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  1. Aha moment!

    That's great! I'm at 3 weeks + post op and was sorely tempted to graze the delicious food yesterday. I knew I wasn't hungry because I stuck to my diet of yogurt and water/Gatorade G2. My family was awesome and supportive. Must have turned down 3 or 4 beers and at least one shot of bourbon! The reward was seeing that I lost 2 lbs this morning. Made my day. I am pretty sure I've never, ever been lighter the day after Christmas! BIG smile!
  2. Volume of new sleeve?

    Hi SaidieBlue. Feeling great. Energy is higher. Clothes starting to be looser. Had Dr. appt. on Monday, 15-Dec. He cleared me for puree diet and said I could start "nibbling" on some soft food like eggs, seafood (tuna, salmon). Haven't had any problems (knock wood). I can now eat two hard boiled eggs in 15/20 min (I cut them into small slices first). Still doing one protein shake a day to make sure I get enough protein. Getting enough water/Gatorade hasn't been a problem; I was a big water drinker before the surgery. A super fan of the 80 calorie Dannon Light and Fit yogurt! I was 329.5 this morning, which is just over 20 lbs lost since surgery, and approx. 43 lbs since first Dr. visit back in Sept. How about you? --- any problems eating/drinking? Have you been out to restaurant with family and/or friends? Smile!
  3. Dr. Gupta, Had VSG surgery on 12/4/14. Everything went fine. No problems at all. After the surgery, my doctor told me that due to internal scar tissue from a bowel resection surgery 30 years ago - he could not "access" my stomach from my right side. He said they came in from my left side and created the sleeve. All of the videos of the surgery I've seen show the doctor begin cutting the stomach from the doctor's left (my right) and working up towards the esophagus. My question: is it unusual for a VSG to cut the sleeve, starting at the esophagus and working doctor's right to left? Thanks!
  4. Hello. New site member. Had VSG on 12/4. Other than some post-op nausea for a couple hrs, everything else seemed to go fine. No pain, just some minor soreness. Yesterday (Sunday), 3rd day post-op, I was able to down 8 oz protein shake in 30 minutes. Didn't have any discomfort. In fact, after "eating" I had a very distinct, pleasant full sensation and took a nap for an hour. Not unlike after eating a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Is that normal? I thought it would be many more days before my sleeve could take that kind of volume? Thanks!!