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  1. Ditto. I was just wondering about this. Thanks for the resource!
  2. Maneki Neko

    Oh Yeah! Protein Shakes?

    I love the Oh Yeah! shakes, but I never tried banana. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cookies n creme are like regular milkshakes, and my kids are always stealing the shakes from me. I asked the nutritionist about them, and she said that they have too much fat to be recommended for the sleeve diet, but maybe she was just talking about the pre- and immediate post-op period? I'll try to clarify with her. The ready to drink shakes have 30 gm of protein for 220 cal.
  3. Maneki Neko

    Hello! New and nervous!

    Thank you Spunkycat, Understood, no guarantee, but I thought that less ghrelin generally meant less hunger. Even if it doesn't happen, sticking with the plan is paramount, and the sleeve is a tool, not a cure. Thanks for your help! Carrie
  4. Maneki Neko

    Hello! New and nervous!

    Hi Lauren, I opened up the newbie forum, saw your post, and had to give you a shout. I'm also pending sleeve surgery in January, and still having some jitters. From what I understand, by taking away a large portion of stomach, the surgeon is also taking away a large portion of the cells that make the hormones that make people hungry. Most of the posts I've read here and elsewhere say the same thing, that people are just not that hungry. Also, for me at least, if I were to continue on the way I have been going, I'd be looking at dietary restrictions for someone with diabetes (I'm not there yet, but it's a matter of time) and without the benefit of the hungry hormone removal. No matter how logically I look at it, I know that if I don't do something like this, I'm just not going to be as serious about dietary restrictions as I need to be, and eventually would slack off, give up, etc., and G-d forbid, end up on dialysis or having a heart attack or a stroke or all three. Have faith, Lauren, we're both in good company. :-) Carrie