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  1. Does anyone know anything about Genepro protein powder? It is unflavored and claims to have 30 grams of protein in a tablespoon. I did buy some and have used it in many foods, it is indeed tasteless. I haven't had my first blood test to see where I am with protein so just curious if anyone has heard of it or use it also.
  2. silvergirl1987

    Fudge anyone?

    That is powerful stuff right there! Way to go !!
  3. silvergirl1987

    ....this is why...

    Thank you for your support and thoughts, I will make some of these changes and see where it takes me. I appreciate the help very much !
  4. silvergirl1987

    ....this is why...

    Thank you for taking the time to help me, I appreciate it very much.
  5. silvergirl1987

    ....this is why...

    Here is a sample of my day: Breakfast: one egg and one egg white scrambled Snack: Atkins protein shake Lunch: 3 oz. of some type of meat, usually canned chicken or turkey Dinner: have been having about a half cup of soup, lentil or bean. Snack: SF Popsicle or pudding. 8oz glass of skim milk. Any thoughts will be appreciated, according to my fitness pal I'm taking in 600 calories, sometimes less. I try to get 20-30 minutes of exercise daily.
  6. silvergirl1987

    ....this is why...

    What do you do when you're in your 5th week after surgery, haven't lost since week 3 and you're still not losing? I'm on this road and it's getting so old. I don't want to sound like I'm whining but dang, I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do and the scale just sits. I'm not even losing inches anymore. I don't know what else to do. This is not what I expected to happen. .
  7. silvergirl1987


    Thank you Jen, I appreciate it. I just have to be patient.
  8. silvergirl1987


    I've been having this same issue the last few days, so angry all I can do is cry (when I really want to hit something). I hope it goes away soon
  9. silvergirl1987

    November 14th surgery! Anyone?

    Had my surgery on the 18th. Started out with a minor complication but got it fixed and healing. Having issues with grieving food now, it's been pretty hard the last week or so. I've been pretty unhappy. Anyone else in the grieving phase yet?
  10. silvergirl1987

    Sleeved 12/3/14... Have some questions!

    Much of the gas you're experiencing is most likely from the surgery and just needs to be worked out of your body. Lots of walking will help you get rid of it . Good luck!
  11. silvergirl1987

    Just when you start feeling down...

    Love the Walmart sweater! Too cute
  12. silvergirl1987

    my first REAL head hunger are human! Don't be so hard on yourself, I would be feeling the same thing, honestly. Could you maybe have some of the topping from a slice of pizza? Like the cheese and sauce? Better than nothing? I feel for you!! My boss likes to bring donuts once a week on Fridays too. While I was on my pre-op diet he brought a box, to get him back I took a black marker and wrote "this is the devil's playground" on the outside. He got the point and we had a good laugh about it. Keep your chin up! Push forward ⭐
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    Thank you all for the input, I do appreciate it. I figured it was a normal thing but thought I should ask just in case. I too started to think "All of this for that?" however I know that with as few calories as I'm taking in there is no way I can keep from loosing, at least inches. Now that my strength is coming back I'm going to incorporate more exercise and see what happens. I wondered about adding in puréed too, if that can be part of it. It could also be that the body is trying to regulate itself due to the large loss.
  14. silvergirl1987

    program questions

    Thanks Jolls, for the input. My doctors plan seems to be a week earlier than what you laid out and I think I'm just not ready. I'm going to go with your plan and see if it works better. Thanks again!
  15. silvergirl1987

    program questions

    I felt the same way with each new thing I could try, oh how delicious each new thing was. I think it is making me appreciate food more than I ever did before. I think it's helping me see food more as fuel than my salvation