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  1. You have to factor in human error too. The nurses might slightly off in their calculation (especially if they're using one of the traditional height sticks attached to the old analogue scales), or your head's a little more up or down than last time, or you're standing taller/slouching more this time. Generally, when the heights are really close together, I just take the halfway point and call it a day.
  2. Wondering what people's average weight loss for the month was for you all up to 6mos out? I will be on month 3 on September 3rd and have only lost 10 pounds since July 17th. So around 10 pounds in 5 weeks, which...doesn't seem ideal. And to be honest I'm a little concerned! Also, a question that's female-specific: do any of you seem to stop losing weight around your period? I'm currently on birth control, but around when my period is supposed to happen, all weight loss completely stops, and then resumes like nothing happened once it's over. (And this is in addition to mood swings, but those aren't really relevant to my surgery heh.) I think my slow weight loss could most likely be attributed to going on birth control again and dealing with my hormones rebalancing, and I know that some months are slower than others, but it'd be nice to hear if some of you had any similar slowness so early on. To add: I've been sticking to the diet and exercise guidelines quite well.
  3. Just a bit of a rant/rave. So I'm a month and a half post-op and have lost a total of 38lbs. so far! I think that's pretty good and am really proud. Some weeks I lose more than others, and at the beginning I'd obsess over the scale, but I've found that setting one day a week as my "weigh day" has helped tremendously. I'm so close to my first milestone (getting sub-300) and I'm so excited! I should probably reach it by the end of next week, assuming my body feels like cooperating. I was feeling really down when looking at old pictures of me, and thinking that 38lbs. is really not that much to lose and how I probably still look the same, but something about seeing the numbers on the scale being so close to milestone #1 really affected me in a good way. People have been commenting on my weight loss, but I don't know if they're just saying it because they know I had the surgery or if they are actually seeing a difference. I certainly can't see it much myself. I'm also happy to say that I can drink water with little to no discomfort now! This has really helped to improve my mood. I can now sip water all day long without feeling sick or uncomfortable from it. One last positive thing: my nephew's birthday party was yesterday and the family made cake and served ice cream for him. I wasn't even tempted in the slightest to have a bite and felt no remorse from turning it down. Wow! These small victories are what I live for, especially since those first 3 weeks were absolute hell, and I hope I see many more to come. So anybody very early post-op, hang in there! You wouldn't believe how much better everything gets.
  4. So about a week post-op I had those pretty common "what have I done to myself?" feelings and cried and moaned and was generally full of regrets. I would think about my rearranged insides and how disgusting and wrong I must look inside (as if that matters??) and break down crying. I've mostly overcome it and am feeling a bit more comfortable with myself and my procedure, but now I'm starting to regret choosing RNY over VSG. I keep thinking, VSG is less drastic and would probably have suited me better. I had no comorbidities and the surgeon said it was all up to me. Ultimately, I chose RNY because it has been around longer, has been studied longer, and has statistically produced better results. I'm struggling with drinking water now and nausea and I keep wondering if it woudlve been better to have the sleeve. And what about 5 years out? 10? 20? Will my stoma stretch? Will this have complications that VSG would not have given me? I am following the surgeon's orders to the letter, but what if something out of my control happens? Or what if I straight up just FAIL? This has all been so much more terrifying and emotional than I ever could have imagined. Mostly I just need support, I guess, but I find myself freezing up when trying to talk to my program staff about it.
  5. Pre-op, I had nexplanon (the arm implant thing), and I didn't bleed once the entire time I had it in, which was about six months. I do not have PCOS though and my periods were always semi-regular, in that I did have them every month but not for the same duration or on the same dates. I had my implant removed because I started getting insane mood swings. After it got taken out, I was totally fine. My doctor would not let me have an IUD because I haven't had children. I've been looking into the depo shot, but I'm a little concerned that I'll have the same problem with the implant since both are hormonal. Good luck!
  6. Yeah, I made the mistake of taking a normal drink only once. The pain afterwards let me know in no uncertain terms what would happen if I got careless again. Interesting about the cold drinks.
  7. I have a blog on tumblr, which you can view here: http://cutefatcute.tumblr.com/ It has a bit more info about me as well as a lot of whining.
  8. I still have that same problem pretty frequently (fortunately, I'm still VERY early out, so if I eat too much or too fast the pain makes me aware of my mistake very quickly and very forcefully). For me it's still a fight against head hunger though. I'll eat a cup of Greek yogurt, and a couple hours later I'll get a little bored and think "maybe I should have another." But I have to actually stop and think. My stomach is 3oz. and I just had a yogurt. There's no way I'm actually hungry. I used to zone out during my pre-op days while I ate, and I'd gobble everything up super fast. My mom does the same thing, but she has an actual excuse. She said it's a habit she retained from her Army days, when all meals had to be eaten pretty quickly. It's been interesting to eat and chew slowly and actually think about my food while I'm eating. Therapeutic in a way!
