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  1. Thank you all for the kind words! It was a perfect day.
  2. I felt beautiful on my wedding day. I think I am coming up on 3 years since my surgery in December... strange how I can't remember the exact date anymore.
  3. I haven't been on here in a while but I thought I'd check in to say that after a very long stall (more than 1 & 1/2 years) in my weight loss, my body has finally jumped in again and I am under 160 for my wedding this Sunday!
  4. I was trying on wedding dresses and she brought me a "bridal size" 16 because I told her I was a 12/14 in regular dresses... It was HUGE! I nearly cried with joy. Then I tried on a size 8 and the only thing that didn't fit was across my chest (HH cups get in the way). Happy Happy!
  5. This may be TMI and not sure if it's exactly a victory, but my fiancé and I were fooling around and he said.. "Ow! Your rib is poking me." MY rib was poking him! It made me smile and we both started laughing.
  6. I posted this on the NSV thread and thought I'd share a picture. Me in the bathing suit my mom wore on her honeymoon in the early 50's.
  7. My sisters where going through my mom's clothes (she passed away 7 years ago) and found the bathing suit she wore on her honeymoon in the early 50's. I remember the photo of her in the suite very well. My sisters gave me the suit. I tried it on just to see...it FIT!! it has boning in it on the sides and for breast support. I couldn't believe it!!
  8. After frantically searching for my indoor cat after my son left the door open, we finally found him hiding in the garage. He was petrified and hid under our little bass boat on a trailer. I was able to shimmy under the trailer and even crawl over the axel to finally reach him. Once he realized that it was me he was so happy. I was able to hand him up to my fiancé who was in the boat, then crawl back out again. My son said... Wow Mom! A year ago you would never have been able to do that. Made me smile!
  9. I recently decided to have infra-red body wraps because my thighs are soooo lumpy. The salon was having a special so I did three wraps in 10 days. I was leary at first because of the fluid loss and the claims of weight loss. I loved them! I didn't sweat as much as they said I would, it was so relaxing and my shoulder that has been bothering me for over a year, felt way better. Best of all, I do think it made a difference in my thighs! My fiance (who is a huge skeptic of anything) said he could really see the difference. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this? Is there any reason not to do it? The reason I ask is because my fiance suggested I buy my own suit. If I continue to go 1 to 2 times a month at the salon, it costs $60 a session. Amazon has an at home suit with great reviews for $204. (it's important to note that I have no delusions that this actually helps with weight loss at all, I did it to see if it would help smooth my thighs. The affect on my shoulder was a pleasant bonus!)
  10. Honestly, I think I am still in shock
  11. I can't believe it, but he was joking with me all along! The morning of my birthday he woke me at 5:30 am, sang Happy Birthday to me, gave me a card and I was slightly irritated that he couldn't wait to do that until I woke up but at the same time thinking how sweet...then he got on one knee and proposed! He said he wanted me to be happy all day on my birthday. He also sent me flowers at work. He actually asked my father the Sunday before for his blessing (sweet since I am 45 and he is 52 and my dad is 81). He also asked my children the night before. They bought me a giant teddy bear and we all went to dinner and played games at home after my youngest played happy birthday to me on his trumpet. I couldn't have had a more perfect birthday.
  12. I had the very same conversation with myself after my first meeting. I thought if I had to do all that anyway then why would I go through something as drastic as surgery. Well, two years after the first meeting I decided I had to do something because I wasn't able to do it on my own. The surgery is a tool (you will see it over and over again on this forum) and for WLS patients, it's invaluable. I won't say things are easy but when I did this it gave me so much more to answer too (making sure that I did the pre op diet right so surgery would go as smooth as possible, making sure I get the nutrients I need so I don't get sick, making sure I don't screw up too badly and all that I went through to be where I am in blood, sweat, money and time, won't be wasted.) Because of all that, my will power is soooo much greater. I feel full for the first time in my adult life. I never felt full before. Things I thought I would miss actually turn my stomach now.. Diet sodas is the biggest thing. Bread I still get cravings for but I take one bite and my stomach says "bluck!" there are things like pizza that I still eat on occasion, but less than one slice and I am good for weeks. I know this is rambling but I hope it helps.
  13. Thanks everyone. I know I should do something nice for my self but for one, I don't have the finances and also I was raised in such a way that I feel guilty if I indulge in things for myself and anytime I have, it seems to go wrong somehow. It's something I know I need to work on. The great news is that my 11 year old son who is just learning to play the trumpet just told me he asked his band teacher today how to play Happy Birthday so he can play it for me. That is the best gift anyone has ever given me!
  14. I just want to vent a little in an attempt to break my depression about my upcoming birthday. I hate birthdays, not because I don't look forward to them but because my boyfriend never puts any effort into making them special. Neither did my ex-husband. I don't ask for things, I just want effort. Be creative, clean the house, make me dinner. Do SOMETHING. I don't want a card two days before or two days after. I don't want to go out and pick my own gift out. Ugh! It's gotten to the point where I try to pep talk myself to not care for weeks before and it never works. Each year I get more and more disappointed. The only thing I really want is for my boyfriend to ask me to marry him, he knows this and he teases me every year by making hints about asking my father for my hand in marriage or what kind of wedding we might have and 7 years later...he still hasn't proposed. We aren't young, I am going to be 45 and he is 53. (another thing is I HATE having to call him my boyfriend, my kids never know how to introduce him to people, they feel weird saying "my Mom's boyfriend") This year he has said I will be "taught a lesson" about not telling him exactly what I want for my birthday, he said I will hate what he gets me and it will be my fault. I have told him over and over what I "want" he just doesn't want to hear it. I started to try and plan myself for birthday activities but he has poo pooed every idea. Then he said, "I was going to take you to dinner but I thought that would be terrible because it's really me going to dinner and you watching me eat" So now I can't even look forward to a night out. Anyone have any advise on how to get past this without being so depressed? The worst part is I will go through it again at Christmas then Valentines, Every year I hope, I pray that he will propose on one of those days, then nothing. It's sad to be so happy about my weight loss and how much better my life is, only to be completely depressed over this issue.
  15. Don't take this the wrong way, but what a relief to hear other people having this issue. I have been at a stall for a month now and just actually went up 3 pounds! I was hoping to be down to 160 as a birthday gift to myself but that is never going to happen now. The stalls I have had in the past, I have upped my carbs a bit and my calories a bit and I got over them. This time, it's not working so I have gone back down in carbs and calories and now I am not at a stall, I am gaining! Someone told me that it's harder to lose weight in the winter because your metabolism goes into "store it all" mode. The first thing I am trying to do at this point is remember that even though I am up 3 pounds, I am still 85 pounds lighter than I was a year ago.