chocking feeling. I had the same feeling with my sleeve and it was caused by acid. After a year of dealing with that I had some test done. Cat,Uper GI,diagnostic laparoscopy, motility study. The surgeon was complexly stumped everything looked fine from my tests. I a few weeks later saw a new PCP and I brought in my tests so he would have a copy. He looked at everything and said I have globus sensation. I was started on a low dose anxiety medication and after 3 year the choking feeling finally went away. I was told by multiple surgeons that I would probably be stuck with this the rest of my life. My only advice is to never give up and keep pushing till your get answers.
  5. First photo was in Feb of 2014. I was around 410 pounds. Second photo was December of 2016 and I was around 194 pounds. It was definitely a big difference in walking around.
  6. I am 6 months out I am eating around 1500-2000. Cheese is a decent portion of my cals 400-800 most days of just cheese. But I would rather eat an extra few ounces of cheese than a few ounces of sugary food. I was already below my weight loss goal before my revision.
  7. I had constant issues for almost two years.(Which is really Rare) I don't wish that upon anyone. I needed up going to bypass instead of the sleeve and after 5 months things are finally normal as I think they are going to get. If you wanna chat just send me a msg. I can try to another any questions you have.
  8. I would give your doctors office a call to see whats safe to take. Did you find out you were allergic to acetaminophen before or after NyQuil?
  9. Good Afternoon Assuie, My issues have gone away. It seems I am allergic or having super bad reactions to calcium citrate. I stopped my Up Cal D and the issues went away.The past two weeks have been the first time in two years that I have had any relief. I am always very good about taking my supplements but for 3 or 4 days I forgot to take my calcium and the issue started to go away. At first it did not click and about 10-20 minutes after taking the up cal D the issues came back. For now my surgeon told me to stop all calcium supplements.
  10. Thanks everyone! =D Just waiting for their office to call me for an appointment
  11. I had a revision to bypass done at newton wellesley hospital back at the end of june. I am still pretty sick and having the same issues i have been the past two year. My surgeon is out of ideas and has no clue why I am having issues. He referred me to Dr Shikora at Brigham & Women's . Has anyone had Dr Shikora before?
  12. Glad things went well! I found sipping on warm chicken broth helped early out getting some fluids in.
  13. Yep it sucks. Mine was about 35k for the two days and I ended up with a 4k bill. My max out of pocket is 6k. 4k it still better than 35.
  14. Thanks! I am waiting for another visit. But they seem to be stumped.So I am seeing my GI doctor. It is happening all day no matter if my stomach is empty or if I have eat.
  15. I had revision surgery on June 28th and since the 3 week mark I have been dealing with Constant Burping and Pressure bottom of throat. It happens all day long and only time I get any relief is laying down which is odd. I have been on a cocktail of antacids and had 4 scopes. I see my GI doctor on Nov 1st for an in office visit. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this. I had the same issues with my sleeve. At what point is this not just reflux?