  9. I can sip a teaspoon at a time, but I still end up with pain and a general feeling of discomfort after ingesting water. I am only 11 days out, but it's really frustrating to not be able to handle water, because I honestly love it. Pre-op I had no problems getting in the recommended amount of water and more, but now I'm struggling because of the pain. The only thing that seems to help a bit is to make the water ICE ICE COLD. I've never liked my water cold, was always a fan of room temperature, so this is such a strange way for me to drink. People have mentioned in the forums using additives (like Mio or Crystal Light), but I dislike the after-taste of water enhancers, so I've just been sucking it up and suffering for now. But did anyone else have a sensitivity to water that got better later on down the line? I'm really stressing out thinking I'll always struggle with water like this. And that's really hard on me, because water has always been my best friend.
  10. Oh, that's a really good point. I hadn't thought of that at all. Thanks for bringing it up--I'll definitely avoid that.
  11. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any trouble with their other (fat) friends regarding the surgery? One of my friends desperately wants the surgery but cannot afford it even with insurance, and my heart goes out to her. I avoid the topic with her because I think it would be cruel to just keep shoving it in her face. She brought it up herself a few weeks ago though and asked about when I was scheduled, how I was doing, and etc., so i thought she was okay with talking about it. Today I sent her a snapchat of me in recovery after my EGD, and she texted me asking how everything was progressing, and it kind of fell apart from there. She started crying and saying how jealous she was that I was in a position to be able to go through with the surgery, and said she was terrified that I'd stop talking to her once I "got skinny." I explained to her that even though I'll be losing a lot of weight, I'll still be the same person (and that realistically, I doubt my body would ever allow me to be below 160lbs.--I haven't been under 180 since 8th grade!). I asked her if she wanted me to avoid the topic entirely with her and she didn't respond, just said she was sorry for being so selfish about this. And she hasn't texted me back since. Does anyone have any advice for this? The only other people who know about my surgery are my family, my boyfriend, and one other friend, who have all been massively supportive. It's interesting to see how different people react. My mother is overweight as well and is wanting to do the pre-op diet alongside me to try and lose a few pounds, while my boyfriend is excited about my confidence and happiness post-op. My other friend is worried for me but he's happy that I'm making positive changes. I used to have long talks with my friend about body positivity and being healthy at bigger sizes, and I explained to her that my weight was excessive and uncomfortable and I want to get down to a weight that I'm happy with. She seemed supportive at the time and I'm sure she still is, but I think it might be time to stop discussing it with her. At the same time, I don't want her to feel excluded or for her to feel like I'm babying her or something. It's just a sticky situation all around. For the record, I don't blame her at all. If the roles were reversed, I honestly don't know if I could face her and her weight loss journey without feeling jealous and bitter and even a little angry.
  12. So I've come a long way from my first post inquiring about insurance worries to where I am now. I do plan on making a final post about my entire journey, including ballpark costs, specialists I've needed to see, and how it all went, but not until I'm actually post-op. I had an EGD today and it's also the start of my pre-op liquid diet, so I guess that worked out well. I'm terrified of slipping up, though. Even just today I caught myself fantasizing about cheating and grabbing a banana. My diet is two weeks and quite strict--4 or 5 S/F carnation instant breakfasts, only 8oz. of skim milk per day (so yes, I have to mix the drinks with mostly water...though it's not as terrible as I thought it'd be, just tastes like really thin chocolate milk), up to 1 cup of S/F jell-o per day, and up to 2 S/F popsicles per day. Not even broth! I slept off a lot of the day because of the sedative comedown, but I'm worried about night-time. I'm a serious night owl and that is when I do most of my snacking. And I have 13 more days of this. :/ AND I'm going to a friend's wedding in just a few days. I know that this is necessary to shrink the liver, and it's an indication of what's to come post-op, and I'm confident I can just suck it up and deal with it. It just reeeeeally sucks. Another thing I'm scared of is having my surgery rescheduled and having to extend my pre-op diet! I'm scheduled for 6/3 currently, but I think I'd go crazy if they had to push it back any farther. I've read stories about some people here who had surgery rescheduled and had to deal with an entire month of this. Mostly I wish I could just sleep away this entire two weeks and wake up the day before my surgery, ready to get it over with. Anticipation is the worst!
  13. Hi there, I was wondering what are some possible reasons that your doctor or surgeon might not recommend you for bariatric surgery, specifically gastric bypass? Additionally, besides not meeting specific requirements, is there anything your insurance provider might deny you for?
  14. Hey all. After struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember, I've finally started toward having weight loss surgery. I imagine I'll be back here quite often throughout the whole ordeal, and God knows I've spent countless hours lurking in the forums and reading about peoples successes and bumps in the road. On January 19th I'll be attending a free seminar for Bailey Medical Center in Owasso, Oklahoma to hear more about their weight loss surgery options and programs. In my mind I am pretty set on gastric bypass, as it seems to be the most effective, from my research. Besides being very fat, I am quite healthy (normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol, no sleep apnea, etc.), so I think I'd be a good candidate, but that's obviously up to my doctor to decide/counsel. I've scheduled an initial consultation with Dr. Kirk (the head of bariatrics) for February 18th (they were pretty fully booked!). From there, I'll need to go through a 3-month diet plan as well as jump through a few more hoops (see a nutritionist, psychological evaluation, drug tests, etc.). I am tentatively hopeful. It seems like everything has fallen into place quite nicely, but my surgery is contingent entirely on the approval of my insurance. I have BCBS Federal (FEPBlue) which, as far as I've heard, is one of the better providers. Today I thought that I'd hit a snag in the plan and became quite depressed. FEPBlue requires that I show proof of morbid obesity (40+ BMI w/ no comorbids or 35+ w/ comorbids), and I thought that I didn't have proof showing that far back. But I did some frantic calling around and got in touch with a doctor I'd seen earlier last year, and it turns out I'd seen him twice--once EXACTLY 2 years ago today and again in February of 2014. And both times I was over 40 BMI (173cm: 293lbs and 305, respectively)! So after hearing this good news I figured I'd make a forum post to introduce myself properly and smooth out some of my stress and anxiety. I know I haven't technically started my journey toward WLS yet, but it feels so good to have actual concrete dates for doctor visits, seminars, and etc. I'm feeling an awful lot of anxiety, actually, so I'd like to post my insurance requirements here for both my reference and I guess anyone else's, if they have my insurance: Benefits for the surgical treatment of morbid obesity, performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis, are subject to the pre-surgical requirements listed below. The member must meet all requirements. 1. Diagnosis of morbid obesity (as defined on page 62)* for a period of 2 years prior to surgery 2. Participation in a medically supervised weight loss2 program, including nutritional counseling, for at least 3 months prior to the date of surgery. (Note: Benefits are not available for commercial weight loss programs; see page 40 for our coverage of nutritional counseling services.) 3. Pre-operative nutritional assessment and nutritional counseling about pre- and post-operative nutrition, eating, and exercise 4. Evidence that attempts at weight loss in the 1 year period prior to surgery have been ineffective 5. Psychological clearance of the member’s ability to understand and adhere to the pre- and post-operative program, based on a psychological assessment performed by a licensed professional mental health practitioner (see page 97 for our payment levels for mental health services) 6. Member has not smoked in the 6 months prior to surgery 7. Member has not been treated for substance abuse for 1 year prior to surgery and there is no evidence of substance abuse during the 1-year period prior to surgery *morbid obesity – a condition in which an individual has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more, or an individual with a BMI of 35 or more with one or more comorbidities; eligible members must be age 18 or over So anyway, I guess that's about it. Now I just have to wait until February to really get started. I'm trying to hold in my excitement just in case something DOES go wrong, because I guess there's no telling. But it does look peachy from what I can tell. Can anyone give me any general advice, especially for how early of a stage I'm at? Any possible road blocks that may happen? Thanks, and sorry this is a bit rambly! I will keep everyone updated, I'm sure.
  15. Hi there. I'm 23 and am in the baby steps of my journey. I just got insurance that will go into effect in January of 2015 and I have already set up an appt with my new PCP, where I plan to start the process of having gastric bypass surgery. I do have a few questions I'm hoping some of you can answer. One of the requisites for WLS is a 2 year documented medical history of obesity. At the moment my BMI is hovering around 48, which exceeds the requirement of 40+ or 35+ with comorbidities. The problem is that I may have dropped below 40 BMI in the past 2 years, like down to maybe 38, and have no DOCUMENTED comorbidities (I did suffer from acid reflux and possibly sleep apnea but never discussed it with a doctor). So will this disqualify me? My past year has definitely been 40+, but the year before that MAY have seen a time when I was below that. Does anyone have any knowledge on this? Also, general knowledge on how BCBS Federal is with approval and with gastric bypass would be appreciated. I am so anxious and excited to start this since I have been overweight since childhood, but at the same time I don't want to get my hopes way up only to have them dashed. It would be devastating. Thank you all so much.
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